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General releases new reading list

By Staff Sgt. C. Todd Lopez

WASHINGTON (July 29, 2002) -- The chief of staff of the Air Force recently released his list of suggested books for Air Force people.

The latest Chief of Staff Reading List is a departure from past lists in that it is not broken up by rank.

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“It's appropriate for Air Force members of all grades to pursue it, as their time permits,” said Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. John P. Jumper. “Also, it is my conviction that it's useful for the generals to know what the young troops are reading and vice versa.”

The books were chosen because of their relevance to current issues affecting the Air Force.

“For the challenges the U.S. Air Force faces today, I have given priority to books regarding: the recent past as more lesson-filled than the distant past, the transformation challenges we have overcome and those that we still face, and a look to the future for clues to the asymmetrical vulnerabilities that await us,” Jumper said.

The list, available online, currently includes about 14 titles. Book topics range from Osama BinLaden to the struggle between Pakistan and India.

“It is my intention that the course content within our professional military education system will be based in appropriate measure on the materials these books address,” Jumper said.

The new CSAF reading list is available at: Readers will soon be able to find the books at their base libraries, and the books will also be made available through the Air Force’s institutional schools at Air University.

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