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Air Force to implement second DOS rollback

By Staff Sgt. C. Todd Lopez

WASHINGTON (Jan. 26, 2007) -- The Air Force has adjusted its force-shaping numbers in response to better-than-expected retention rates in fiscal year 2006.

In a message dated Jan. 26, officials said the Air Force must cut 3,090 Airmen by Sept. 30 in order to meet this year's force shaping goals.

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The Air Force will use three personnel programs to help meet the goal. Those programs involve an extension of the limited active duty service commitment, or LADSC, waiver for technical and master sergeants to retire, a second wave of date-of-separation rollbacks, and a limited number of LADSC waivers for Airmen with 6 to 11 years of service in some career fields to voluntarily separate.

Last year, the Air Force offered LADSC waivers for some master and technical sergeants. The waivers allowed those Airmen to retire earlier than normal. But so far, only 524 Airmen had been approved for that program, short of the Air Force's goals. In response, the window to apply for the program has been extended. Airmen may now apply for this program until April 30, but they must choose a retirement date that is no later than Sept. 1, 2007.

The Air Force will conduct a second round of DOS rollbacks. Under this program, some Airmen will be separated from the service earlier than they expected. Airmen who have less than 14 years of service or more than 20 years of service, and who are currently serving on a control roster, have declined retainability for an assignment, have declined training or are serving suspended punishment pursuant to an Article 15, can be selected for the DOS rollback.

The DOS rollback program will give many Airmen a new separation date of Aug. 1, 2007. Airmen from all Air Force specialty codes can be affected by this program.

Finally, the Air Force is offering LADSC waivers to Airmen in certain career fields who have more than six but less than 11 years of service. Under this program, the Air Force will waive an Airman's service commitment so he or she may separate early. A limited number of waivers will be granted, and Airmen who elect to participate in the program must choose a separation date of Sept. 29, 2007 or earlier.

Airmen in 23 control AFSCs are eligible for the LADSC waiver separation program: 2A0X1A, 2A0X1C, 2A6X1A, 2E1X1, 2E2X1, 2E6X2, 2E6X3, 2F0X1, 2S0X1, 2T0X1, 2T3X5, 3A0X1, 3C0X1, 3C0X2, 3C2X1, 3E0X1, 3S0X1, 3V0X1, 4P0X1, 4T0X1, 4Y0X1, 6F0X1 and 8M0X0.

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