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SAV Team evaluates DAFB Y2K readiness Dover Team, base prepared for date rollover

By Airman 1st Class C. Todd Lopez

DOVER AIR FORCE BASE, Del. (Sept. 24, 1999) -- A Staff Assistance Visit Team was here Sept. 14 and 15 to evaluate Dover Air Force Base for Year 2000 readiness.

The team, from Air Mobility Command HQ, evaluated key areas in the Logistics Group, the Operations Group, the Civil Engineer Squadron, the Communications Squadron and the Wing Y2K office for Y2K preparedness.

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This was the team's second visit. During their initial visit in January, the team had evaluated the Y2K compliance of computers and other equipment. During this visit, the team focused on how Dover Air Force Base planned to deal with problems that may arise from the Y2K rollover.

"This time," said Capt. Brent Glass, 436th Communications Squadron and Wing Y2K Office, Officer in Charge, "we are beyond infrastructure." The team looked at consequence management plans, pre-contingency checklists and community outreach.

Consequence management is the way the base will identify any Y2K outages and institute corrective action to ensure normal base operations.

According to Glass, a pre-contingency checklist is a list of concerns a group will need to address before the Y2K rollover occurs.

"Development of these pre-contingency checklists is key to Y2K readiness," said Glass. "The Security Forces Squadron and Supply Squadron's checklists were cited as examples for the rest of the base to use."

An example of one concern addressed on the pre-contingency list is manning.

"For instance, before, during and after the Y2K rollover, the Y2K Crisis Action Team will need to be staffed," said Glass.

In addition, there will be CES "ride out" teams on stand-by to deal with issues as they arise.

"These teams will be ready to handle utility outages and other problems," said Staff Sgt. John Tipton, Noncommissioned Officer in Charge, Wing Y2K Office.

Backup power is another example of what the SAV team was looking at from the pre-contingency checklist.

According to HQ AMC/Civil Engineer guidance, areas on base which need generator power in the case of an electrical failure should be determined.

"The base has already identified the mission critical facilities, and they already have generator backup," said Glass.

The last area the SAV team looked at was the base's commitment on community. outreach.

Because power, as well as other utilities, come into Dover Air Force Base from off-base, base Y2K officials have been working to ensure those services will remain stable throughout the Y2K turnover and beyond.

"We are continually working with our of base partners to ensure all the utilities and services we gain from them are going to be available January 1st," said Col. Charles F. Schreck, 436th Support Group commander, and wing focal point for all Y2K activities.

Preparations to meet requirements set forth by HQ/AMC are ongoing.

"We've had close to 70 individuals as part of the Y2K working group, a field grade officer from every group, and a significant number of individuals working for nearly a year to ensure we are fully Y2K compliant. They have done an outstanding job," said Schreck.

"The areas identified by the SAV team as a potential problem have already been identified by the Y2K team. Those issues are being worked by the wing Y2K team, but there can always be some small glitches," said Schreck.

Even if those glitches turn out to be more than glitches, the Dover Air Force Base mission will continue.

"If we do have outages in base systems such as power or computers, we can continue our mission manually," said Schreck. "The airplanes are still capable of being flown. They have been tested, as have other areas such as cargo, maintenance and the passenger terminal."

"We are absolutely ready," said Schreck. "We feel certain the Eagle Wing is ready to execute the mission on January 1."

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