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Commissary rearranges products

By Senior Airman C. Todd Lopez

MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan (Sept. 29, 2000) -- The Misawa Air Base Commissary finished a complete reset of its inventory Monday, and reopened with a new look Tuesday morning.

The purpose of the two-day commissary closure was to re-merchandise the entire inventory to make products more accessible to consumers.

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Karen Ochsner, Misawa Air Base Commissary store director explained the changes.

"This procedure is done every three to four years to keep current with market trends," said Ochsner. "About half of the products in the store were relocated. Commodities were reassembled in a more efficient and logical order. The changes included giving more space to high volume items, this allows us to provide even better service to the community.

"By giving more room to certain commodities we gain needed holding power on the shelves," said Ochsner. "We hope the flow pattern will be more consistent with current market trends and allow us to carry a variety of products that the customers want. This will allow us to continue to bring in new items."

While the placement of many favorite products has changed, customers needn't worry about not being able to find the products they are looking for.

"We will provide maps showing exact locations of all products to reduce the need to hunt for your special product," said Ochsner.

"I would like to compliment the hard work and efforts of the food industry, Dana Nickless, the reset specialist, for his help and guidance and all the dedicated employees that gave their spare time to make the reset a success," Ochsner said.

To thank customers for their patience during the closure, the commissary will be offering special prices on various products Saturday.

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