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3rd AS, OSS take Intramural Basketball Championship with 54-39 win against EMS

By Airman 1st Class C. Todd Lopez

DOVER AIR FORCE BASE, Del. (March 26, 1999) -- The combined squad from the 3rd Airlift Squadron and the Operations Support Squadron beat out the Equipment Maintenance Squadron in what turned out to be a futile game of catch-up for EMS at the base Intramural Basketball Championship Game at the Sports and Fitness Center, March 18.

3AS/OSS began their path to victory when 3AS/OSS scored the game's first 3 points just a minute and 20 seconds into the game.

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It took nearly 3 additional minutes before EMS retaliated with their first score in the game, bringing the game score to 3-2.

The rest of the first half was tight. EMS moved ahead of 3AS/OSS twice, at one point, a three-pointer put EMS ahead of 3AS/OSS with a 14-11 lead. Unfortunately, that lead would end up being the largest, and last lead the EMS would have during the game.

The last moments of the first half left no questions about who was destined to win the championship. With a well-established 5 point, 20-15 lead, 3AS/OSS managed to squeeze in yet another 4 points, two sunk by 3A5/OSS captain Millard C. Finch Jr.

The first half closed out with an 24-28 lead for the 3AS/OSS.

The second half of the game was dominated more by free throws and fouls than by anything else, with the 25 of the 51 points scored in the second half shot from the free-throw line.

Two of those free throws were from 3AS/OSS, and were shot with a mere 1 second left on the game clock. That tense finish gave SAS/OSS a 54-39 game lead over EMS, and brought the team it's trophy.

"I feel real good about this," said a proud, 3AS/OSS coach. "This is the third time we won the championship and it feels good. If we have the same team, I think we can win again next year."

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