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Changing Technology Landscape Biggest Challenge for DOD's CIO

By C. Todd Lopez

WASHINGTON (June 03, 2019) -- Dana Deasy addressed an audience at Marine Barracks Washington May 31, before an evening parade there. He was the guest of honor at the event.

"Episodic and Changing Landscape"

A man and a woman stand near each other, arms interlocked, outdoors.  Nearby, is a woman in a military uniform.
Dana Deasy, chief information officer for the Defense Department, makes an official entrance with his wife and Marine Corps. Lt. Gen. Loretta E. Reynolds, deputy Marine Corps commandant for information, at the evening parade at Marine Barracks Washington, May 31, 2019.

"There is no doubt, if you think about how we deter, and if we find ourselves in a conflict -- how do we win swiftly and decisively, and how do we make sure that the men and the women in the air, at sea, under [water], or on land, have the right tools available to fight the fight? That is a huge burden," Deasy said. "I feel it every day when I come through the doors of the Pentagon."

It's the "episodic and changing landscape" of technology, he said, that provides the biggest challenge to him as he leads departmentwide efforts to equip warfighters with the latest tools needed to operate and communicate across the globe.

"It's all about how we ensure that wherever [warfighters] are, that they have what they need to be successful," Deasy said. "When you think about the scale, when you think about the terrain of what we cover, having the technology they need to fight is extremely important."

He said his team has a plan to make sure America's warfighters are ready to compete.

"We put together a strategy that consists of how we become world-class," Deasy said. "Having all of the necessary [computing] power through a cloud, how do we fight through the use of artificial intelligence? How do we have the best command, control and communications? And how do we have great, great strength when it comes to cyber -- both on the offensive side and the defensive side?"

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