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06/10/2022: Leadership Key to Moving Defense Department Toward Data-Driven Future
06/09/2022: DOD Looks at U.S.-South Korea Technology Collaboration
06/07/2022: Modernized, Interoperable Guard Is Hedge Against Peer Competitors
06/03/2022: Service Members Find Civilian Career Opportunities Through SkillBridge
06/01/2022: Advanced Rocket Launcher System Heads to Ukraine
05/31/2022: Review Board Gives Vets Another Chance to Upgrade Discharge Characterization
05/30/2022: Biden Says U.S. Has Sacred Obligation to Fallen Service Members
05/29/2022: Austin Says DOD Must Increase Efforts to Destigmatize Mental Health Care
05/27/2022: 600-Mile Memorial Day Race Caps Off Monthlong Military-NASCAR Partnership
05/26/2022: Sweden to Host Upcoming BALTOPS 22 NATO Exercise
05/20/2022: DOD: It's Not Just State Actors Who Pose Cyber Threat to U.S.
05/19/2022: U.S. Commitment to Indo-Pacific Region Not Limited by Security Assistance to Ukraine
05/19/2022: Additional $100 Million in Howitzers, Tactical Vehicles, Radars Headed to Ukraine
05/17/2022: DOD Names Lead for Suicide Prevention and Response Independent Review Committee
05/16/2022: U.S. to Resume Small, Persistent Presence in Somalia
05/13/2022: DOD Must Take Action to Keep Tech Edge
05/12/2022: Ethical Behavior More Than Just Yearly Online Training 
05/11/2022: Within FY23 Budget Request, Three Approaches Help DOD Meet Defense Strategy
05/09/2022: More Chances to Participate in Exercises Will Enhance National Guard, Chief Says
05/05/2022: U.S., South Korean Defense Leaders Condemn North Korean Missile Launch
05/02/2022: Parent Services Integration a Top Priority for Special Operations Components
05/02/2022: Military Hospitality Returns as Pentagon Reopens for Guided Tours
04/26/2022: Austin Meets With Nations to Intensify Support for Ukraine
04/22/2022: DOD's Chief Technology Officer Shares Career Advice With Women STEM Majors
04/22/2022: DOD Announces Winners of Environmental Award on Earth Day
04/21/2022: Austin to Host Meeting in Germany to Discuss Ukraine's Long-Term Defense Needs
04/21/2022: More Howitzers, Artillery Rounds, UAVs Headed to Ukraine
04/20/2022: DOD Aims to Close Gap in Bringing U.S. Tech Innovation to Market •
04/20/2022: Army Announces 2 New Rifles for Close-Combat Soldiers
04/19/2022: DOD: U.S. Security Assistance to Ukraine Provides What's Needed, as Needed
04/18/2022: Russian 'Shaping' Operations in Donbas Point to More Aggressive Plans in Future
04/14/2022: DOD: Security Assistance Support to Ukraine Not Affecting U.S. Readiness
04/13/2022: Howitzers, Helicopters, Humvees Headed to Ukraine
04/12/2022: Defense Intelligence Agency Report Details Space-Based Threats From Competitors
04/11/2022: Security Assistance to Ukraine Continues Unabated
04/06/2022: Cyber Mission Force Set to Add More Teams
04/06/2022: DOD: More Javelins Approved for Ukraine; Switchblades On their Way
04/06/2022: FY2023 Budget Request Includes $246 Million for SOCOM's 'Armed Overwatch' Program 
04/02/2022: First Lady, President Officially Commission Navy Attack Submarine
04/01/2022: Former Centcom Chief of Staff Assumes Role of Commander
03/31/2022: Official Says U.S., Allies Concerned That Putin Is Misinformed About Ukraine War
03/29/2022: Defense Official Not Ready to Call Russian Activity in Ukraine a Retreat or Withdrawal
03/28/2022: 6 Navy Growler Aircraft Headed to Germany to Support Deterrence Mission
03/25/2022: In Ukraine, Russian Activity Now More Focused on Donbas Than Kyiv
03/23/2022: DOD Grows University Affiliated Research Center Partnerships With HBCUs
03/21/2022: JADC2 Implementation Plan Finalized, Signed by Defense Leadership
03/21/2022: Russian Military Activities in Ukraine Conducted 'In Silos'
03/21/2022: Wearable Sensors May Be Future Option for Assessing Toxin Exposures
03/17/2022: Slovakian Defense Minister Says Military Spending at 2% Should Be Base, Not Target
03/15/2022: NATO Chief: There Will Be 'High Price to Pay' for Russian Use of Chemical Weapons
03/14/2022: Russian Targets More Than 'Messaging,' Pentagon Spokesperson Says
03/10/2022: At Manda Bay, Investigation Finds No Single Point of Failure, But Many Recommendations for Improvement
03/08/2022: DOD Wants to Shepherd Small Business Innovators
03/08/2022: Southcom Commander Says Partnerships Key to National Defense in Western Hemisphere
03/07/2022: Defense Department Reports Airspace Above Ukraine Remains Contested 
03/04/2022: Integrated Deterrence at Center of Upcoming National Defense Strategy
03/04/2022: U.S. Provided More Than $1 Billion in Security Assistance to Ukraine in Past Year
03/03/2022: Addressing DOD's Tech Focus Areas Requires New Approaches •
02/28/2022: DOD: In Ukraine, Every Lost Soul is on Putin 
02/25/2022: Defense Department Engineers Drive Mission Success
02/25/2022: SEAC: 'Character, Competence, Commitment' Are Bedrocks of U.S. Credibility
02/25/2022: With Activation of NATO Response Force, U.S. Military Ready to Provide Forces
02/24/2022: Service Academies Directed to Build Up Sexual Assault Prevention Programs 
02/24/2022: DOD Kicks Off 17th Annual Engineers Week
02/16/2022: DOD Report: Consolidation of Defense Industrial Base Poses Risks to National Security
02/09/2022: Former NYC Mayor Tapped to Lead Defense Innovation Board
02/08/2022: Increasing Production Is Important for Hypersonics, Defense Official Says
02/08/2022: U.S. Needs More Icebreakers for Arctic
02/03/2022: Recapitalization of Refuelers, Transport Ships Critical to Transcom Mission
02/01/2022: Health, Security, Environment Are Key Motivators in DOD Response at Red Hill
01/31/2022: 'Major Non-NATO Ally' Designation Will Enhance U.S., Qatar Relationship
01/25/2022: Additional Security Assistance Headed to Ukraine
01/21/2022: Neptune Strike '22 Kicks off Monday in Mediterranean
01/19/2022: Simplified Human/Machine Interfaces Top List of Critical DOD Technologies •
01/18/2022: Defense Microelectronics Activity Designated Center for Industrial Technical Excellence
01/18/2022: Tuskegee Airman Charles McGee Dies at 102
01/13/2022: More Active Troops to Help Take COVID-Related Pressure Off Civilian Hospitals
01/10/2022: Pentagon Moves to Health Protection Condition Charlie
01/06/2022: Shared Challenges, Strengthening Alliance at Center of U.S.-Japan Defense Meeting
12/28/2021: Bump in COVID-19 Cases in D.C. Area Spurs Additional Mitigation Efforts at Pentagon
12/09/2021: Iran Top Priority for U.S., Israel
12/08/2021: Time for Guam Missile Defense Build-Up Is Now
12/08/2021: Small Arms, Ammunition From U.S. Headed to Ukraine's Defense Forces This Week
12/07/2021: Long-Range Discrimination Radar Reshapes Adversaries' Calculus for Attacks Against U.S. Homeland
12/06/2021: DOD Must Act Early to Extract Much-Needed Tech From Nation's Industrial Base
12/02/2021: Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence, Security Launches at University of Maryland
12/01/2021: For Contingencies in Indo-Pacom, Army Will Serve as 'Linchpin' for Joint Force
11/29/2021: Austin Orders Review of 2019 Baghuz Airstrikes, Which Killed Syrian Civilians
11/29/2021: Mission Partner Environment Cuts Decision Making, Kill Chain
11/24/2021: DOD Looks at Ways to Improve Child Care Access
11/23/2021: Bidens Share 'Friendsgiving' Dinner With Fort Bragg Troops, Families
11/22/2021: Socom Commander Says Taliban Aren't Counterterrorism Partners in Afghanistan
11/19/2021: Aegis Ashore in Poland on Target for 2022
11/16/2021: Results of DOD Financial Statement Audit Supports Focus on People •
11/12/2021: World War II Veteran, Prisoner of War Dies at 99
11/10/2021: Moscow Should Be More Transparent About Activities Near Ukraine
11/08/2021: DOD Focused on Readiness, Instead of Intent Behind Chinese Military Exercises
11/03/2021: China Military Power Report Details Advances, Goals in 2020
11/01/2021: Registration Open for November's Inaugural 'Relationship Wellness Summit'
11/01/2021: With Vaccination Deadlines Approaching, Commanders Asked to Use Compassion in Enforcement
10/28/2021: DOD Metrics-Based Goals Will Strengthen Organic Industrial Base, Official Says
10/27/2021: Development Programs Keep DOD's Workforce Strong
10/12/2021: While China's Intimidation of Taiwan Continues, U.S. Remains Committed to Taiwanese Self-Defense
10/08/2021: DISA Director Says Common Access Card Showing Age
10/07/2021: DOD Finds Top-Notch, Reliable Defense Partner, Supplier in Italy
10/06/2021: More Stable Networks Among DOD Cloud Goals for Outside U.S.
09/30/2021: Supply Chain Resiliency Is Whole-of-Government Effort
09/30/2021: Security Issues Among 'Allies Welcome' Population Often Less Than in Comparable U.S. Civilian Communities
09/29/2021: DOD Leaders Address Bagram Departure, Noncombatant Evacuation Operation Timing
09/24/2021: DOD Says It's Time to Renew Extended ID Cards
09/23/2021: New Branding Freshens Up DOD Flagship Website
09/22/2021: Low-Level Commanders Need Authority to Counter Information Operations, Northcom Leader Says
09/20/2021: Investigation of Aug. 29 Airstrike in Kabul to Get Its Own Review
09/17/2021: DoD: August 29 Strike in Kabul 'Tragic Mistake,' Kills 10 Civilians
09/17/2021: DoD: Best Time to Take Military Spouse Survey is Now
09/15/2021: Long-Term U.S., Australian Relationship Will Ensure Free, Open Indo-Pacific Region
09/10/2021: Guard Pilot Who Flew Over D.C. Following 9/11 Likened Attacks to Modern-Day Pearl Harbor
09/10/2021: DOD Leaders Recall Americans' Resilience After 9/11
09/09/2021: 9/11 Pentagon Survivors Talk With High School, College Students About Experience
09/08/2021: DOD Extends 'Firefly,' Related 'FireGuard' Support to Extinguish Wildfires
09/08/2021: DARPA Looks to Microbes to Process Rare Earth Elements
09/03/2021: DOD Recognizes 50 Years of Security Cooperation
09/02/2021: Artillerymen Must Be Ready to Operate in Space Degraded, Denied Environments, Spacecom Leader Says
08/31/2021: New Pentagon Exhibit Details How Department Keeps Its Edge
08/28/2021: 'Over-the Horizon' Air Strike Kills 2 High-Profile ISIS-K Targets
08/27/2021: DOD Building Capacity to Support up to 50,000 Afghan Evacuees
08/26/2021: Tragic Deaths of U.S. Service Members in Afghanistan Won't Stop Evacuation Mission
08/25/2021: With Afghanistan Evacuation, It's Lives Over Equipment ... Period, DOD Spokesman Says
08/25/2021: Eucom Ready for 25,000 Afghan Evacuees at a Time
08/24/2021: Nearly 22k Personnel Out of Afghanistan in Last 24 Hours
08/23/2021: Fast-Paced Airport Ground Ops Keeps Evacuees Moving
08/23/2021: New Jersey Military Base Available to Receive Afghan Evacuees
08/12/2021: Vice Admiral Discusses Potential of AI in Missile Defense Testing, Operations
08/10/2021: Services Will Make Call on Religious Exemptions to COVID-19 Vaccines
08/04/2021: U.S. Will Continue to Operate in South China Sea to Ensure Prosperity for All
08/03/2021: Space Command, Navy Share Commonalities in Keeping Open Lines of Communication
07/29/2021: Guard Well-Equipped to Handle West Coast Wildfires
07/28/2021: DOD Directs Employees to Start Wearing Face Masks Again
07/27/2021: DOD Unveils 2021 POW/MIA Recognition Day Poster
07/23/2021: 'Zero-Based' Reviews of DOD Advisory Committee Nearly Complete, Decisions Come Soon
07/22/2021: DOD to Modernize Intelligence Information Apparatus With 'Back to Basics' Approach
07/21/2021: DOD Takes Phased Approach to Implementing Recommendations on Sexual Assault, Harassment
07/21/2021: DOD, Navy Confront Climate Change Challenges in Southern Virginia
07/19/2021: Fort Lee Chosen as First Stop in U.S. for Relocating Afghans Under Operation Allies Refuge
07/19/2021: DOD Holds First Public Outreach Event to Engage With PFAS Stakeholders
07/14/2021: Defense Department Will Provide Options for 'Operation Allies Refuge'
07/14/2021: Ethics Key to AI Development, Austin Says
07/12/2021: After Authority Transition in Afghanistan, Airport Security Remains Top Priority
07/07/2021: DOD Aims for New Enterprise-Wide Cloud by 2022
07/02/2021: Sexual Assaults Will No Longer Be Prosecuted by Commanders
07/01/2021: Leaders Committed to Transparency With African Partners
06/30/2021: COVID-19 Pandemic Not Over, Concerns Over Delta Variant Growing
06/25/2021: Nuclear Posture Review, National Defense Strategy Will Be Thoroughly Integrated
06/23/2021: Aboard Commercial Rocket, Space Defense Agency Sends Up Satellites for First Time
06/21/2021: COVID-19 Effects Waning Across Defense Department, Pentagon
06/16/2021: Defense, State Agree: Diversity, Inclusion Important for Mission Success
06/11/2021: Missile Defense Review Will Address Growing Threats From Iran, North Korea, Others
06/09/2021: DOD Announces Center to Collaborate on, Advance Shared Interests in Arctic Region
06/08/2021: DOD Vaccine Centers Draw Down to 5
06/02/2021: Military Leaders Plan for Post-Withdrawal Financial Support for Afghans
06/02/2021: Lebanese Armed Forces Remain Top-Notch Security Partner
06/01/2021: Memo Outlines DOD Plans for Responsible Artificial Intelligence
05/31/2021: President: America's Fallen Defended 'Vital, Beating Heart of Our Nation'
05/27/2021: Austin, Milley: President's FY22 Budget Request Sufficient for Defense Mission
05/26/2021: Defense Office Brings Small Tech Companies Into Big League
05/26/2021: Air Force Academy Grads to Keep Competition From Becoming Conflict
05/25/2021: Afghanistan Retrograde Nearly One-Quarter Complete
05/24/2021: Ending Mission on Capitol Hill, Guard Personnel Prepare to Go Home
05/20/2021: Energy, Water Resilience on Installations Critical to Operational Security
05/20/2021: DOD Official Discusses 'Moral Obligation' to Help Those in Afghanistan Who Helped U.S.
05/19/2021: Air Force Can Retire KC-135, Transcom Commander Says
05/14/2021: In Cyber, Differentiating Between State Actors, Criminals Is a Blur
05/13/2021: Nuclear Deterrence Remains Department's Highest Priority Mission
05/11/2021: Defense Acquisition University Plows Through Pandemic With Online Offerings
05/10/2021: In Strait of Hormuz, U.S. Vessels Exercised Right to Self Defense
05/07/2021: Military Spouses Enable Mission by Maintaining the Home Front
05/07/2021: On-Time Delivery Top Priority at Space Development Agency
05/06/2021: There Must Be Rules for How We Use Space, Defense Leaders Say
05/03/2021: Defender Europe 21 Exercises Multinational Interoperability, Readiness, Transparency
05/01/2021: Austin Says POW/MIA Agency's Mission Gives Confidence to Service Members in War
04/30/2021: U.S. Sends Medical Supplies to India to Help in COVID-19 Fight
04/30/2021: Defense Secretary Says 'Integrated Deterrence' Is Cornerstone of U.S. Defense
04/23/2021: DOD to Assist in Search for Indonesian Submarine
04/23/2021: Military, Environmental, Agricultural Interests Align in Chesapeake Bay Region
04/20/2021: U.S. Plans to Keep Threats in Check Even After Afghanistan Withdrawal
04/19/2021: Clinic Doors Open Wide for Those Wanting COVID-19 Vaccine
04/16/2021: Flag Raised for First Time at National World War I Memorial
04/15/2021: U.S. Must Get 'On the Field' in Arctic to Defend National Interests There
04/15/2021: Southcom Can Use More ISR Capacity, Security Cooperation
04/13/2021: DOD Modernization Can't Happen Alone, Defense Official Says •
04/12/2021: Deputy Defense Secretary Evaluates Effects of Climate on Military Operations
04/07/2021: At Pentagon, Sexual Assault Awareness Is a Full-Time Effort
04/05/2021: DOD Closely Monitoring Russian Activities in Arctic
04/02/2021: To Better Equip Warfighters, Sustainment Must Be Built In
03/30/2021: Extremism Stand Downs Focus on Oath, Not Data Collection
03/29/2021: Military Using Alternatives to Suez Canal In Middle East
03/26/2021: Entire Force May Be Vaccinated for COVID-19 by Early Summer
03/24/2021: Commission Begins 90-Day Look Into Sexual Assault in Military
03/23/2021: If DOD Wants AI In Its Future, It Must Start Now, Official Says
03/19/2021: Improvements to Organic Industrial Base Prepare Services for Future Fight
03/18/2021: SEAC: DOD Will 'Move Fast' Against Extremism After Completion of Stand Downs
03/10/2021: Defense Department Approves Continued Guard Presence on Capitol Hill
03/10/2021: Secretary of Defense's Trip to Asia to Focus on Strengthening Partnerships With Japan, Korea, India
03/08/2021: Guard Works to Ensure Troops Defending Capitol Have Safe, Nutritious Food
03/06/2021: DOD Identifies More Troops to Help Administer COVID-19 Vaccine
03/04/2021: 'Warfighter Council' Guides Capability Development for Space Development Agency
03/03/2021: Any Response to Early Morning Rocket Attack Will Wait on Investigation
03/01/2021: Drop in Sexual Assault Reports at Service Academies May Be Coronavirus-Related
02/26/2021: Former White House Advisor to Lead DOD Commission on Sexual Assault
02/24/2021: Joint Warfighting Is the Future, SEAC Says
02/23/2021: During Engineers Week, Defense Department 'Problem Solvers' Asked to 'Imagine Tomorrow'
02/23/2021: Engineers With Both Government, Private Sector Experience Make 'Most Impact'
02/23/2021: Engineers Key to Defense Space Efforts: 'We Have Your Back'
02/21/2021: Iraqi Government Examines In-Country Missile Attacks on U.S. Bases
02/17/2021: Two Federally Supported Vaccination Sites Open In California, More to Follow
02/10/2021: Online Tool Focuses on Exceptional Family Members
02/03/2021: Defense Official Discusses Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Human Decision-Making, AI
01/19/2021: Despite COVID-19 Restrictions, Service Members Play Important Role in Inauguration
01/15/2021: DOD Aims to Bring Industrial Base Back to U.S., Allies
01/13/2021: DOD's Autonomous Vessel Sails Through Transit Test, Participates in Exercise Dawn Blitz
01/13/2021: Trusted Capital Marketplace Reduces Vulnerability to Adversarial Capital
01/06/2021: States Can Accelerate Vaccinations by Broadening Recipient Pool
01/06/2021: World War II Vet, POW Who Endured 'Hell Ship,' Gets CIB, Promotion, POW Medal
01/05/2021: DOD's Inaugural Foray Into 5G Experimentation on Track
12/31/2020: After 75 Years, Veteran Will Receive Honors for WWII Service
12/30/2020: Perna: Whole-of-America Operation Warp Speed Effort 'Remarkable Feat'
12/15/2020: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in Midst of Revolution
12/14/2020: What's With All the U.S. Space-Related Agencies?
12/14/2020: Effective Use of Data in DOD Requires the Right Leaders
12/09/2020: First COVID-19 Vaccine May Be Distributed Next Week
12/07/2020: Space Agency Hopes to Gain Industry's Trust With Proliferated Satellite Marketplace
12/04/2020: COVID-19 Draws Attention to Defense Industrial Base Vulnerabilities •
12/02/2020: In 2019 Spouse Survey, 70% Report Good, Better Finances
12/01/2020: COVID-Related Telework Accelerates DISA's Zero-Trust Adoption
11/30/2020: Defense Department Seeks to Achieve Agile, Adaptive Acquisition
11/24/2020: Artificial Intelligence Enablers Seek Out Problems to Solve
11/23/2020: Warp Speed Readies to Distribute New Therapeutics for COVID-19
11/18/2020: DOD Prioritizes December Launch of 'Trusted Capital Marketplace'
11/17/2020: DOD Diversity Must Start With Youngest Americans
11/16/2020: Small Businesses Key to Nation's Defense
11/11/2020: New Museum Tells the Story of the U.S. Army
11/11/2020: Nation Honors Veterans at Arlington National Cemetery
11/03/2020: New Spectrum Strategy Reveals DOD's Plan to Master Airwaves
11/03/2020: Warfighters, Decision-Makers at Center of DOD Data Strategy
10/30/2020: Rewrite of Acquisition Regulation Helps U.S. Build Hypersonic Arsenal More Quickly
10/29/2020: During COVID-19, Use of Non-Medical Family Counseling Remains Strong
10/29/2020: New Strategy Details Department Goals for Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority
10/28/2020: DOD Looks for More Robust, Enduring Telework Capacity
10/28/2020: In Warp Speed Effort, Knowing Where Vaccines Are Is Key to Distribution Strategy
10/24/2020: Military to Play Logistics-Only Role in COVID-19 Vaccine Effort
10/23/2020: Army Financial Management Office Partners With DOD for AI Solutions
10/21/2020: Families, People Have Been Priority Since Start of COVID-19
10/17/2020: DOD, HHS Name Partners to Administer COVID-19 Vaccines in Long-Term Care Facilities
10/15/2020: People, Policy, Performance Readiness Mean U.S. Prepared to Fight
10/09/2020: DOD's COVID-19 Response Illustrates Commitment to Families, People
10/09/2020: DOD Kicks Off World’s Largest Dual-Use 5G Testing Effort
10/06/2020: DOD Makes Progress Implementing Women, Peace, Security Act
10/05/2020: Agency Awards Contracts for Tracking Layer of National Defense Space Architecture
09/30/2020: DOD Set for Third Military Spouses Hiring Fair
09/30/2020: New Policy Makes U.S. More Competitive Partner
09/29/2020: COVID-19 Response Sparks Efforts to Strengthen Supply Chain
09/25/2020: Defense Security Cooperation University Hits One-Year Milestone With Great Success
09/22/2020: DOD Anticipates Significant Troop Reduction in Afghanistan
09/17/2020: 'Tipping Point' Is Here for Nuclear Modernization, Defense Official Says
09/16/2020: Technology Proliferation, Influence Ops May Be as Disruptive as COVID-19
09/16/2020: Defense Experience, Capabilities Further 'Herculean' Operation Warp Speed Efforts
09/15/2020: Space Force Chief: U.S. Doesn't Want War in Space, Must be Prepared for It
09/10/2020: 'Victory Garden' Approach Could Aid AI Effort
09/10/2020: China's Africa Investments Could Benefit All If International Rules Are Obeyed
09/10/2020: DSCA Encourages Partners to Look Beyond Gear to Multi-Domain Ops
09/09/2020: Full Impact of COVID-19 on Industrial Base Not Yet Known
09/01/2020: China Pursues Own Nuclear Triad, Doubling of Nuclear Capability
08/28/2020: Operation Warp Speed More Than Halfway to Enrolling Participants in Vaccine Trials
08/24/2020: Defense Innovation Unit Teaching Artificial Intelligence to Detect Cancer
08/21/2020: Acquisition Enterprise Capabilities to Continue Post Pandemic
08/20/2020: DOD Can Lead Microelectronics Manufacturing Back to U.S.
08/13/2020: Southcom Chief: Venezuela's Maduro at Center of 'Vicious Circle of Threats'
08/13/2020: DOD Focuses on Minimizing Cyber Threats to Department, Contractors
08/12/2020: Centcom Chief: Enduring ISIS Defeat Requires Plans for Refugees, Local Security
08/10/2020: AMBIT Gambit Pays Off, Advances U.S. 5G Efforts
08/08/2020: For 2020 Election, Threat is Bigger than Russia
08/06/2020: CIO Says Top-Level Leadership Helped DOD Navigate COVID Crisis
08/06/2020: After Explosion, U.S. Military Planes Deliver Aid to Beirut
08/05/2020: DOD Amplifies Focus on People in Executing National Defense Strategy
08/05/2020: Guided by National Defense Strategy, Defense Department Increases Force Lethality
08/05/2020: Ongoing Defense Department Reforms Align With National Defense Strategy
08/05/2020: Military Alliances, Partnerships Strengthened Through Defense Strategy Execution
07/30/2020: Tenets of National Defense Strategy at Heart of Defense Department CIO Efforts
07/30/2020: DOD Medical Officials Outline COVID-19 Testing Approach
07/29/2020: DOD Proposes Removing More Than 11,000 Troops From Germany
07/28/2020: U.S. Space Effort's Future Hinges on Private Industry
07/23/2020: Esper: DOD Involved in COVID-19 Fight 'From Day One'
07/22/2020: Defense Department Improves 'Ready for Issue' Rate for F-35 Parts
07/21/2020: Air Force Reveals Cold Facts on New Arctic Strategy
07/20/2020: Artificial Intelligence Deployment Requires Diverse Image Data
07/16/2020: COVID-19 Pandemic Reveals Supply Chain Vulnerability
07/15/2020: DISA Boosts Telework Connections in Response to Pandemic
07/10/2020: Army, Air Force Meet Numbers for Basic Trainees Despite COVID-19
07/09/2020: Where it Counts, U.S. Leads in Artificial Intelligence
07/07/2020: Urgent Acquisition Effort Provides Safe COVID-19 Patient Transport in 95 Days
07/05/2020: July 4th 'Salute to America' Honors U.S. Military Personnel
06/30/2020: Risk Aversion Impedes Hypersonics Development
06/19/2020: Navy: Former USS Theodore Roosevelt Commander Will Not Be Reinstated
06/18/2020: Hypersonics Testing Accelerates
06/18/2020: Defense Space Strategy Addresses Militarization, Competition
06/17/2020: Over-Prescriptive Requirements Hinder Defense Innovation
06/16/2020: Operation Warp Speed Accelerates COVID-19 Vaccine Development
06/11/2020: Esper: We'll Handle Our Own Alleged War Criminals
06/10/2020: Domestic N95 Mask Production Expected to Exceed 1 Billion in 2021
06/05/2020: Space Development Agency Works Closely With Army, Its Biggest Customer
06/03/2020: DOD Announces New Locations for Additional 5G Testing, Experimentation
06/02/2020: Spacecom, Space Force Officials Discuss Planetary Defense, Astronaut Launch
05/21/2020: For Some, Teleworking May Continue as Post-COVID-19 Option
05/21/2020: Commander Discusses a Decade of DOD Cyber Power
05/20/2020: Air Force Officer, Retired Marine Head for International Space Station
05/20/2020: DOD Adopts 'Zero Trust' Approach to Buying Microelectronics •
05/20/2020: As in Other Domains, U.S. Use of Electromagnetic Spectrum Is Contested
05/08/2020: President Leads Nation in Commemorating Anniversary of Nazi Defeat in Europe
05/06/2020: DOD Aims to Make Moves Easier With New Contract for Household Goods
05/06/2020: Defense Security Cooperation Agency Sees Growing Interest in Partnerships
05/05/2020: DOD Focuses on Sustaining Industrial Base Through Pandemic
04/30/2020: U.S. Must Prepare for Current, Future Pandemics
04/29/2020: Service Personnel Policies Help With Retention During Pandemic
04/28/2020: Learning Continues for DOD School System Students Despite COVID-19 Restrictions
04/21/2020: COVID-19 Doesn't Stop Homeland Defense
04/16/2020: Truth, Accuracy Part of Democratic Value System, Eucom Commander Says
04/14/2020: Defense Production Act Contract to Provide 39 Million Masks
04/13/2020: Growth in DOD Telework Capability May Outlive Coronavirus Pandemic
04/10/2020: First 'Tele-Graduation' Marks Last Iteration of CIO Leader Course
04/09/2020: Despite COVID-19, U.S. Military Remains Ready to Fight
04/08/2020: DOD Ramps Up COVID-19 Response Efforts From Coast to Coast
04/07/2020: Comfort, Javits Center Open Care to COVID-19 Patients
04/03/2020: Air Force to Make 9th Flight to Deliver Testing Swabs
04/01/2020: Corps of Engineers Converts NYC's Javits Center Into Hospital
03/31/2020: Transcom Looks for Ways to Safely Move COVID-19 Patients
03/27/2020: Launch of Space Force Largely Unaffected by Coronavirus, Top Space Officer Says
03/25/2020: DOD Modeling for Coronavirus Helps With Response Planning
03/24/2020: Nearly 10,000 Guardsmen Called Up for COVID-19 Response
03/24/2020: DOD Aims to Fill Medical Gaps With Military While States, Cities Ramp Up
03/20/2020: Coronavirus Fails to Affect Eucom Readiness
03/18/2020: Hospital Ships, Other DOD Assets Prepare for Coronavirus Response
03/17/2020: High-Resolution Virus Pictures Help Researchers Develop Vaccines
03/17/2020: DOD Poised to Provide Masks, Ventilators, Labs for Coronavirus Fight
03/16/2020: Pentagon Spokesman: DOD Ready to Help With Coronavirus, but Capability Limited
03/13/2020: U.S. Strikes 5 Kata'ib Hezbollah Targets in Iraq
03/12/2020: DOD Should Focus on Short-Term Goals in Quantum Science •
03/12/2020: Right-Sizing, Not Reduction at Guantanamo, Southcom Commander Says
03/10/2020: Military Doing Better Today Than 4 Years Ago, Norquist Says
03/05/2020: Readiness Up Across the Force, Chairman Says
03/04/2020: Policy Changes Underway for International Military Students After Pensacola Shooting
03/03/2020: U.S. Seeks to Maintain Credible Nuclear Deterrent
03/02/2020: 250-Patient Army Field Hospital in Seattle Expected to Open Next Week
02/28/2020: Stratcom Commander: Failing to Replace Nuclear Triad Akin to Disarmament
02/25/2020: DOD Adopts 5 Principles of Artificial Intelligence Ethics
02/24/2020: Esper Urges South Korea to Contribute More to Its Defense
02/20/2020: Esper: Nuclear Triad Must Remain Effective, Reliable, Credible
02/20/2020: More Young People Need to Pursue the 'Magic of Engineering'
02/19/2020: Joint Exercise to Test Tactical Forces in Cold-Weather Environment
02/13/2020: U.S., Taliban Negotiate 7-Day Proposal for Reduction in Violence
02/12/2020: To Avoid 'Bureaucratic Inertia' With Space Force, DOD Must 'Think Differently'
02/10/2020: Norquist: Budget Request Represents 'Next Step' in Implementing Defense Strategy
02/10/2020: FY 2021 DOD Budget Request Seeks 3% Pay Raise for Service Members
02/07/2020: Space Force Making Measured Efforts in Absorbing New Personnel
01/31/2020: DOD to Require Cybersecurity Certification in Some Contract Bids
01/30/2020: DOD Aims to Certify Security Cooperation Workforce as Profession
01/29/2020: Used Ships Could Solve Sealift Readiness Issues •
01/27/2020: Nationals Take World Series Trophy to Pentagon •
01/23/2020: Esper: More Comprehensive Vetting for Foreign Students on the Way
01/23/2020: 'You Make Us ALL Proud' Esper Tells Pensacola First Responders
01/23/2020: DOD Agency Offers 'milDrive' Desktop-Integrated Cloud Computing •
01/17/2020: DOJ Finds Pensacola Attack 'Act of Terrorism;' New Rules for Foreign Military Students
01/16/2020: Recruiting Challenges for Chaplains Mirror Other Military Jobs
01/12/2020: Esper: Information Indicated 'Broad Scale' Attack Within 'Matter of Days'
01/11/2020: Going for Gold for the Rosies
01/09/2020: Veterans, Officials Mark 75th Anniversary of Key WWII Battle •
01/08/2020: Chairman: Defensive Measures Prevented Casualties in Iranian Attack
01/07/2020: Esper: Iran Has 'Big Off Ramp' to Avoid Further Conflict
01/02/2020: Esper: Kataeb Hezbollah Will 'Likely Regret' Further Provocative Behavior
12/20/2019: Defense Bill Funds Space Force, Pay Raises
12/18/2019: World's Two Largest Democracies Share Interest in Free Indo-Pacific Region
12/16/2019: Esper Commemorates Battle of the Bulge at Ceremony in Luxembourg
12/12/2019: Troxell Reflects on Four Years in Military's Top Enlisted Post
12/11/2019: U.S. Will Withdraw From Syria When Local Forces Can Keep ISIS in Check
12/10/2019: Making a Difference Fuels Retention in Space, Cyber Commands
12/10/2019: Cybersecurity Requirements Likely for Defense Contracts by June 2020
12/08/2019: DOD Will Help Small Companies Meet Cybersecurity Requirements
12/08/2019: Time to Move Forward With Space Force, Air Force Secretary Says
12/05/2019: No Plans to Leave Iraq, Defense Official Says
12/05/2019: DOD Takes Public Health Approach to Suicides
12/04/2019: Air Force Space Command Works to Counter Adversary Exploits
11/26/2019: Task Force Curbs Technology Theft to Keep Joint Force Strong
11/25/2019: Esper Asks SEALs, Navy to Focus on Standards, Ethics
11/21/2019: Military Services Strengthen, Modernize Industrial Base
11/19/2019: DOD Official: Iran's Military Strength Relies Partly on Nonstate Actors
11/16/2019: New Book of WWII Photos Highlights Significance of Army Signal Corps
11/14/2019: DOD Mission Big Draw for Cyber Defense Job Applicants
11/13/2019: DOD Expects Significant Progress on Critical F-35 System
11/07/2019: Syrian Democratic Forces Reap Benefit From Oil Money
11/05/2019: U.S. Needs WWII-Like Momentum to Advance AI, Esper Says
11/04/2019: 40 Years After Hostage Crisis, Iran Remains Hotbed of Terrorism
11/01/2019: Teacher, Military Spouse Uses Law to Improve Employment Options
10/31/2019: Losing Technology to Competitors Threatens Force Lethality
10/29/2019: DOD Finalizes Purchase Plan for F-35 Aircraft
10/28/2019: DOD Focuses Early AI Use on 'Low Consequence' Applications
10/24/2019: Stratcom Nominee: Nuclear Triad Modernization Must Continue
10/21/2019: Persistent Spouse Unemployment Affects Military Families
10/17/2019: DOD Improves Construction Standards After Natural Disasters
10/15/2019: Military Exchanges Extinguish Vape Sales
10/15/2019: Employment Options, Tools Abound for Military Spouses
10/11/2019: U.S. Sends Additional Capabilities to Saudi Arabia
10/08/2019: DOD Looks to Future of Logistics
10/04/2019: Southcom Commander: Foreign Powers Pose Security Concerns
10/03/2019: Aid to Ukraine Successful, DOD Spokesman Says
10/01/2019: South Korea's Role Key in Advancing Indo-Pacific Vision
09/27/2019: Spacecom Built for Today's Strategic Environment
09/26/2019: DOD Releases Report on Suicide Among Troops, Military Family Members
09/26/2019: New Defense School to Certify Security Cooperation Workforce
09/24/2019: Assume Networks Are Compromised, DOD Official Urges •
09/24/2019: DARPA Director Talks Promise of Life Sciences Research
09/21/2019: Prisoners of War, Missing in Action, Remembered at Pentagon Ceremony
09/18/2019: After Nearly 75 Years, 'Eagle 7' Tankers Pinned With Bronze Stars •
09/17/2019: U.S., Allies Remember Operation Market Garden
09/13/2019: DOD Strengthens Ties With Nordic, Baltic Nations
09/12/2019: Army Secretary Nominee Talks Housing, Readiness at Hearing
09/11/2019: Deterrence in Cyberspace Requires Multifaceted Approach
09/06/2019: Intelligence Communications System Gets Tech Refresh
09/06/2019: Space Expansion Presents Opportunities, Challenges for DOD
09/04/2019: DOD to Divert $3.6 Billion to Fund 11 Barrier Projects at Southern Border
09/03/2019: DOD Educates Employees About Insider Threats •
09/03/2019: DOD Seeks Ethicist to Guide Artificial Intelligence Deployment
08/30/2019: DOD Commemorates 75th Anniversary of Paris Liberation
08/28/2019: Disputes Between U.S. Allies Hinder Indo-Pacific Security Cooperation
08/27/2019: Military Health Care Consolidation Moves to Next Phase
08/26/2019: Social Media Security: Tips From an Army Special Agent •
08/23/2019: DOD Honors Employers of Guardsmen, Reservists
08/21/2019: Global Markets, Shipping Shape Military Ops
08/16/2019: DOD Agency Keeps File Swaps Safe •
08/14/2019: Hypersonics Remain Top Priority for DOD
08/07/2019: Next-Generation Air Dominance Will Rely On Data Sharing
08/05/2019: New DOD Program Leaves Sexual Predators Nowhere to Hide
08/02/2019: U.S. Withdraws From Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty
07/31/2019: Northcom Wants Industry Partnerships to Advance Tech Capability
07/30/2019: Security Clearance Employees at OPM Get DOD Welcome Notice
07/25/2019: Despite Risk, Recruits Want to Serve, Enlisted Leaders Say
07/24/2019: Esper: Operation Sentinel Prevents Escalation of Middle East Waterways Conflict
07/23/2019: Northcom Commander Cites Arctic as Area of Concern
07/11/2019: Milley Talks Modernization at Confirmation Hearing
07/10/2019: Southcom Chief Stresses Need for Partnerships, Security Cooperation
07/05/2019: Cyber Flag Exercise Focuses on Partnerships •
07/03/2019: U.S. Security Requires Multiple Elements of Deterrence
06/28/2019: DOD More Assertive, Proactive in Cyber Domain
06/25/2019: DOD to Take Over Background Checks by Fiscal 2020 •
06/22/2019: DOD Commemorates Founding of POW/MIA Advocacy Group •
06/20/2019: Naval Engineers Must 'Lean In' to Advance Technological Agility
06/12/2019: U.S., Polish Leaders Agree to Increased American Presence in Poland
06/11/2019: Polish Defense Minister Visits F-35 Facility in Florida
06/07/2019: DOD Sets Date to Begin 'Unwinding' Turkey From F-35 Program
06/06/2019: Reading of Names Commemorates D-Day •
06/05/2019: U.S. to Remain Partner of Choice for Military Hardware, General Says •
06/03/2019: Russia Makes Unreliable Military Partner, Defense Leader Says
06/03/2019: Changing Technology Landscape Biggest Challenge for DOD's CIO •
06/01/2019: Shanahan: Partners Must Join U.S. in Investing in Indo-Pacific Region
05/29/2019: Defense Digital Service Delivers Mission-Aligned Tech for DOD
05/28/2019: DOD Officials Urge Troops to Seek Mental Health Help Without Fear
05/24/2019: Southcom Chief Outlines Keys for Success in South America
05/23/2019: Rigorous Training, High Readiness Continue in Korea, General Says
05/23/2019: DOD Official Urges Recapitalizing Nuclear Triad Now
05/17/2019: 5 Installations Lead the Way in Suicide Prevention Efforts
05/17/2019: DOD Cyber Leaders Address Threats, Resilience, Working With Industry
05/14/2019: Pentagon Police Remember Their Own During Police Week
05/14/2019: Cybercom Cites Priorities Key to First-Year Success
05/14/2019: Persistent Engagement, Partnerships, Top Cybercom’s Priorities
05/10/2019: Marine Corps Wife Earns Honors as Military Spouse of the Year •
05/08/2019: Commander: Army 'Got It Right' With Brigade's Afghanistan Deployment
05/08/2019: Success of First SFAB in Afghanistan Proves ‘Army Got it Right,’ Commander Says
05/06/2019: DOD, OPM Team Up for Improved Online Training
05/02/2019: U.S. Needs New Nukes Now, DOD Officials Say
05/02/2019: No Margin for Error: Nuclear Capability Must be Upgraded Now, Defense Official Says
04/30/2019: Middle East Strategic Alliance Effort Aimed at Stabilization
04/30/2019: Middle East Security Still Critical to U.S.
04/26/2019: Navy Could Use AI to Combat Swarms of Enemy Boats
04/25/2019: DOD Lab Day Showcases Latest Mine-Killer Technology •
04/24/2019: Warfighters Need ‘Uncompromised’ Technology, Official Says
04/11/2019: Part-Time Service Members, Full-Time Citizens
04/11/2019: Reserve Components Are Focused on Readiness, Leaders Say
04/09/2019: DOD Official: ‘Intense Campaign’ Addressing Military Housing Issues
04/09/2019: Shanahan: Next Big War May Be Won or Lost in Space
04/09/2019: Shanahan: Space No Longer Peaceful
04/01/2019: 4 Things to Know About the U.S. Nuclear Deterrence Strategy
03/29/2019: DOD Official: Maintaining Space Dominance ‘Pivotal’ for U.S. Warfighters
03/27/2019: Top Sustainment Official: Housing Privatization ‘Right Thing to Do’
03/26/2019: Pentagon Official: U.S., Partners Must Lead in 5G Technology Development
03/20/2019: Shanahan: Space Force to Preserve Margin of Dominance, $19 Trillion Economy
03/20/2019: Space Force Looks to Stay Light-Years Ahead
03/19/2019: 4 Things to Know About the U.S.-France Relationship
03/15/2019: 'Bold Assumption' Brings Warrior Games to Tampa
03/14/2019: Challenging Russian Information Operations Requires Whole-of-Government Approach
03/13/2019: Early Work on Arlington Cemetery Expansion Starts Next Year
03/08/2019: Military Officers Guide Students Through Weeklong Senate Youth Program •
03/08/2019: Senate Youth Program 'Delegates' Meet DOD Leaders at Pentagon •
03/05/2019: Send More Boats, Eucom Commander Tells Senate
03/01/2019: Great Power Competition's Resurgence
02/22/2019: Survey Says: Majority of Spouses Satisfied With Military Life
02/14/2019: Cyber Command Expects Lessons From 2018 Midterms to Apply in 2020
02/14/2019: Acting Secretary Stresses Iraqi Sovereignty, Security in Visit to Baghdad
02/12/2019: Shanahan: Important Work Remains in Afghanistan
02/05/2019: Survey Says: Most Spouses Satisfied With Military Lifestyle
02/05/2019: Improving Combat Lethality, Performance
02/04/2019: Service Members Reap Benefits of Tax Law Changes
01/29/2019: Shanahan: ISIS Crippled in Syria
01/08/2019: U.S. Will Pick Up Pace in Race to Space With China, DOD Official Says
12/14/2018: Artificial Intelligence Can Free Imagery Analysts to Focus More on the Unknown •
12/12/2018: Navy Shipyard Upgrades Get Underway
12/11/2018: 5 Things to Know About Operations in Iraq
11/21/2018: Agent Who Lept to Protect Jackie Kennedy, Recognized by Home State
09/25/2018: On-Scene Doc Keeps Secret Service Employees, Protectees, Fit For UNGA
08/24/2018: Corps of Engineers ready for Hurricane Lane
06/13/2018: On Capitol Hill, Army leaders, lawmakers toast Army birthday, 243 years of defending freedom •
06/07/2018: New SMET will take the load off Infantry Soldiers
06/04/2018: Army researchers headed for development of high performance lightweight helmet •
04/19/2018: Vietnam helicopter pilots, crewmembers memorialized in Arlington National •
04/18/2018: Army 'confident in current capabilities' chief of staff says
03/22/2018: 'We are not going to yield the air domain': Future vertical lift team aims to elevate Soldiers
03/14/2018: Army Secretary Esper: Budget flexibility, Congress' support can help Army modernize
03/12/2018: First class of AIT drill sergeants graduate 'conversion' course
02/14/2018: Easy fixes for certain issues to get Soldiers moved from non-deployment status, SMA says •
12/14/2017: Army secretary brings combat experience to Pentagon
12/14/2017: More 'robust' promotion list offers specialists, sergeants improved upward mobility
11/17/2017: Army chief of staff: no reduction of standards to meet recruiting goals
11/15/2017: In nation's capital, ground officially broken for National WWI Memorial
10/30/2017: AER funds available now for Soldiers affected by hurricanes Maria, Irma, Harvey
10/24/2017: Medal of Honor awarded to Capt. Gary M. Rose for actions in Laos •
10/24/2017: New uniform provides lighter weight without breaking sweat
10/13/2017: Army looking into unmanned medevac, medical resupply •
10/11/2017: Army Chief of Staff urges Soldiers to take responsibility for unit, individual readiness •
10/10/2017: Army's planned modernization command supports DOD's primary lines of effort •
10/10/2017: Making better dummies to save lives •
10/06/2017: Army medic to accept Medal of Honor for all who served in Laos
10/05/2017: Presidential Rank awardees save Army $20 billion
10/03/2017: Modular handgun to begin fielding before Christmas
09/20/2017: Army to prioritize top equipment programs in service-wide review
09/20/2017: Vietnam War Soldier to receive Medal of Honor for actions in Laos
09/01/2017: Sexual assaults down across Army, SHARP program director says
08/17/2017: Augmented reality soon possible for MK-19 training •
08/01/2017: Army aims to field new weapon sight that wirelessly pairs with night vision goggles
07/28/2017: Acting Army Secretary: Army needs additional, predictable funding
07/26/2017: Four women become first female cavalry school graduates
06/22/2017: Infrastructure investment can enhance deterrence, military mobility in Europe
06/16/2017: First fallen aviator of World War I honored with Distinguished Flying Cross
06/15/2017: 35 future Soldiers take oath on Army's 242nd birthday
06/15/2017: End strength increase to save units, fill shortfalls
06/12/2017: With US help, Ukraine may put brigades through new combat training center by 2018
06/09/2017: Army installation chief asks for new BRAC round to improve readiness, morale
05/30/2017: Army teaching robots to understand language
05/30/2017: Army budget request asks for raise in Soldier pay, housing, subsistence •
05/25/2017: Auto-targeting technology to reduce 'aim error' in crew-served weapons
05/19/2017: 3-D printed grenade launcher only tip of future manufacturing possibilities for Army
05/18/2017: Security force assistance brigades to free brigade combat teams from advise, assist mission
05/10/2017: Caregivers mark National Nurses Week with wreath at Arlington National Cemetery •
05/05/2017: Future warfare requires 'disciplined disobedience,' Army chief says •
05/05/2017: Diversity more than black and white, Army leaders say
05/04/2017: Aviation efforts in Korea focused on countering special operations forces, WMD
05/03/2017: Deterrent forces ready to 'fight tonight' in Europe, general says
05/01/2017: Define aviation requirements operationally, says Maj. Gen. Gayler
04/28/2017: It's time to move past incremental modernization in aviation, says major general
04/25/2017: Army's illustrated preventative maintenance magazine to go all-digital this summer
04/21/2017: Sexist humor more than just offensive, expert says
04/13/2017: With no bullets, Mobile High-Energy Laser shoots drones from sky •
04/07/2017: Expanded Pacific Pathways forging readiness, says outgoing I Corps commander
04/06/2017: Army marks centennial of U.S. entering World War I •
04/05/2017: With no budget, all Army training comes to 'screeching halt' by July
04/05/2017: Short-range air defense tops review of Army programs, G-8 says
04/03/2017: Second Army cases colors for fourth time
03/31/2017: G-6 helped move Army from switchboard to network culture
03/29/2017: Latin America partner nations look to US in modernizing armored fleets
03/24/2017: Social media misconduct won't be tolerated, Army leader says
03/21/2017: Stryker teams proving value of simulation •
03/20/2017: Aircraft protection will be priority if sequestration continues, says G-8
03/16/2017: New Soldier armor weighs less, offers more options •
03/06/2017: New Army jungle wear gives trench foot the boot •
03/03/2017: 1st ABCT brings improved readiness home from Korea
03/01/2017: Acquisition community: The Army can't wait for 'perfect solutions'
02/28/2017: Painting by Army Soldier displayed in museum in Rome
02/17/2017: Dailey calls for recruiting from 'entire nation,' improved training opportunities •
02/13/2017: Army team simulates $5 million Stryker with plywood, touch screens
02/13/2017: Army on track to meet 2025 data center reduction goal
02/09/2017: Air defense community needs large, collective exercise, says brigadier general
01/30/2017: Seeding Excellence: Premier of 'Soldiers' shows in-depth look at Sullivan Cup competitors
01/26/2017: Podcast series explores 100-year history of 82nd Airborne Division
01/24/2017: Turbans, beards, dreadlocks now permissible for some Soldiers
01/23/2017: National Guard Soldiers keep the peace during inauguration •
01/13/2017: Milley: Larger Army without funding to support it would be 'hollow force'
01/11/2017: Fanning appoints new aides to foster 'fundamental bond' between Army and public
12/19/2016: 13,000 service members to support 58th presidential inauguration •
12/14/2016: US, Japanese forces enhance interoperability, decision-making at Yama Sakura
12/13/2016: Trust bedrock of Army profession
12/12/2016: Meet Your Army: 1st Lt. Lopez is making sure the inaugural parade is 'dress-right-dress'
12/12/2016: Changing military families require more flexible support, Army secretary says
12/09/2016: Fanning: Equality, inclusivity are not experiments, but American values
12/02/2016: Army graduates 13 women as armor officers
11/29/2016: Dailey: Accessing behavioral health care should be as easy as seeing a medic
11/23/2016: Diversity strengthens America and its Army, Fanning tells new citizens •
11/18/2016: During transition, Soldiers should experience 'no gaps' in commitment, Secretary Fanning says
11/18/2016: With Fort Gordon solar array, Army nears renewable power goal
11/08/2016: Hackers may have place in the Army
11/07/2016: Diversity critical to future of Army, Fanning tells ROTC cadets
11/04/2016: CWARD may be master repository of cyber talent for reserve component
11/01/2016: Acquisition official to retire, will leave legacy of advancement
10/28/2016: New sensors and cameras may help defeat improvised threats
10/27/2016: Army researchers engage in quantum entanglement research •
10/26/2016: Vice chief lays out objectives for future unmanned systems •
10/20/2016: AWA brings 3-D printing, customized missile warning, autonomous vehicles to warfight •
10/18/2016: Army tests new warfighting tech at Army Warfighting Assessment •
10/06/2016: Fanning: Soldiers carry 'lion's share' of nation's commitments
10/06/2016: Additive manufacturing 'big part' of Army future, AMC commander says
10/06/2016: Milley: Army on cusp of profound, fundamental change
10/05/2016: New personnel system key to ferreting out untapped Soldier talent
09/30/2016: Soldier remains from Mexican-American War returned to United States
09/29/2016: Army Secretary: SHARP needs to increase focus on prevention
09/28/2016: Vets honored by Korean government, recall wartime experiences •
09/27/2016: Army ranking 780 programs to make 'tough choices' about resources
09/26/2016: Rising Thunder builds interoperability with Japanese, leaders say •
09/15/2016: Army's Lean, Six Sigma practitioners free up $1.1 billion in 2015
09/13/2016: Army returns life-saving helmet to engineering sergeant
09/09/2016: Empire Shield: Soldiers stand watch to prevent another 9/11 •
09/06/2016: Army Finance Command growing, preparing for service-wide audit •
09/06/2016: Army recognizes bank and credit union branches as best of 2015 •
09/01/2016: New office to keep Army ahead of technological change
08/29/2016: Army stands ready to defend Korea, USARPAC commander says
08/26/2016: Meet Your Army: Women's equality keeps improving says 'Soldier for Life'
08/26/2016: 75,000 U.S., Korean, Canadian forces commence Pacific exercise
08/24/2016: SecArmy lays out priorities at his first town hall
08/23/2016: New directive: officers must be vetted before promotions are confirmed •
08/16/2016: Army mariners sail for Japan in support of Pacific Pathways
08/11/2016: 3,000 voting assistance officers stand ready to help Soldiers register
08/01/2016: Army recruiting aims to reconnect with America, dispel myths
07/22/2016: Energy security, 'reduced footprint' top priorities for lieutenant general
07/19/2016: Army reviews diversity in combat arms leadership
07/19/2016: Vietnam War aviator inducted into Pentagon's 'Hall of Heroes' •
07/17/2016: Vietnam War Commemoration committee honors Kettles, fellow vets •
07/08/2016: Army looks to integrate cyber capabilities into training simulations
06/24/2016: Nine-month Army Central rotation proves total force concept
06/23/2016: Excess facilities must close, Army tells veterans
06/22/2016: Fanning says Army will not judge by gender, race, religion or sexual orientation
06/22/2016: Online town hall to focus on NCO development
06/22/2016: Massive Detrick solar array only fraction of Army's renewable energy capacity •
06/21/2016: Soldiers are the face of our nation, Fanning says at welcome ceremony •
06/16/2016: Fort Hood ten-day trial to allow Soldiers to roll up sleeves
06/15/2016: Army celebrates birthday in Philadelphia with JROTC cadets •
06/13/2016: USA, SMA celebrate Army's 241st with hometown vets in Philadelphia •
06/13/2016: Army leaders run 'Rocky Steps' in 'America's hometown' •
06/13/2016: Army launches new website on 241st birthday
06/07/2016: Leaders challenge Soldiers: 'Earn your cake' •
06/05/2016: ROTC has minted over 1,000,000 new lieutenants during its 100-year history •
06/03/2016: OPAT to guide recruits to groups of, rather than specific MOSs
06/02/2016: SMA's new book club kicks off •
06/02/2016: Recruiters in southern Virginia evaluate OPAT for Army
06/01/2016: Army to administer four-part OPAT to recruits
05/31/2016: Changes to retention control points providing increased promotion opportunity for mid-grade Soldiers
05/24/2016: Milley: Soldier readiness starts at home, on top-quality Army installations
05/23/2016: Training deployment in Pacific offers pathway to leader development
05/19/2016: No GPS? Listen to VLF radio signals to find way home
05/18/2016: Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber visits Pentagon
05/17/2016: Army tests High Energy Laser in exercise
05/16/2016: Army orthopedic surgeon cited as hero for 'shining light' on combat care •
05/11/2016: DARPA's mind-controlled robotic arm does everything •
05/10/2016: Army allows Soldiers to wear headphones in gym •
05/04/2016: Year of global engagement wraps up for Spouse of Year
04/29/2016: Sikhs gather for DOD-sponsored Vaisakhi celebration
04/27/2016: Climate change affecting Army training •
04/21/2016: Following rape, 'runner' rather than 'victim' defines survivor's identity
04/19/2016: I Corps Pacific Pathways brings partner nations stateside to enhance readiness
04/15/2016: Male hazing most common type of sexual assault, expert reveals
04/14/2016: SHARP Academy at center of cultural change
04/14/2016: National Guard Child of Year says father is role model
04/13/2016: 65th Infantry Regiment receives Congressional Gold Medal •
04/07/2016: Indian Army chief discuss military-to-military engagements with CSA •
04/04/2016: 'Grass roots' bystander intervention
04/01/2016: Army chief information officer announces long-term network strategy, 2025-2040 •
03/29/2016: Army to debut new game-based SHARP training tool
03/25/2016: Missile system would greatly increase defense capability in South Korea
03/25/2016: Behind 'bow wave' in breaking barriers for women
03/21/2016: How long for a new pistol?
03/18/2016: Murphy: Soldiers serve for life, giving back values
03/16/2016: Future of deployments: surge-ready and rotationally-focused
03/15/2016: Army to evaluate advise, assist brigades as tools of rapid force expansion
03/11/2016: Army sets 'leader-first' approach to full gender integration
03/11/2016: Lots of reps prep Big Red One for near-peer confrontations
03/09/2016: Soldier 'Digital Job Book' goes online
03/07/2016: Women's History Month: First women having 'blast' as combat engineers
03/04/2016: 100-hour ground war to liberate Kuwait was no fluke, Milley says
03/04/2016: Army plans for transition to Windows 10 by next year •
03/02/2016: Army wants lighter, better protective equipment for Soldiers
02/26/2016: SMA outlines top Army priorities to lawmakers on Capitol Hill •
02/24/2016: Increased manpower must come with funding
02/21/2016: Army officer recognized as top performer during 2016 BEYA conference •
02/21/2016: Via: Youth must be mentored toward STEM careers now •
02/12/2016: Naval history makes Philadelphia ideal location to recognize exemplary STEM personnel
02/11/2016: Commission voices concern over budget cuts
02/09/2016: FY17 budget provides raise for Soldiers but focuses on readiness •
02/05/2016: Army needs appropriated funds to ensure energy security
01/28/2016: Guard should retain Apaches, force must stand at 980K, commission says
01/22/2016: Milley assesses 'aggressive' Russia, others, as challenges for US, ally security
01/14/2016: Vice chief: Creative leaders needed in Army aviation
01/13/2016: Ground-breaking Soldiers, vets attend State of Union
01/05/2016: First female West Point commandant of cadets assumes new role
12/30/2015: Army needs Soldiers to get amped up for Prime Power
12/14/2015: Additions to 2016 clothing bag include Operational Camouflage Pattern
12/11/2015: Yama Sakura builds readiness for I Corps
12/04/2015: Army researchers developing self-righting for robots
12/02/2015: World-ready officers remain just one fellowship away
11/30/2015: Soldiers can mix camo patterns for cold-weather gear
11/27/2015: Smaller Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Agency tackles new challenges •
11/20/2015: Regionally-aligned Soldiers find African forces motivated
11/18/2015: Army National Guard director: Two weeks annually, weekend per month enough?
11/13/2015: Retired, current general officers mentor cadets •
11/12/2015: Iraqi army 'glad to see' 82nd Airborne
11/10/2015: Key to cyber success: Operators must learn land operations language
11/05/2015: Army's MIND Lab able to decode brain waves •
10/30/2015: TRADOC opens app store •
10/28/2015: Helmet that saved NCO's life returned to him
10/23/2015: Carter, Milley bid farewell to McHugh •
10/22/2015: Strategy charts path to fuel-efficient forward operating base
10/20/2015: ROTC cadets develop beyond basic learning
10/19/2015: Hammack: Installations must also be resilient
10/12/2015: McHugh: America needs its Army
10/07/2015: Allyn: Soldiers bring talent, ethics to private workforce
09/24/2015: Army changing basic training this October •
09/18/2015: Army names best post financial institutions •
09/15/2015: Soldiers partner with Hungarian engineers to cross Danube tributary
09/12/2015: With 'Yudh Abhyas,' 7th Infantry Division welcomes Indian soldiers
09/11/2015: Capitol Hill workout commemorates 9/11 •
09/07/2015: 7th Infantry Division's Exercise Rising Thunder to bring aviation angle to fight
09/03/2015: Army to enlist robots to pull Soldiers off battlefield
09/02/2015: Ranger School hangs out 'all Soldiers welcome' sign
08/28/2015: National Guard called up in Baltimore
08/20/2015: Soldiers remember Hurricane Katrina on 10th anniversary •
08/19/2015: Former Army acquisition executive remembered for 'quiet professionalism'
08/17/2015: Soldiers must complete school before promotion •
08/14/2015: Wars fought by ground troops, new Army chief says •
08/11/2015: So far 63 percent of Soldiers surveyed like 'Ike' jacket
08/09/2015: Conventional, special forces team up during 'Joint Forcible Entry' exercise •
08/03/2015: For those still unsure, Army defines 'online misconduct' •
07/28/2015: New Army cyber officers hack improvements into DARPA's 'Plan X' •
07/22/2015: American flag, Soldiers in Eastern Europe, signify strength of alliance
07/20/2015: Talisman Sabre means commitment, I Corps commander says
07/17/2015: Soldiers matriculate at newly-opened 'ArmyU'
07/15/2015: Army provides 'gravitational pull' in Europe
07/09/2015: Army to realign brigades, cut 40,000 Soldiers, 17,000 civilians
07/06/2015: With new report, senior raters may identify just 24 percent 'most qualified'
06/30/2015: Warrant officers critical to transformation from wartime to sustainment Army
06/26/2015: Army teams, Corps of Engineers named in DOD Value Engineering awards
06/26/2015: To become 'force of future,' Army must fix personnel churn •
06/22/2015: Army team gets all gold during DOD Warrior Games archery •
06/19/2015: Army lines of effort to define proper online conduct •
06/14/2015: At 240 years, America's Army is 'indispensable'
06/12/2015: Army planning more combined operations with British Army
06/05/2015: Evaluation, education, compensation dominate discussion at Dailey town hall •
06/04/2015: Gamble: Sustainers must rebuild expeditionary competency
06/01/2015: Three women recycled again in Ranger School
05/28/2015: Odierno: End-strength issue still unsettled
05/25/2015: Thousands ride in 28th annual Rolling Thunder rally •
05/22/2015: WINS tracks Soldier movement without GPS •
05/21/2015: Fuel cells increase range in unmanned aerial systems •
05/21/2015: Army aims to simplify electronics in combat vehicles •
05/21/2015: Smart-mortar will help Soldiers more effectively hit targets •
05/18/2015: Researchers believe capturing, processing brainwaves will better enable Soldiers •
05/15/2015: Sixty new technologies aim to cut convoys to forward operating bases •
05/13/2015: President nominates Forces Command chief to lead Army
05/08/2015: WWII veterans mark 70th anniversary of VE Day
05/07/2015: Noncommissioned officers want more clearly defined role in mission command
05/05/2015: Soldiers take tough stance on physical fitness test failures
05/04/2015: Non-commissioned officers advise care for key assignments •
05/01/2015: iSoldier looks at disaster aid, Army's best sappers
04/21/2015: RDECOM program puts Army scientists shoulder-to-shoulder with Soldiers •
04/15/2015: Army plans intelligence system to be lighter weight, easier to use
04/09/2015: Reliable Tempo draws down 13-year combat footprint in Afghanistan
04/08/2015: 'Team of Teams' draws down Afghan bases, equipment
04/07/2015: Center shows glimpse of next-generation synthetic training •
04/06/2015: Army lists top 12 items in fiscal year 2016 budget request
04/03/2015: Army accepts 100th Apache 'Echo' model
04/02/2015: Odierno: Army Operating Concept can help Army face fiscal challenges
04/02/2015: Army to revise tattoo policy
03/31/2015: Lundy: Gold-plated gear not always best value for Army •
03/30/2015: Vice chief kicks off 'Quad A' by recognizing innovators •
03/29/2015: Army Knowledge Online email goes offline this week
03/27/2015: Laser-based aircraft countermeasure provides 'unlimited rounds' against MANPADS
03/26/2015: Dailey: Individual Soldiers can raise unit readiness, rather than detract from it
03/25/2015: Dailey to bring Soldiers to Washington to 'own' SHARP problem, solution
03/19/2015: Armed Aerial Scout still valid requirement, Army says
03/17/2015: McHugh: Budget cuts would mean 'dark and dangerous' future
02/27/2015: Iraqi Security Forces must lead on defeat of ISIL in Mosul
02/18/2015: New devices may soon help Soldiers nose out chemicals, bio threats •
02/13/2015: Exercise leaves imprint on Soldiers, Pacific region
02/11/2015: Civil works projects mean American jobs, Army leader says
02/08/2015: Exposure to success positively influences youth, Army leader says •
02/08/2015: Annual event honors military's African-American leaders
02/08/2015: Army surgeon recognized as top performer at 2015 BEYA conference
02/02/2015: Army's fiscal 2016 budget to help close gap for leader development training •
01/30/2015: Dailey assumes role as 15th sergeant major of Army •
01/30/2015: Dailey shares ideas about leadership development, fitness, women in combat arms •
01/28/2015: Coastal risk: Corps of Engineers releases planning guide for future storms, flooding
01/23/2015: THAAD schoolhouse opens at Fort Sill
01/22/2015: Army honors Chandler for helping overcome challenges
01/16/2015: First women to attend Ranger Course
01/09/2015: Army developing higher voltage batteries that don't corrode •
01/08/2015: Army to further consolidate footprint in Europe
12/17/2014: Army to launch cruise missile-detecting aerostat at Aberdeen Proving Ground •
12/12/2014: Soldier uniforms may one day detect, neutralize biological threats •
12/08/2014: ARDEC's airburst round to begin evaluation this summer
12/05/2014: Another 100,000 troops on road to civilian employment
11/20/2014: Army in final steps of defining service 'ethic'
11/14/2014: Industry mentorships could help Soldiers transition after Army •
11/05/2014: Generations of family proud of Civil War hero
10/17/2014: Speed of innovation key in Army Operating Concept
10/15/2014: U.S., Korean reps lay wreath at war memorial •
10/14/2014: Better gear under evaluation for both winter, tropical climates
10/13/2014: Army to get fourth 'Double V Hull' Stryker brigade with enhancements
09/11/2014: Unique PT commemorates 9/11 events •
08/06/2014: Soldiers to get new camo uniform beginning next summer
07/01/2014: 94th Infantry Division vets reunite to remember World War II •
06/25/2014: Official: Initial Bergdahl Investigation Was Inconclusive
06/22/2014: Army celebrates 239 years of history at 2014 Army Birthday Ball •
05/26/2014: Tens of thousands draw attention to POWs, MIAs as part of Rolling Thunder XXVII •
05/21/2014: Transportation Chief: Atrophied deployment skills must be bolstered
05/12/2014: Sony's 'Play Station' division signs up with Army in PaYS partnership
05/01/2014: 'Soldier for Life' website to be new online home for retirees
04/03/2014: Latest 'Virtual Battle Space' release adds realism to scenarios, avatars
03/14/2014: Army on budget, on schedule with hypersonic missile program
02/25/2014: Joint IED defeat capability to endure, at smaller size
02/21/2014: During 'Military Saves Week,' Army reminds Soldiers of year-round financial education •
02/11/2014: Small groups key element of better SHARP training
02/09/2014: Vice chief honors black engineers at 2014 BEYA conference •
02/05/2014: Army adjusts retention control points for junior enlisted •
02/03/2014: McHugh: Signals indicate culture changing on sexual assault, leaders must embrace trust
01/27/2014: In April, Army to open 33,000 positions to women Soldiers
01/23/2014: Women leaders serve as role models, whether they realize it or not •
01/17/2014: Aviation chief: stretch limited flying hours with 'week-long flight'
01/16/2014: Recruiting force remains unchanged, despite shrinking goals
01/14/2014: Safety top priority on chem-demil ship, officials say •
01/03/2014: Army team to destroy Syrian chemical weapons afloat •
12/15/2013: Thousands lay wreaths at Arlington gravesites •
12/12/2013: Thousands of officers to face boards for early separation •
12/06/2013: New first aid kit includes eye protection, strap cutter •
12/05/2013: 'Make-a-thon' to design tactical vehicle via online collaboration
12/03/2013: Points change for Soldiers seeking NCO status •
11/27/2013: Army's Ultra Light Vehicle now in survivability testing
11/25/2013: Administrative leave authorized for Soldiers seeking same-sex marriages
11/25/2013: Peacekeeping Institute paying increasing dividends after 20 years
11/21/2013: Senior leaders review Unified Quest 'deep future'
11/12/2013: Odierno: Sequestration would make even 1 major operation difficult
11/01/2013: Sexual assault victims now entitled to their own lawyer
10/31/2013: Officer credits hospital team, Army family with saving daughter's life •
10/28/2013: Despite budget crunch, JLTV purchase plans remain unchanged
10/23/2013: Odierno: Those who doubt relevance of ground forces naïve •
10/22/2013: Army Undersecretary: Furloughs disservice to Army civilians
10/22/2013: Westphal: Small businesses critical to readiness of Army
10/21/2013: SecArmy McHugh: Budget cuts affecting readiness
10/18/2013: Army 'can't afford' not to have Rapid Equipping Force, leader says •
10/16/2013: Army's special victims prosecutors bring enhanced expertise to courtroom
10/10/2013: Army live-stream of AUSA exposition to allow viewer participation
09/26/2013: Sunday to honor Gold Star Mothers
09/20/2013: Futures wargame prepares Army for 2030
09/19/2013: Life-saving ESAPI plate returned to Soldier •
09/18/2013: Rock Island enables 100-percent accountability, quick delivery of war-fighting gear
09/13/2013: Campbell outlines plans to strengthen behavioral health programs •
09/12/2013: Resilience training comes to Pentagon
09/10/2013: SHARP: Soldiers need character in addition to competence •
09/03/2013: Vice chief Campbell: Suicide prevention 365-day-a-year mission •
08/22/2013: New SHARP director says Army must defeat sexual assault to maintain public trust
08/14/2013: STEM grads critical to U.S. military mission
08/09/2013: XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement system may lose 'X' by next August
07/31/2013: In Asia-Pacific, Army policy not one of containment •
07/25/2013: Vice chief addresses current Army challenges •
07/18/2013: 5 named 'Service Members of Year' for 2013 •
07/08/2013: Change to Army Post-9/11 GI Bill transfer policy takes effect Aug. 1
06/25/2013: Brigade combat teams cut at 10 posts will help other BCTs grow •
06/18/2013: Army describes plans for integrating women into combat •
06/17/2013: Individual Carbine competition concludes with no winner
06/03/2013: 1st Armored Division troops aligned with CENTCOM, ready for Eager Lion kick-off
05/31/2013: With drawdown in Afghanistan, Army regional alignments likely to increase
05/27/2013: At Rolling Thunder, veterans, supporters, draw attention to prisoners of war, missing in action •
05/22/2013: WWII vet gets 'Order of the Rising Sun' from Japan's ambassador •
05/17/2013: Interoperability with intelligence community paramount for DCGS-A
05/15/2013: Army supports president's request for 2015 BRAC round
05/13/2013: Next command boards require 'opt in, all in' for eligible officers •
05/13/2013: Army continues to aggressively push sexual assault prevention, response efforts
05/09/2013: Army secretary calls sexual assault 'sickening,' vows continued action
04/30/2013: Kiowa Warrior upgrades alter aircraft profile
04/29/2013: Budget cuts mean Army must consider where it will buy weapons
04/23/2013: Army says no-go on extended tours for Soldiers in Afghanistan
04/18/2013: Budget cuts will affect readiness, Army leader says
04/15/2013: Refined precision-guided parachutes may be cure-all for overburdened Soldier
04/10/2013: In 2014, Soldiers get 1 percent raise, 3.9 percent increase in BAH •
04/05/2013: Selective Early Retirement Board could affect 1,200 field grade officers •
03/21/2013: New OER means fewer boxes, more accountability for raters
03/13/2013: Army's 'Ready and Resilient Campaign' kicks off
03/13/2013: Furloughs to affect Army's behavioral health care
03/11/2013: Military culinary arts competition heats up at Fort Lee •
03/06/2013: Army studies range from virtual marksmanship to waste water reuse
02/27/2013: Billion-dollar cuts may lead to boarded windows, Soldiers as groundskeepers
02/26/2013: 'Military Saves Week' challenges families to set goals •
02/22/2013: Sequestration may affect reset from Afghanistan
02/21/2013: Foreign military sales growth area for Army
02/20/2013: AUSA kicks off last winter symposium in Florida •
02/20/2013: Army must shift focus from execution to preparation •
02/15/2013: Sequestration could mean delayed redeployment for Soldiers in Afghanistan •
02/13/2013: Sequestration could mean training reduction for 80 percent of ground forces
02/12/2013: Romesha inducted into Pentagon Hall of Heroes
02/11/2013: President awards Medal of Honor to hero of COP Keating •
02/05/2013: Divisions will get 9 Gray Eagles to train, but deploy with 12
02/01/2013: Double-arm transplant helps Soldier who lost limbs in Iraq
02/01/2013: Army must complete analysis before opening jobs to women
01/22/2013: Concert for military kids kicks off inaugural weekend •
01/17/2013: Army freezes hiring, cuts base ops, reduces training •
01/15/2013: Military plays security support role for inauguration •
01/11/2013: Viability of industrial base concern for Army aviation
01/10/2013: LEAP award winners lauded at Pentagon ceremony
01/09/2013: Increase in Social Security withholding will little affect Soldier pay •
01/04/2013: Defense Authorization Act boosts pay, requires special training
12/28/2012: Schwarzkopf, architect of Operation Desert Storm, dies at 78
12/13/2012: Troops at MAPEX prepare to support inauguration •
12/11/2012: Commander's 'dashboard' will highlight high-risk behavior in Soldiers
12/07/2012: 'Fiscal Cliff' would challenge Army to maintain readiness •
12/07/2012: Cadets raise spirits in Pentagon for Army-Navy game •
12/06/2012: Army evaluates plan to synchronize readiness, resilience programs •
12/04/2012: African nations can, must do for themselves -- with U.S. support •
11/28/2012: Military families meet with first lady at White House •
11/21/2012: Army wins Warrior Care Month sitting volleyball tournament •
11/20/2012: Soldiers at NIE run network equipment through life-like combat scenarios •
11/20/2012: Portrait of 37th chief of staff unveiled at Pentagon
11/15/2012: 'Spirit of Hope' awardees find unique ways to thank troops
11/14/2012: At JRTC, Army training for DATE with hybrid threats •
10/25/2012: Melting Arctic ice will present new challenges
10/23/2012: Army will prepare for future with regionally aligned forces
10/22/2012: Army will do its job with less, secretary says
10/20/2012: JRTC rotation demonstrates force of future •
10/12/2012: 'Capital Shield' tests Army's first responders in nation's capital •
10/04/2012: Soldiers get 20 days to vote on new PT uniform
10/01/2012: Army tightens fitness standards for students entering professional military education
09/14/2012: Navy Paralympian proud to be back in uniform representing America
09/13/2012: Army, NFL report to Congress on brain-injury initiatives
09/11/2012: On 9/11, Soldiers in Afghanistan reminded Army takes care of its own •
09/07/2012: Academy women's volleyball teams compete at Pentagon
08/28/2012: Army gold medalist Hancock to visit White House with U.S. Olympic team
08/20/2012: Exercise confirms U.S. homeland defense capability
08/17/2012: Inputs into Army exercises increase command awareness of cyber threat •
08/15/2012: First female four-star general retires from Army •
07/27/2012: 'Pockets of excellence' across Army, but work still needs to be done on health of force •
07/27/2012: Muslim service members, DOD personnel, celebrate Iftar dinner at Pentagon •
07/23/2012: DOD to mark anniversary of Korean War armistice
07/18/2012: Odierno meets with, addresses Pacific-region army leaders
07/11/2012: Army to discontinue NASCAR sponsorship
07/02/2012: Army radar to allow UAS to fly in National Air Space
06/29/2012: New tactical network set to begin fielding in the fall •
06/27/2012: In short term, Gray Eagle trades reliability for capability
06/22/2012: Dagger Brigade to 'align' with AFRICOM in 2013
06/18/2012: Army birthday ball a celebration of Soldiers, history •
06/15/2012: Army chief celebrates service's 237th birthday in 'Big Apple'
06/14/2012: McHugh: Army birthday about recognizing Soldier service, saying thanks •
06/11/2012: Hiring event goes virtual to reach more veterans
06/08/2012: Army expands early separation program for non-deployers
06/07/2012: On anniversary of D-Day invasion, Army recognizes WWII vets in Nation's Capital
05/31/2012: Army employees recognized for work with civilian work force •
05/29/2012: Rolling Thunder gathers for 25th ride at Pentagon •
05/23/2012: Reserve components need equipment to keep Soldiers engaged, onboard
05/22/2012: Fisher House opens new site for families of wounded •
05/18/2012: Soldiers school public about Army during 2012 JSOH •
05/17/2012: Odierno: Sequestration could lead to hollow Army •
05/17/2012: Sabo inducted into Pentagon Hall of Heroes •
05/16/2012: President presents Medal of Honor to Vietnam hero's widow •
05/10/2012: Austin: Army takes advantage of training opportunities with reduced OPTEMPO
05/10/2012: General Lloyd Austin: with reduced OPTEMPO, Army takes advantage of increased training opportunities
05/09/2012: Odierno: Soldiers must take action to prevent sexual assault •
05/09/2012: Microemulsion could allow vaccines to be stockpiled long-term
05/02/2012: WTU Soldiers say competition helps heal at Warrior Games
05/01/2012: Army asks for armed aerial scout demonstration
04/25/2012: Foreign military sales make partnerships strong, keep production lines hot
04/24/2012: Secretary of Army recognizes innovation •
04/20/2012: White House honors 'Champion of Change' for Afghanistan energy-saving •
04/17/2012: Afghanistan ambassador invites U.S. Soldier to embassy •
04/16/2012: MRAP has future in Army with clearance, prepositioning
04/11/2012: New fixed-wing aircraft will replace C-12s
04/10/2012: Future vertical lift aircraft to be faster, have smaller logistics footprint
04/05/2012: Lakota fleet more than 200 strong approaching 100K flight hours •
04/03/2012: Air Soldier System to improve upon Air Warrior, weigh less •
04/02/2012: Aviation conference opens with 'sunrise' on Army aviation
03/30/2012: Pakistan route critical to reset, retrograde in Afghanistan
03/30/2012: Army aims to grow more resilience trainers on its own
03/28/2012: Leadership experience is available in garrison too
03/22/2012: Army focus on post-traumatic stress disorder shifts toward prevention •
03/22/2012: Hero 2 Hired website aims to transform heroes to hired civilians
03/21/2012: Brain injuries don't end with Afghan drawdown •
03/14/2012: Hall of Fame inducts women Vietnam vets
03/14/2012: Warrior Transition Command recognizes women's education, empowerment
03/12/2012: More than 280 service members offered third opinion on psych evals
03/08/2012: New Army focus on Pacific doesn't mean abandoning Middle East
03/07/2012: Chefs bring elegance, teamwork to Army's largest culinary competition •
03/02/2012: Shrinking construction budget supports key projects
03/02/2012: Army to field more 'double-V hull' Strykers
02/29/2012: Assistant Secretary reflects on Women's History Month
02/28/2012: Fort Lauderdale high schoolers demo robot at AUSA expo •
02/28/2012: Industry ready now for Joint Light Tactical Vehicle
02/24/2012: Regional unit alignments could match brigades with combatant commanders •
02/22/2012: 'Kevlar underpants' protect pelvic region
02/22/2012: Budget will play prominent role in AUSA discussions •
02/22/2012: 'Top line' Army messages featured on new display at AUSA •
02/14/2012: Army rolls out 2013 budget request
02/12/2012: New Soldiering roles for women ensure best use of talent •
02/02/2012: Army reduced 'energy intensity' by 4 percent last year
01/31/2012: Reserve Soldiers 'more relevant' than ever •
01/27/2012: Odierno: Force reductions will be responsible, controlled •
01/25/2012: Odierno: Army seeks increased partnerships in Asia
01/23/2012: Net Zero means 'more fuel for the fight'
01/20/2012: Installations making progress toward 'Net Zero' by 2020
01/18/2012: Net Zero conference begins in Chicago •
01/13/2012: Army one step closer to replacement of ACU pattern
01/13/2012: Aging Kiowa, vertical unmanned aerial systems among aviation challenges •
01/06/2012: Reserve website offers 600,000 jobs to veterans
12/14/2011: No excuses now for officers not to apply for fellowships, scholarships •
12/10/2011: Thousands lay wreaths at nation's cemetery •
12/09/2011: Soldier earns German medal for saving ally's life •
12/07/2011: Force cuts may mean new job for some Soldiers
12/06/2011: Reserve looks to preserve Army investment in personnel
12/01/2011: Man's best friend helps him deal with PTSD •
12/01/2011: Partners for peace - Civil Capacity projects help improve prosperity in Iraq
12/01/2011: Responsible transition: coordinated efforts ensure successful transfer of property, facilities
12/01/2011: Security: Iraqis stand ready to defend their own
12/01/2011: Tributes to the fallen come home
12/01/2011: The office of security cooperation maintaining a presence in Iraq once soldiers go home
11/30/2011: Army recognizes benefactors who support Soldiers
11/29/2011: 'Master black belt' cited for leaning medical retention boards •
11/29/2011: LEAP award winners lauded at Pentagon ceremony •
11/23/2011: Deadlines to mail Christmas packages approaching
11/17/2011: EOD techs show Congress bomb disposal tools •
11/16/2011: 'Open season' begins for federal employee health care •
11/10/2011: JIEDDO working to reverse trend for larger IEDs in Afghanistan
11/09/2011: McHugh says Guard remedy for military, civilian divide
11/04/2011: Army summit attracts potential energy investors
11/02/2011: Award-winning female aviator says challenges same for men as women •
11/02/2011: Japanese-American vets earn nation's highest civilian honor •
11/02/2011: 40 Bronze Stars awarded to Japanese-American vets •
11/01/2011: 100th Infantry: Cane fields to Congressional Gold Medal
10/27/2011: Army testifies to Congress on acquisition, technology
10/21/2011: Online language training now earns promotion points
10/19/2011: REF striving to save energy, lives on battlefield •
10/13/2011: Army civilian workforce development on track
10/12/2011: Army must prepare to 'do less with less'
10/11/2011: More companies to help military spouses find jobs
10/10/2011: Army bracing for more budget cuts, AUSA audience told •
10/07/2011: Army marketing campaign to inoculate force against prescription drug abuse
10/06/2011: Army ready to face budget challenges
09/26/2011: Prescription abuse down, but challenges face wounded warriors •
09/23/2011: IG tells Congress Arlington Cemetery issues corrected
09/22/2011: Exercise integrates manned, unmanned aircraft
09/20/2011: Army seeks $7.1 billion in energy-related industry investment
09/18/2011: Box check returns to company-grade OERs
09/09/2011: 40 ribbons placed in memory at Pentagon Memorial •
09/09/2011: Soldiers top priority for new CSA
09/07/2011: New Army chief of staff warns of challenges
09/07/2011: Dempsey to move on as chairman of Joint Chiefs
08/24/2011: Responders remember 9/11 at Pentagon
08/19/2011: Suicide awareness video aimed at first-line supervisors
08/15/2011: Secretary of Army announces transformation commission
08/12/2011: Free books for active duty under G.I. Bill changes
08/11/2011: New task force to focus on renewable energy
08/04/2011: Soldiers transfer materiel in Iraq drawdown
07/27/2011: ASAP, Army to fill 130 substance abuse counselor positions •
07/22/2011: Army to implement 63 Decker-Wagner acquisition recommendations
07/08/2011: Prosthesis helps Medal of Honor hero stay with Rangers •
06/24/2011: After 61 years, Korean democracy remains strong •
06/22/2011: SMA: Expect sew-on skill badges in 10 weeks
06/15/2011: Army thanks Congress for 236 years of support •
06/11/2011: ACU changes make Velcro optional, patrol cap default headgear •
06/06/2011: Soldier on leave foils bank robbery in Florida
05/25/2011: 'Freedom Award' goes to resilient Ranger •
05/22/2011: Soldiers showcase combat equipment at Andrews JSOH •
05/19/2011: Army tells senators: FY12 to feature squad analysis
05/19/2011: Study focuses on mental health of force in Afghanistan
05/13/2011: Army looking at blood test for concussions
05/06/2011: 'Green bullet' as effective as M855 round -- consistently •
05/05/2011: Pace Award winners help Army save millions of dollars
05/03/2011: Korean War MOH recipients inducted into Hall of Heroes
04/27/2011: Army names top recruiters, career counselors for 2011 •
04/22/2011: Stateside Lakota deliveries let Black Hawks go to theater •
04/20/2011: Students demo new learning technology at Quad-A •
04/19/2011: Aviators set 'aim point' for future vertical-lift aircraft •
04/01/2011: SMA says retention-control points to shape force •
03/31/2011: Casey says Army must focus on versatility
03/28/2011: Promotion-point calculations changing for sergeants
03/25/2011: 1st Cavalry prepping for Afghanistan with partners
03/22/2011: 'Spice' now illegal
03/18/2011: Heavy body armor result of over-engineering
03/17/2011: Army tells Congress Iraq on track to transition by year's end •
03/15/2011: America pays final respects to last WWI veteran •
03/14/2011: Captain cares for pets left behind in Egypt
03/11/2011: Army conducting 'full-court press' to reduce weight Soldiers carry
03/11/2011: Senior leadership development opportunities open for Army civilians
03/08/2011: Military chefs soup up skills at culinary competition •
03/03/2011: Dempsey pledges as CSA to serve Soldiers every day •
03/02/2011: Army to Congress: FY 12 budget to sustain balance
03/01/2011: Isolation develops keen sense of community on Kwajalein •
03/01/2011: Digging for history in the Kwajalein Atoll •
03/01/2011: Kwajalein's has good neighbor policy •
03/01/2011: Preston retires after record SMA stint
03/01/2011: Up, up and away! Weather forecast critical to missile launch •
03/01/2011: Kwajalein boasts a nurturing academic environment for students •
03/01/2011: Logistics of remote-island service •
03/01/2011: Island paradise for missile defense •
02/24/2011: Federal agencies learn benefits of hiring wounded veterans
02/23/2011: First cdr says AFRICOM helping build partnerships
02/18/2011: Brain experts meet to further Soldier head protection
02/15/2011: Army requests $29.5 billion less than last year •
02/11/2011: GAT results to soon include fitness score
02/08/2011: Army wants 36 more 'Punisher' weapons in 2012
02/07/2011: Academy commandant to be next SMA
02/04/2011: Enhanced Combat Helmet to be fielded in fall
02/04/2011: Nett Warrior looking at plate-shaped batteries
02/01/2011: Army foundation unveils commemorative coins •
02/01/2011: Efficiencies mean extra money to upgrade Army critical equipment
01/30/2011: Tactical vehicle strategy includes fleet reduction
01/27/2011: MOH recipient Giunta honored by fellow Iowans on Hill •
01/21/2011: Number of Soldiers taking GAT approaches million
01/14/2011: Chinook fielding may ease governors' concerns
01/11/2011: Biden says coalition entering new phase in Afghanistan
01/11/2011: Body armor safe, despite procurement shortcuts
12/10/2010: West Point cadets drum up support in Pentagon •
12/07/2010: Senate resolution brings recognition to Gold Star Wives
12/04/2010: Casey: DADT repeal okay, but not now
12/02/2010: Army issues RFP for Ground Combat Vehicle
12/01/2010: OPSEC slips can slay Soldiers, says SMA
11/29/2010: Army barges water to Marshallese in Kwajalein
11/15/2010: Ambassador addresses veterans, challenges of Marshall Islands •
11/10/2010: Fort Hood report outlines ways for Army to improve security response
11/04/2010: Non-deployable rate could reach 16 percent by 2012
11/02/2010: Army striving for 'net-zero' energy use •
11/01/2010: Army sizing up its industrial base •
10/27/2010: Army will see more of same for years, CSA says •
10/25/2010: Army leaders at AUSA promise not to cut family programs •
10/21/2010: Disability Awareness: New technology helping deaf employees
10/16/2010: LEAP award winners lauded at Pentagon ceremony
10/16/2010: Upgrade kits for M4 come in 2011
10/13/2010: Army again beats yearly recruiting numbers, quality •
10/13/2010: Saving energy saves lives says new Army exec
10/04/2010: GCV must be safe, affordable, full-spectrum capable
09/24/2010: Building work force top challenge for Cyber Command
09/22/2010: Former POW now leading advocate for resilience training •
09/19/2010: Pilferage, transportation among challenges in Afghanistan
09/08/2010: Pentagon memorial draws visitors day, night, year-round •
08/31/2010: Army eyes industry for energy efficiency alliances •
08/13/2010: Army rescues 3,000 flood victims, delivers tons of supplies in Pakistan
08/12/2010: New uniform for OEF protects Soldiers, hides them better
08/09/2010: 'Sergeant Firewall' promotes information assurance at LandWarNet •
08/06/2010: Chiarelli: Enemy acquiring technology faster
08/04/2010: 'Apps for Army' to shape future software acquisition
08/03/2010: Building out network top priority for Army •
08/03/2010: LandWarNet opens with 4 keys to Internet security •
07/30/2010: Army releases report on suicide, high-risk behavior
07/29/2010: Soldiers mentor Scouts at 2010 National Scouts Jamboree •
07/25/2010: Aggressive treatment of pain prevents future complications
07/24/2010: Army opens resilience evaluation to DA civilians
07/13/2010: Mobile training team aims to bring resilience to Soldiers •
07/08/2010: Fort Bliss moving toward 'net-zero' energy compliance
07/06/2010: Vice chief asks Soldiers to participate in Army STARRS
06/30/2010: McHugh addresses graves, management, at Arlington National Cemetery
06/25/2010: Veterans recall smells, cold of Korean War
06/17/2010: Five Soldiers charged in murders of Afghans
06/15/2010: Nett Warrior to connect Soldiers to each other, leaders
06/14/2010: McHugh: Focus must shift to 'generating force' •
06/10/2010: IG reports prompt management changes at Arlington National Cemetery •
06/05/2010: Chaplain remembers Tiananmen Square on anniversary
06/04/2010: Army seeks balance with rapid acquisition
06/02/2010: Cyber command to unite network defense efforts •
06/01/2010: Army implements strategic plan to improve safety
05/27/2010: Army hits 1 million flight hours with unmanned aircraft •
05/19/2010: Army issues instructions for painting M16s, M4s •
05/15/2010: Joint service open house visitors get up-close with Army •
05/13/2010: Soldiers invited to tell their unvarnished stories
05/07/2010: XM25 lets Soldiers eliminate targets they can't see •
05/03/2010: Soldier aiming for gold at Warrior Games
05/01/2010: Army's last draftee serves four decades
04/27/2010: Surgeon general: Nothing to hide at WTUs
04/23/2010: Network kits, vehicles prepare for limited-user test •
04/23/2010: Servicemembers become U.S. citizens at White House •
04/18/2010: M-ATVs to replace Humvees in Afghanistan, vice says
04/16/2010: G-8: Little risk in proceeding with technology
04/05/2010: More than third of equipment now out of Iraq
03/31/2010: Record keeping may be responsible for prescription spike
03/31/2010: Reserve working to balance end strength, skill sets
03/25/2010: Army to stem overuse of prescription drugs, Congress told •
03/18/2010: New language-training detachments preparing Soldiers for Afghanistan
03/17/2010: Army to reach 1:2 dwell in 2011, vice says
03/12/2010: Congress hears Army won't field ineffective gear
03/05/2010: Army approaches million unmanned flying hours
03/03/2010: Sniper rifle improvements to see testing this spring •
03/02/2010: Army solicits proposals for new combat vehicle
02/26/2010: Army to balance Iraq drawdown, reset for least impact on Soldiers
02/25/2010: $1.9 billion in research to focus on protecting Soldiers
02/20/2010: Ban on USB devices in Army remains -- for now
02/20/2010: Soldiers to get new cammo pattern for wear in Afghanistan
02/05/2010: QDR reveals Army on target for energy security
02/02/2010: FY11 budget includes $400 million for re-enlistment bonuses
01/29/2010: Surgeon general: Improving medevac times requires balancing act
01/28/2010: Soldiers attend State of Union address
01/22/2010: Army invites 14,000 IRR Soldiers to readiness musters in 2010
01/15/2010: Army programs battle increase in suicides
01/14/2010: New law means spouse can claim same home state as servicemember •
01/12/2010: Army iPhone download among top 25 free news apps •
01/11/2010: More unmanned aircraft needed at company level
01/08/2010: Special Operations aviation eyes faster transport
01/06/2010: Army seeks additional CAB to reach dwell goal
12/30/2009: Wounded veterans real winners at D.C. bowl game •
12/19/2009: Recognizing problem biggest step toward fixing suicides
12/18/2009: Veterans get international thanks for service at Bulge •
12/15/2009: Volunteers lay 15,000 wreaths at Arlington Cemetery •
12/14/2009: Wreaths at Pentagon Memorial may begin new tradition •
12/04/2009: Last U.S. WWI vet fights for national memorial •
12/04/2009: New to deliver headlines readers want
12/03/2009: Afghanistan surge won't change plans to up dwell time
11/25/2009: Pilot program allows officers to switch career track
11/23/2009: HooahMail means speedy delivery of letters to Afghanistan
11/19/2009: Female servicemembers to get unique care package •
11/18/2009: Suicide numbers may top 2008, but progress being made
11/16/2009: Soldiers learning to 'bounce back' in Philly •
11/10/2009: President says nation will always remember Fort Hood casualties
11/07/2009: McHugh, Casey, entire Army family stand with Fort Hood after unthinkable tragedy
11/04/2009: Adjutant general says every absentee vote counts
11/03/2009: Army officially welcomes new secretary
11/02/2009: Westphal: leader among public servants
10/29/2009: G-8: Army must show taxpayers value, especially in recession
10/23/2009: Soldiers affect brigade modernization •
10/22/2009: Army librarian honored as best in federal government
10/16/2009: Army says body armor safe, despite GAO report
10/16/2009: Agreement signed at Fort Irwin to create solar power
10/14/2009: Army meets recruiting goals for quantity, quality
10/13/2009: AKO 'Go Mobile' to give users virtual desktop in backpack
10/13/2009: Newly trained counter-IED teams deploy to Afghanistan
10/06/2009: CSA says Army will balance mission, troops for Afghanistan •
10/05/2009: McHugh: 'Failure is not an option'
10/01/2009: Fighting floods, drugs in Central, South America
10/01/2009: Soldiers bring care to people in need •
10/01/2009: Hiking for the people •
09/30/2009: Soldiers telling PTSD stories will decrease treatment stigma
09/28/2009: Army honors Gold Star Mothers at Pentagon
09/24/2009: Vaccine shows promise in preventing HIV
09/22/2009: FEMA: Best emergency response is preparation
09/21/2009: Ten best technologies recognized by Army
09/17/2009: New cammo pattern may blend in better in Afghanistan
09/16/2009: Iraqi generals say their soldiers ready, well-trained
09/10/2009: Pentagon civilians reflect on 9/11 at year-old memorial •
09/03/2009: Army expects H1N1 vaccine in October
08/26/2009: On Capitol Hill, female Soldiers discuss equality
08/25/2009: Army aims to stop flow of paper money to Iraq, Afghanistan
08/20/2009: Pilot program allows Soldier self-referral for alcohol treatment •
08/19/2009: Soldiers learn to impart mental toughness on others
08/11/2009: BOSS marks 20 years with new logo at conference
08/07/2009: Soldiers can find a sympathetic ear online, through TRIAP
08/07/2009: Army on track to power Fort Irwin with sunshine
08/05/2009: For first time, medical recruiter named best •
07/31/2009: Vice says mental health more than stopping suicides
07/27/2009: Transition program rolls out welcome mat for wounded Soldiers
07/24/2009: Evaluation task force will continue beyond FCS cancellation
07/23/2009: Vice chief pleased with insights toward new combat vehicle
07/22/2009: New campaign streamers available now for unit flags
07/17/2009: Chief tells outgoing secretary, 'you are one of us' •
07/17/2009: Outgoing secretary lauds Soldiers, families, NCOs •
07/16/2009: 'Beans, bullets and BTUs' define Army energy security
07/10/2009: Craddock: NATO must find better ways for nations to participate •
07/02/2009: Army 'deadly serious' about replacement ground vehicle
07/01/2009: Army limits re-enlistment options for rest of fiscal year
06/23/2009: Rules spelled out for G.I. Bill transferability
06/23/2009: Army's increased emphasis on safety has reduced accidental deaths since 2005
06/18/2009: Soldiers can find housing online
06/17/2009: Army taking first steps to replace cancelled manned ground vehicle
06/16/2009: PEO Soldier showcases gear at Pentagon •
06/12/2009: Army, U.K. forces successful in future network interoperability testing
06/12/2009: Web standards order opens some social networking sites in CONUS
06/11/2009: Wounded warrior graduates warrant officer school
06/03/2009: Humvee still made in America
05/21/2009: 'Real Warriors' takes aim at mental health stigma
05/20/2009: Army wants to be good neighbors in Colorado
05/18/2009: Chief discusses plan to increase dwell time •
05/15/2009: ROTC cadets become Army officers at Georgetown ceremony •
05/12/2009: Army budget considers Soldiers, families, training
05/07/2009: Members of Congress affected by experience as military spouses
05/05/2009: DoD undersecretary: Army may be asked to prevent war •
05/01/2009: Walter Reed marks one century of Soldier care •
04/30/2009: Land gift to university means opportunity for Fort Hood families •
04/29/2009: Event challenges Soldiers to get finances in order •
04/28/2009: Surgeon general: No cause for alarm with swine flu •
04/27/2009: Kids encouraged to participate in disaster preparedness
04/23/2009: ‘Mobile USO’ will allow group to better serve Soldiers •
04/08/2009: Congressional staffers, Soldiers mingle on firing range •
04/06/2009: Army aims to reduce greenhouse gases, 'carbon bootprint'
04/02/2009: 'Military Saves' encourages Soldiers to build nest egg •
03/31/2009: A penny saved is a lesson learned •
03/30/2009: Military, civilian partnerships needed for stability •
03/24/2009: Multi-service winners honored at Woman's History Month event •
03/23/2009: Soldiers may better handle trauma with resilience training
03/19/2009: USFK commander tells senators tours in Korea to be ‘normalized’ •
03/18/2009: Stop-Loss stops in January, Army leaders say
03/16/2009: GAO report mischaracterizes Army efforts on FCS
03/16/2009: Army cooks aim for speed, flavor, skill in culinary competition •
03/13/2009: New task force to focus on protective gear
03/10/2009: Immersive technology melds Hollywood, warrior training
03/06/2009: First female 4-star credits diversity for strength of Army •
03/03/2009: Vice chief: Army pushing power to lowest level •
02/27/2009: Next war will begin in cyberspace, experts predict
02/26/2009: Dual focus of Army scientists yields spinouts
02/24/2009: AER helps Soldiers with interest-free loans, grants -- rates among top charities for efficiency
02/23/2009: Army seeks language, medical skills from non-citizens
02/18/2009: Loss of units in Europe would affect 'partnership capacity'
02/13/2009: NCO throws bank robber for loop in Texas
02/12/2009: Post-9/11 G.I. Bill could mean cost-free college for Soldiers, families
02/11/2009: Diversity panel meets on Capitol Hill •
02/09/2009: Female flag officers honor first woman four-star •
02/05/2009: Soldier testifies to Congress on body armor •
02/02/2009: Army pulls body armor, despite assertion of safety
01/30/2009: Army to look at providing more space for Soldiers' gear •
01/29/2009: Army addresses rising suicide rate, highest in four years
01/27/2009: Army striving to decrease sexual assault, increase reporting
01/26/2009: Army testing cannon for FCS Mounted Combat System
01/21/2009: Servicemembers have ball at inaugural event •
01/16/2009: Army prepared for inaugural contingencies •
01/13/2009: Former CJCS portrait unveiled at Pentagon •
01/13/2009: Army receives first six NEVs •
01/12/2009: gets facelift in new year
12/30/2008: Soldiers, civilians get pay increase in new year •
12/19/2008: More Soldiers now eligible for TSGLI
12/17/2008: Language, cultural learning important to Army mission
12/16/2008: Solar power helping light streets of Iraq
12/15/2008: Thousands lay wreaths across America •
12/09/2008: Language program gives Soldiers head start on deployment
11/26/2008: Armed Forces Inaugural Committee: Servicemembers to help usher in new president •
11/25/2008: Army science conference to focus on 'disruptive technology'
11/21/2008: Policy change allows experienced Soldiers to serve longer
11/19/2008: Login changes to bolster AKO security
11/17/2008: New EW career field to 'blind enemy' with science
11/14/2008: Outgoing general: FCS success credit to evaluators
11/13/2008: Army looks to new technology for possible follow-on to M-4
11/07/2008: Warrior Care: Survivability begins with Soldier •
11/04/2008: New Army office focuses on energy diversity, security
11/01/2008: Star Wars training for downrange action! •
11/01/2008: Grafenwoehr shoot house: Like an action movie set •
11/01/2008: Soldiers get in the game with DISE
11/01/2008: Digital University: Training without sweating •
10/29/2008: Army awards development contracts for JLTV
10/24/2008: NIMH to study factors that cause suicide •
10/22/2008: Language company first in Army
10/17/2008: New AFRICOM faces challenges, says Army analyst
10/15/2008: Soldiers using FCS systems responsible for increased funding •
10/14/2008: Army Material Command garners six awards for process improvement •
10/09/2008: Army a mighty engine says former secretary of state •
10/08/2008: Chief says NCO corps glue holding Army together •
10/06/2008: Two Reserve component Soldiers named Army's best warriors •
10/06/2008: Army Secretary announces 'Year of NCO' at AUSA meeting
10/03/2008: Soldiers compete to be named best at warrior competition •
10/01/2008: Soldiers learn lessons in transition at H-3 conference •
09/23/2008: Final housing privatization partners chosen •
09/16/2008: Two Army libraries named best in federal government •
09/12/2008: G-1, Pentagon employees remember 9/11 fallen •
09/10/2008: Pentagon employee recounts experience in wake of terrorist attack
09/08/2008: Army celebrates century of military aviation •
09/05/2008: Army discusses 25 years of progress with families •
09/02/2008: Army school helps recruits meet requirement for enlistment
08/21/2008: Army releases message announcing new service uniform
07/31/2008: Sexual assault prevention policy to focus on changing social norms
07/24/2008: JTF-East training rotating from Romania to Bulgaria •
07/17/2008: Training tool deploying for first time in August •
07/03/2008: Transition team experience makes officers competitive for promotion
07/02/2008: DOD sets joint standards for enlistee waivers
07/01/2008: Enlistment marks 35th year of volunteer Army •
06/29/2008: Transformation in Korea
06/29/2008: Soldiers in Korea get full-spectrum training
06/29/2008: Life on the DMZ
06/26/2008: FCS capability accelerated for infantry •
06/26/2008: Iraqi army shows great growth in year
06/18/2008: Minnesota Guard Recruiters Top of Nation
06/13/2008: Tech Demo Part of Army Birthday at Pentagon •
06/12/2008: NLOS-C Unveiled on Capitol Hill •
06/09/2008: Secretary Begins Army Birthday With Myer Youth •
06/04/2008: Army Recognizes 85 Organizations for Logistics Excellence •
06/03/2008: Birthday Book to Help Youth Better Understand Army
05/30/2008: First FCS Manned Vehicle to Make Public Debut
05/22/2008: Chicago-area Entrepreneurs Get Inside Story on Army
05/06/2008: Army Has Not Lowered Soldier Recruiting Standards
05/05/2008: Ladies of Arlington Never Miss Final Salute •
04/30/2008: Problems Corrected at Fort Bragg Dorms
04/23/2008: CSA: Guard, Reserve Serve as Connection Between Army, Society •
04/21/2008: 12-Month Deployments to Reduce Stress, Build Depth
04/11/2008: Soldier Body Armor was Tested, General Says •
04/07/2008: Detainees Treated Fairly Says New Guantanamo Deputy
04/01/2008: Six Honored for Journalistic Excellence at Public Affairs Worldwide •
03/26/2008: Secretary Recognizes Best Recruiters, Career Counselors •
03/25/2008: Center Brings Lessons from Field to Soldiers
03/21/2008: Reserve Centennial Headlines April Soldiers Magazine
03/19/2008: Bush on 5 Years: Removing Saddam Right Decision •
03/07/2008: Army, State Department Partner on Stability Operations
03/06/2008: New Combat Chow Options Previewed at Pentagon •
03/04/2008: PEO Soldier: Modernization at Good Value
02/29/2008: Soldiers More Than Understand Full-Spectrum Operations
02/28/2008: Future Combat Vehicles to be Hybrid Electric •
02/26/2008: Army Acquisition Efforts Contribute to Economic Boom in Iraq
02/25/2008: Stability Operations Now Part of Army’s Core Mission
02/20/2008: Army Realizes Energy Savings with Housing Privatization
02/15/2008: Pushing Men out of Airplanes Kept Him in Army •
02/08/2008: Geren Says Soldiers Moved Heaven and Earth to Repair Army Medicine •
02/06/2008: Army Partners with KU for Wounded Warrior Education •
02/05/2008: 2009 Budget Request Includes Funding for 43,000 End Strength Increase •
02/01/2008: Commission says Guard, Reserves Must Be Backbone of Homeland Ops
01/31/2008: Army Meeting 2008 Recruiting Goals
01/29/2008: Army Testing Privatized Housing for Unaccompanied Soldiers
01/17/2008: Chief Outlines Plan to Get Army Back in Balance
01/17/2008: Army Aims to Better Identify Soldiers with Brain Injuries
01/14/2008: Vice Chief Credits Training for Aviation Record
01/11/2008: Active First Program Helping Army Meet Recruiting Goals •
01/09/2008: Deadline for Freedom Award Nominations Approaching
01/01/2008: Doggone cute
12/21/2007: Pop Artist Sends 'Gift of Music' to Troops
12/20/2007: Army to Get More Stryker NBC Recon Vehicles •
12/17/2007: Evacuated Soldiers Now Get Immediate Combat Injury Pay
12/14/2007: Army Creates New Branch for Logistics Officers
12/12/2007: Walter Reed Commander Promoted to Surgeon General
07/06/2007: BBQ shack serves Team Andrews for nearly 20 years
06/22/2007: Tax season volunteers honored for efforts
06/18/2007: AF aviator recounts participation in rescue operation
06/15/2007: Air Force Band contender for AFA arts award
06/14/2007: 11th CES: Privatization is about choice for Airmen
06/14/2007: Army vet, wife, visit Air Force Memorial •
06/07/2007: RAF veteran, WWII survivor visit Memorial •
06/07/2007: Bolling Barracudas are gearing up for another summer season •
06/07/2007: A sauce for nearly every day of the year •
05/31/2007: Swift’s hot ride turns heads •
05/31/2007: Bolling Airmen experience Asian culture at expo •
05/31/2007: Airmen honored for earning CCAF degrees
05/31/2007: Presidential words etched in stone at Memorial •
05/24/2007: Bud Day biographer signs autographs at library •
05/24/2007: Rolling Thunder XX rides for POW/MIA awareness •
05/24/2007: Korean War Federation member visits Memorial •
05/24/2007: U.S. Postal Service unveils new stamps at air show •
05/17/2007: Bricks, ballet, back hoes at National Building Museum •
05/17/2007: Crime at lowest rate, users be wary on Internet
05/17/2007: Retired colonel, in service for nearly 40 years, makes first visit •
05/10/2007: Metal giant at Hains Point to move down river •
05/10/2007: Air Force, Korea War vet, visits memorial •
05/03/2007: Andrews AFDW to be centerpiece of AFDW
05/03/2007: AFDW honors administrative professionals
05/03/2007: California retirees, vets, visit Memorial •
05/03/2007: AFDW looking for good ideas to bury in ground
05/03/2007: Revealing exhibit in Rosslyn, fascinating, educational •
05/01/2007: Overhaul in the works: Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability gets facelift
04/26/2007: Airmen, civilians honored during AFDW awards •
04/26/2007: Hill murder trial begins at Bolling
04/26/2007: Civil Engineer Squadron hone deployment skills at Eagle Flag •
04/26/2007: Retired Air Force colonels ‘storm’ the Hill, visit Memorial •
04/26/2007: Chili Bowl, Serving D.C. for almost 50 years •
04/19/2007: 11th CE squadron deploys to Eagle Flag
04/19/2007: At the foot of greatness •
04/19/2007: Bolling cancer survivor wants to study sharks to cure others •
04/19/2007: Personal fitness goals, one step at a time
04/16/2007: Changes planned for ISR community
04/12/2007: Airmen may be eligible for tax relief
04/12/2007: CES lieutenant, wife convert old home to ’green house’ •
04/12/2007: Telling their story is their story •
04/05/2007: Tuskegee Airmen honored at Capitol •
04/05/2007: Air Force Band kicks off Summer Concert Series at Memorial
04/05/2007: Gate changes improve traffic flow at Andrews
04/05/2007: Bolling community cleans up the neighborhood •
03/29/2007: Fitness advisor in a box helps Airmen pass fitness tests •
03/29/2007: Policy change allows Airmen to take leave with special liberty
03/29/2007: Class prepares kids to stay 'Home Alone'
03/22/2007: Blood drive saves lives locally, abroad •
03/22/2007: Improv team to help Airmen uncross ‘Sex Signals’
03/06/2007: Better intel boosts Air Force munitions drops, sorties flown
02/28/2007: Fighting in cyberspace means cyber domain dominance
02/09/2007: ABU wear policy effective immediately
02/05/2007: Air Force FY 2008 budget includes pay raise, new facilities
02/02/2007: SECAF town hall meeting: Every Airman an ambassador
01/30/2007: Tanker recapitalization proposal released
01/26/2007: Bronze Star recipient chosen to attend State of Union Address
01/26/2007: Air Force to implement second DOS rollback
01/26/2007: Airmen to see combat medal in April
01/18/2007: Dashboard tool allows snapshot of organizational status
01/05/2007: Air Force may hold RIF board if goal not met
12/18/2006: Roll Call to help supervisors keep Airmen in the know
12/13/2006: Airmen challenged to make better choices
12/13/2006: Senator urges military budget increases
12/07/2006: 2006 suicide numbers not start of trend
12/07/2006: Air Force: Expeditious recognition for expeditionary Airmen
11/28/2006: Personnel accountability key during emergencies
11/27/2006: Officials to conduct foreign language skills survey
11/17/2006: New aggressor units expand training capabilities
11/17/2006: Air Force, industry must partner to create synth-fuel demand
11/17/2006: Unmanned vehicle provides reusable test capabilities in space
11/15/2006: Cyber Summit begins at Pentagon Nov. 16
11/07/2006: C-130 crew honored with Mackay Trophy
11/03/2006: 8th Air Force to become new cyber command
11/03/2006: Air Force "road show" ensures senior leaders share common message
10/27/2006: Couple honored with Fisher award
10/15/2006: Silent, contemplative act serves as closing for Air Force Memorial dedication
10/14/2006: All-enlisted crew pilots historic aircraft over memorial
10/14/2006: Country musician Lee Ann Womack headlines at Air Force Memorial dedication
10/14/2006: Young people capable of much responsibility
10/14/2006: Memorial represents military air power of the United States
10/14/2006: Air Force swears in new recruits during memorial dedication events
10/14/2006: Air Force Drill Team demonstrates precision at Memorial Dedication
10/13/2006: Tanker hits top of the charts for recapitalization priority
10/13/2006: Air Force meets recruiting goal for seventh straight year
10/12/2006: Air Force focused on three priorities
10/07/2006: Army Air Corps weatherman honored for D-Day contributions
10/05/2006: Air Force leaders to discuss new Cyber Command
09/28/2006: Air Force will get new bomber, upgrades to fighters
09/28/2006: Air Force undertaking initiatives to transform presentation of forces
09/28/2006: F-35 centerpiece for international partnership
09/27/2006: AMC commander: Global mobility aircraft saving lives in Iraq
09/14/2006: Changes to acquisition processes reduce delivery time
09/12/2006: Leaders at all levels must be aware of AFSO 21 efforts
09/06/2006: Officer promotion board changes take effect Jan. 1
09/05/2006: Plan for cyberspace available in near future
08/31/2006: Electronic travel system streamlines business process
08/15/2006: AFSO21 Leans out uniform development
08/04/2006: PACAF leaders see flash of future in Georgia •
08/02/2006: Wynne: We are logisticians of information
08/01/2006: New utility uniform on track for distribution
07/26/2006: Air Force meeting requirements for F-22 multi-year funding
07/13/2006: Air Force, Army tell industry networks will be similar
07/06/2006: Five military members show off their arms at Nationals' game •
06/30/2006: Academy making strides in sexual assault prevention
06/27/2006: Air Force, Army agree on plans for joint cargo aircraft
06/23/2006: F-22 excels at establishing air dominance
06/19/2006: Warfighting integration reduces inaccuracy, inefficiency
06/19/2006: Balancing capability portfolios key to Air Force success
05/31/2006: General Moseley knighted for contributions to international relations
05/29/2006: PHOTOS: Parade Practice at Pentagon •
05/26/2006: New technology could bring more accuracy, speed to target acquisition
05/25/2006: 2007 budget completes dorm recapitalization funding
05/23/2006: Redeployment survey shows most Airmen return healthy
05/22/2006: IT modernization: Leveraging the power of information
05/22/2006: Technology improvements keep information flowing to warfighter
05/18/2006: National Capital Region first responders train for Pentagon disaster •
05/15/2006: Alternate fuel-powered B-52 to fly in September
05/11/2006: Smart Operations 21 office formed at Pentagon
05/10/2006: Air Force plans for cleaner, greener future
05/05/2006: Air Force earns three DOD environmental awards
04/19/2006: Exercise prepares academy students for cyber warfare
04/14/2006: Air Force committed to unmanned aerial vehicle development
04/11/2006: Network passwords will soon be a thing of the past
03/31/2006: Air Force expects to choose tanker contractor by mid-2007
03/31/2006: Air Force finds cost savings for Raptor with multi-year purchasing
03/30/2006: Air Force, Army to purchase small cargo aircraft
03/22/2006: Civil Air Patrol volunteers affected by hurricanes
03/20/2006: Joint Strike Fighter program crucial to future air dominance
03/07/2006: Air Force Judge Advocate Corps streamlines operations
03/03/2006: Air Force leaders testify on processes used to combat costs
03/03/2006: Air Force seeks new tanker
02/15/2006: Air Force regains decision authority on acquisition programs
02/08/2006: C-5 Galaxy aircraft engine test successful
02/01/2006: Sergeant thanks Congress for helping keep her team together
01/30/2006: Headquarters Air Force realigns similar to 'J-staff' model
01/30/2006: Chilean air force receives F-16 Peace Puma
01/20/2006: Leasing option increases Air Force land value
01/18/2006: Air Force to replace combat search and rescue helicopters
01/12/2006: Air Force looks to be best in acquisition
01/09/2006: Air Force improving production with Smart Operations 21
01/04/2006: President Bush thanks Pentagon troops for service
12/27/2005: Implementation of BRAC begins this year
12/16/2005: Air Force makes changes to BAH policy
12/14/2005: Wynne: Instill Airmen with opportunity for change
12/13/2005: Conference paves way for efficient Air Force
11/30/2005: Supplemental deployment health assessment starts in December
11/15/2005: Tuskegee Airmen get Air Force update •
11/08/2005: Wynne: Air Force needs more joint role
11/04/2005: SECAF: Integrity first
11/02/2005: Air Force must stay the course with FTF, AEF
10/20/2005: Moseley: Air Force needs to bolster intelligence cadre
10/13/2005: Moseley: We are moving towards interdependence with sister services
10/05/2005: Air Force named executive agent for Katrina-related funds
10/05/2005: Capability assessment helps AF prepare for future
10/03/2005: Volunteers give comfort by sewing •
09/22/2005: Air Force programs help families rebuild post-Katrina
09/21/2005: Users can log on to Portal with common access card
09/14/2005: Senior leaders address key issues at conference
09/13/2005: Geren: AF fighting three wars
09/13/2005: Recapitalization highlighted at AFA conference
09/07/2005: Combat communications squadron hooks up tent city •
09/06/2005: Airmen evacuate hurricane victims
09/05/2005: Offutt services crew provides comfort to hurricane victims
09/04/2005: Rumsfeld, Myers visit New Orleans airport
09/04/2005: Air Force MASF last stop for some hurricane victims
08/26/2005: Sexual assault prevention film must-see for Airmen
08/18/2005: New flag-folding script focuses on history, AF significance
08/18/2005: Total force shares capabilities •
08/11/2005: Five Airmen -- brothers in fight for freedom
08/05/2005: Better than aviation education is a really cool patch •
07/21/2005: Future Total Force outlined on Capitol Hill
07/20/2005: Innovative techniques help Air Force meet manning goals
07/06/2005: Air Force changes fitness test criteria
07/01/2005: Air Force takes part in joint training transformation
06/30/2005: Leaders need guidance on religious discussions
06/30/2005: Resnicoff: Taking oath involves personal change
06/27/2005: New Air Force adviser chosen for values, vision
06/22/2005: Report: Academy grapples with religion in the public forum
06/17/2005: Face-to-face counseling available to Airmen, families
06/09/2005: Gallant Fox III brings first responders to Pentagon
06/08/2005: Air Force leaders testify on IG tanker lease report
06/06/2005: BRAC changes to medicine focus on care, training, research
05/23/2005: Vehicle operators named 'team of the year'
05/16/2005: New directorate merges information technology
05/13/2005: Donation provides mobility, honors Jumper
05/13/2005: Airmen allowed to show service colors while traveling
05/12/2005: Census helps define future joint officer
04/29/2005: Two Airmen among recipients of military service award
04/27/2005: Technology unites Airmen in matrimony
04/25/2005: Quadrennial Defense Review focuses on future
04/21/2005: Guard, Reserve leaders testify on Capitol Hill
04/18/2005: Policy offers confidentiality to sexual-assault victims
04/18/2005: Commanders get sexual-assault prevention, response help
04/15/2005: Dominguez: Unethical behavior an affront to all hardworking Airmen
04/12/2005: Dominguez: Recapitalization No. 1 priority
04/08/2005: Air Force aggressively meeting challenges
04/01/2005: Fighters flying new missions, Airmen serving jointly
03/25/2005: Teets: Air Force's biggest challenge is recapitalizing the fleet
03/23/2005: Officials recognize company for contributions to war on terror
03/23/2005: Raptor important tool in maintaining air dominance
03/22/2005: Congress hears testimony on manpower, recruiting
03/22/2005: CSAF: Raptor, Eurofighter complementary
03/15/2005: Air Force Portal provides reduced sign-on to myPay
03/11/2005: Teets tells Congress lasers-based communications coming
03/10/2005: Air Force surgeon general testifies on four health effects
03/08/2005: Air Force reaches privatization milestone
03/04/2005: Teets discusses recapitalization, death benefit, core values
03/03/2005: Air Force identifies non-vol candidates for first sergeant duty
02/17/2005: Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force testifies at new quality of life committee
02/15/2005: Finance begins transformation
02/15/2005: Inspector General investigates eight Air Force contracts
02/08/2005: Aviation conference offers opportunity to network
02/01/2005: F/A-22 passes initial operational test, evaluation
01/21/2005: Airmen honor president during inaugural parade
01/19/2005: Gala honors those who serve
01/07/2005: Campaign brings hope to Airmen
01/06/2005: Airman making ‘inaugural’ performance
01/04/2005: 'Andro' supplement off limits in new year
12/20/2004: Portal allows Airmen to chat with friends, family
12/15/2004: New agreement will strengthen network security
12/09/2004: Air Force merging information technology offices
12/06/2004: Amputee pilot back in the cockpit
12/03/2004: Fighter pilot film about teamwork, thrill of flight
11/29/2004: New EEO process optimizes complaint resolution
11/24/2004: New IMAX film a first for the Air Force
11/19/2004: Jumper: AEF has been successful
11/19/2004: Air Force working to fix pay issues
11/15/2004: AF participates in Veterans Day tribute at Redskins' game
11/08/2004: Paper LES program shredded to make way for digital delivery
11/05/2004: Military family support professionals gather
11/04/2004: Deployed Airmen getting new physical training uniform first
10/21/2004: Drug testing program targets those most likely to use
10/14/2004: Postal agency sets overseas holiday mailing dates, policies
10/12/2004: Roche, Jumper ‘wear test’ Osprey •
09/12/2004: Total Force provides CAS to troops in Najaf
09/05/2004: Blood in, blood out: Life giving fluid transport
08/29/2004: Humidity is key in keeping cool •
08/22/2004: PT helps Coalition partners stay fit
08/15/2004: Survival equipment keeps pilots afloat •
08/06/2004: Deployed painter makes gray barriers her canvas •
07/30/2004: Deployed senior noncommissioned officers offered course in leadership
07/23/2004: Desert Hawk gives security forces an eye in sky •
07/16/2004: New maintenance group commander taps supervisors to do the right thing
07/09/2004: New group commander likens role to mayor
06/29/2004: General revises clothing policy for Airmen deploying to SWA
06/25/2004: Inspection team allows flying mission to continue unencumbered
06/04/2004: Standard AEF deployment length stretches to 120 days
06/04/2004: Commanders must lead efforts to combat sexual assaults
05/28/2004: Future total-force concept aims to increase combat capability
05/04/2004: Exhibit illustrates French, American cooperation
05/03/2004: Presence policy helps define expeditionary force
04/29/2004: Prevention, screening allow Airmen to come home healthy
04/21/2004: ASVAB changes will not mean lower standards
04/20/2004: Online system reduces trips to education office
04/14/2004: Foundation seeking inputs for Air Force memorial
04/13/2004: Travel cardholders have online-payment option
04/09/2004: Software helps Airmen track fitness progress
04/08/2004: Air Force recognized for ethics program
04/02/2004: Air Force wants new human-resources system
03/30/2004: Air Force seeks to eliminate inadequate housing
03/24/2004: Ethics regulations guide Airmen in political activities
03/18/2004: Mentors program gives officers someone to look up to
03/11/2004: Air Force avoiding Draconian measures while shaping force
03/10/2004: Moseley: Airmen doing tremendous work
03/05/2004: Walking Shield helps American Indians
03/05/2004: F/A-22 required for deep strike against enemy threats
03/03/2004: Air Force: Manpower unevenly distributed
03/01/2004: Portal provides information, access, instant messaging
02/26/2004: Air Force leader discusses U.S. space program
02/25/2004: Raptor program still flies
02/20/2004: Air Force brings DFAS airmen back on base
02/20/2004: Free software must be returned
02/13/2004: Air Force ready for 2005 BRAC
02/13/2004: Human factor is primary cause of aviation mishaps
02/03/2004: Fleet Viability Board provides longevity assessment
01/26/2004: Changes in law environmental friendly
01/21/2004: Five servicemembers laid to rest
01/13/2004: AF committing 2,000 airmen to war
01/08/2004: Leaders do first official PT test
01/06/2004: More airmen may live off base
12/18/2003: Bush: Wright qualities define nation •
12/18/2003: Crowds gather for re-enactment
12/11/2003: Smithsonian opens new facility •
12/08/2003: AF releasing new fitness instruction
10/30/2003: Waist size reflects whole health
10/24/2003: Wargame offers insight into future
10/22/2003: Moseley discusses reconstitution
10/20/2003: Cleanup process gets DOD support
10/20/2003: AF plans to fill first sergeant slots
09/17/2003: Jumper addresses global chiefs
09/16/2003: Global chiefs discuss air power
09/16/2003: Some AEF airmen will deploy longer
09/15/2003: Roche receives Order of the Sword
09/12/2003: AF offers multilingual thank you
09/12/2003: Officials set holiday mailing dates, policies
09/11/2003: Academy panel: Problem-causers a minority
09/04/2003: MRE menu debuts new items
08/29/2003: Air Force office studies aging aircraft
08/28/2003: Fitness experts: Start training now
08/18/2003: Officials release fitness-test details
08/11/2003: Shuttle investigation gives airmen knowledge
08/11/2003: Airmen recognized for dispute resolution
08/05/2003: New pamphlet explains transformation
07/25/2003: Pentagon is scene of major exercise
07/11/2003: Former academy leader to retire
06/20/2003: NATO chaplain chiefs build relationships
05/20/2003: Bandwidth increasing for some bases
05/15/2003: Zettler: People first in reconstituting force
05/08/2003: Arlington chaplains provide spiritual support
05/08/2003: Official: Ranges important to success
05/05/2003: Air Force nursing corps meeting challenges
05/05/2003: Pin honors parents, bolsters support •
05/01/2003: Air Force starts assessment survey
04/30/2003: Space program pioneers meet AF leaders
04/22/2003: U.S., Poland finalize deal on F-16s
04/04/2003: Air Force discusses information technology with Congress
04/03/2003: Congress ponders exchange merger
03/31/2003: Coalition air strikes weaken Republican Guard
03/29/2003: Experience levels vary in Operation Iraqi Freedom
03/26/2003: Pilots say training prepared them for combat
03/25/2003: SECDEF: Air strikes not aimed at civilians
03/25/2003: Air war turns focus to republican guard
03/21/2003: Leaders tell Congress relationships key in war on terrorism
03/19/2003: Official discusses BRAC with Congress
03/17/2003: Survey will help servicemembers, families •
03/14/2003: Air Force leaders explain effect of encroachment •
03/12/2003: Women aviators gather for film premier
03/11/2003: Child-care test program provides peace of mind
03/07/2003: Memo serving as officer career guide
03/06/2003: AQ implementing force development
03/05/2003: Air Force discusses infrastructure budget with Senate
02/27/2003: Protocol, aide de camp special duties move
02/21/2003: Group investigates Air Force sexual assault policies
02/14/2003: Unit commanders get more control of leave program
02/07/2003: Software improves accuracy, quickens air war planning •
02/06/2003: Audit agency ensures efficient use of resources
01/30/2003: Officials emphasize caution with APO addresses
01/24/2003: Artists document Air Force history with art
01/17/2003: Airmen give visitors an inside look at Pentagon •
01/16/2003: Air Force moves to institutionalize enterprise architecture
01/13/2003: Surgery increases vision, readiness
01/10/2003: Logistics center recognized for pollution-prevention excellence
01/08/2003: Air Force transforms, merges property operations
01/07/2003: Congress funds more than $2 billion in construction projects
12/17/2002: Centennial of Flight kicks off year of festivities
12/13/2002: Veterans History Project listens, remembers
12/09/2002: Electric vehicles helping reduce use of petroleum fuels
12/05/2002: Air Force eliminates paperwork, saves money
12/02/2002: Liaison officer expedites releasing imagery
11/22/2002: Postal agency sets holiday mailing dates, policies
11/18/2002: Air Force strengthens commitment to Native American businesses
11/12/2002: New support unit designed to increase readiness
11/08/2002: Eight bases add chiropractic services to medical facilities
11/08/2002: New strategy globalizes Air Force information
11/05/2002: New Information Management Tool software now available
10/25/2002: Repatriated pilot laid to rest
10/24/2002: Air Force seeks improved retention through GI Bill test program
10/11/2002: Senior leaders expand Air Force anthrax vaccine program
10/10/2002: Cyber warriors protect Air Force computer network
10/08/2002: Air Force pilots participate in historic flight
10/02/2002: Guard, Reserve forces cope with active-duty extension
09/27/2002: Veterans giving free phone cards to airmen
09/26/2002: New logistics squadron serves as focal point for distribution
09/26/2002: Maintenance group focusing on core competencies
09/20/2002: Customs agents looking closely at military mail
09/13/2002: Crisis teams still helping Pentagon people
09/06/2002: New guidelines for augmentee program allow flexibility
08/29/2002: Task force records Air Force's successes, mistakes in OEF
08/23/2002: Air Force saving money on software upgrades
08/13/2002: Identity theft criminals can steal lives
08/06/2002: Changes made to officer promotion system
08/02/2002: New lodging program helps guarantee rooms
07/31/2002: Respect, communication key in SECAF, CSAF relationship
07/29/2002: SECAF, CSAF: People are Air Force’s most valued asset
07/29/2002: General releases new reading list
07/26/2002: SECAF, CSAF: Today’s young airmen flying high
07/22/2002: SECAF, CSAF: Gender irrelevant to mission accomplishment
07/17/2002: Pioneering Tuskeegee Airman laid to rest in Arlington
07/12/2002: Air Force Special Operations loadmasters laid to rest in Arlington
02/02/2002: Drunk Driving: No reason to be - SADD
12/07/2001: ONW rotation brings new leader
11/30/2001: TDY escorts make Hodja Village, base, safer for all
11/30/2001: ONW sponsors help students cut a rug
11/23/2001: Chock, check, go: EOR airmen perform last critical tasks before flight
11/16/2001: Master sergeant returns to first base; visits past
11/16/2001: CAOC knows all, controls all of ONW mission
11/09/2001: PERSCO: 100% Accountability key
11/06/2001: Fuels keeps fliers flying, drivers from walking
11/02/2001: Squadron's double couples team up on F-16 maintenance
10/31/2001: Wild Weasels provide safe passage for coalition aircraft
10/26/2001: Marine's military ambition spurred by duty to country
10/26/2001: RIC provides picture perfect intelligence to ONW commanders
10/19/2001: Security Forces sergeant gets in trenches, relates
10/19/2001: Morale Tent lets troops keep connected
10/12/2001: Engineers 'BEEF' up Tent City
10/05/2001: New Jersey Air National Guard troops serve, supply
10/05/2001: Royal Air Force airloadmaster sees world, wants to see more
09/28/2001: Tanker helps extend missions
09/25/2001: Keeping cool under pressure
09/21/2001: Misawa pilot does first combat assignment at Incirlik
09/18/2001: AWACS is commander's eye in the sky
09/14/2001: Public Health office ensures sanitation, provides education, information to Tent City
04/27/2001: Safeguard locates aircraft engine •
04/20/2001: Air Force tasks USS Safeguard to recover F-16
03/16/2001: Base runway set to close for repair starting mid June
02/16/2001: Misawa Air Base institutes new community standards
02/16/2001: Search for downed F-16 aircraft terminated
02/02/2001: Ship continues search for F-16s
01/26/2001: USS Safeguard searches for downed F-16s
01/19/2001: CES garners multiple service-level awards •
01/19/2001: MCOC airman selected for SOAR scholarship
12/20/2000: Misawa sergeant garners Air Force leadership award
10/20/2000: Supply notches 28-0 victory during weekend pounding of engineers
10/20/2000: Center deals with domestic violence
10/06/2000: Misawa family member paints mural, finds new friends in Misawa City
10/06/2000: Nearly 100 Japanese come to Misawa for international soccer, basketball competition
10/06/2000: Café Mokuteki offers 24-hour-dining, expanded menu, delivery service •
09/29/2000: Town Hall meeting answers questions, informs base members
09/29/2000: Commissary rearranges products
09/22/2000: Gas Price Graphic •
09/22/2000: Base Air Festival entertains Japanese •
08/25/2000: Base holds first NCO seminar
08/18/2000: F-16 pilots: flying to keep Misawa mission-ready
08/11/2000: News release program recognizes Misawans
07/28/2000: Firefighters spread message to residents
07/14/2000: Three Misawans earn ROTC scholarships
06/16/2000: Runway closure causes minor disturbance to PCSing military members
04/28/2000: Just plane history: Air Mobility Command Museum showcases airlift, Dover history
04/21/2000: Building relationships: New program matches families with their own primary care manager
03/31/2000: Government computers are not ours Misuse can lead to UCMJ actions
03/24/2000: Keeping Dover's mammoth C-5 Galaxys in the air... The 436th Aircraft Generation Squadron •
03/24/2000: Black letter initial flight AGS crew puts up first 'perfect' aircraft in nearly two years •
02/11/2000: Keep Children's Smiles Healthy in 2000
01/14/2000: 436th Airlift Wing commander holds first Commander's Call of the Year
01/07/2000: Dover Team members get STEP promotion; Wing commander delivers stripes over holidays •
12/10/1999: CES 'Adopt a Child' Program provides toys to children of squadron's airmen
11/26/1999: Local AFSA donates money to veterans
11/12/1999: Wing demonstrates its preparedness for Y2K
11/05/1999: 436th AW receives new enlisted leader
10/22/1999: Base schools score well on DSTP
10/01/1999: DAFB inspected for appearance, beautification competition
09/24/1999: SAV Team evaluates DAFB Y2K readiness Dover Team, base prepared for date rollover
06/25/1999: Dover Team assists FBI on mission to Kosovo region •
05/14/1999: C-133 Cargomaster returning to Dover Air Force Base
04/23/1999: Dover C-5 Galaxy first tested in AMC for Y2K compliance
04/23/1999: New commander for 436th Logistics Group
04/16/1999: 436th Medical Group takes nine AMC level awards
04/09/1999: Dover Air Force Base MARE goes well
04/02/1999: Dover Air Force Base writes new policy on tobacco use
03/26/1999: 3rd AS, OSS take Intramural Basketball Championship with 54-39 win against EMS
03/12/1999: Eagle Wing commander discusses wing priorities for the coming year
02/26/1999: Air Force IDEA program benefits all
02/05/1999: Eagle Wing responds to in-flight emergency
01/29/1999: CSAF meets troops, addresses key issues
01/15/1999: Base gears up for air show
12/18/1998: Civil Engineer Squadron spreads a little Christmas cheer
12/18/1998: 436th SUPS encourages members to turn in deployment gear
11/20/1998: Super Port assists in hurricane relief effort
11/06/1998: Local incentive flight offers new perspective
10/16/1998: Intramural Flag Football MG scores early, often, beats TRANS, 33-0


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