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MCOC airman selected for SOAR scholarship

By Senior Airman C. Todd Lopez

MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan (Jan. 19, 2001) -- An airman from the Misawa Cryptologic Operations Center was recently selected as a recipient for a scholarship from the Scholarships for Outstanding Airman to ROTC program.

Senior Airman Tanya Barnhart, who's job designates her as a signal intelligence analyst, currently works as a an executive for the MCOC commander.

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Her selection under the program guarantees an uncapped scholarship to a school of her choice and a guaranteed commission upon graduation.

Only about 15% of those receiving SOAR scholarships will get uncapped scholarships.

Barnhart, who already has some college hours, plans to finish school with a psychology degree and return to the intelligence career field as a commissioned officer.

"I hope I'll be like the officers I have been able to work with at the MCOC," said Barnhart. "I have had great officer and enlisted role models here. People work really hard to take care of us."

Her commander has similar praise for her.

"While there is no doubt [Senior Airman Barnhart] would continue to serve in a variety of leadership positions as a future NCO, it is this dominant trait, leadership, that will guarantee her success as an Air Force Officer," said Col. Dennis Mitzel, 373rd Intelligence Group commander

While Barnhart's receipt of the SOAR scholarship will be of great value to her personal career and development her outlook remains in line with Air Force core values. "The Air Force has been great for me," said Barnhart. "I hope to be great for it too."

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