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Changes made to officer promotion system

By Staff Sgt. C. Todd Lopez

WASHINGTON (Aug. 06, 2002) -- The Air Force has made changes to officer promotion opportunities for upcoming boards and to the data presented on the selection brief available to board members.

During the Oct. 3 promotion boards, those looking for promotion to O-4 will find the promotion opportunities, or the maximum number of individuals each board may select to be promoted, higher than in the past.

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The promotion board for O-4 can now promote the number of officers equal to 95 percent of the number in the promotion zone for line officers, lawyers and medical service corps officers. That number is up from 90 percent during the last board. Additionally, promotion opportunities for some competitive categories during the upcoming O-5 board will also increase.

According to Maj. Sandra Edens of the Air Force office of officer promotions at the Pentagon, the increase in promotion opportunity allows the Air Force to adjust long-term force strength and to come closer to meeting its goals for those in field grade officer positions.

Along with the changes for O-4 promotion boards, officer selection briefs used in all boards meeting as early as August will no longer contain references to race, ethnicity or gender, as directed by Secretary of the Air Force Dr. James G. Roche in the recently approved Memorandum of Instruction for officer selection boards.

"Removal of race, ethnicity and gender information from the officer selection brief more accurately reflects the Air Force's officer promotion board process, to be fair and equitable to all individuals meeting the board, " said Maj. Isaac Davidson of the Air Force office of officer promotion, evaluation and separation policy.

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