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10/30/2020: Rewrite of Acquisition Regulation Helps U.S. Build Hypersonic Arsenal More Quickly  
10/29/2020: During COVID-19, Use of Non-Medical Family Counseling Remains Strong  
10/29/2020: New Strategy Details Department Goals for Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority  
10/28/2020: DOD Looks for More Robust, Enduring Telework Capacity  
10/28/2020: In Warp Speed Effort, Knowing Where Vaccines Are Is Key to Distribution Strategy  
10/24/2020: Military to Play Logistics-Only Role in COVID-19 Vaccine Effort  
10/23/2020: Army Financial Management Office Partners With DOD for AI Solutions  
10/21/2020: Families, People Have Been Priority Since Start of COVID-19  
10/17/2020: DOD, HHS Name Partners to Administer COVID-19 Vaccines in Long-Term Care Facilities  
10/15/2020: People, Policy, Performance Readiness Mean U.S. Prepared to Fight  
10/09/2020: DOD's COVID-19 Response Illustrates Commitment to Families, People  
10/09/2020: DOD Kicks Off World’s Largest Dual-Use 5G Testing Effort  
10/06/2020: DOD Makes Progress Implementing Women, Peace, Security Act  
10/05/2020: Agency Awards Contracts for Tracking Layer of National Defense Space Architecture  
09/30/2020: DOD Set for Third Military Spouses Hiring Fair  
09/30/2020: New Policy Makes U.S. More Competitive Partner  
09/29/2020: COVID-19 Response Sparks Efforts to Strengthen Supply Chain  
09/25/2020: Defense Security Cooperation University Hits One-Year Milestone With Great Success  
09/22/2020: DOD Anticipates Significant Troop Reduction in Afghanistan  
09/17/2020: 'Tipping Point' Is Here for Nuclear Modernization, Defense Official Says  
09/16/2020: Technology Proliferation, Influence Ops May Be as Disruptive as COVID-19  
09/16/2020: Defense Experience, Capabilities Further 'Herculean' Operation Warp Speed Efforts  
09/15/2020: Space Force Chief: U.S. Doesn't Want War in Space, Must be Prepared for It  
09/10/2020: 'Victory Garden' Approach Could Aid AI Effort  
09/10/2020: China's Africa Investments Could Benefit All If International Rules Are Obeyed  
09/10/2020: DSCA Encourages Partners to Look Beyond Gear to Multi-Domain Ops  
09/09/2020: Full Impact of COVID-19 on Industrial Base Not Yet Known  
09/01/2020: China Pursues Own Nuclear Triad, Doubling of Nuclear Capability  
08/28/2020: Operation Warp Speed More Than Halfway to Enrolling Participants in Vaccine Trials  
08/24/2020: Defense Innovation Unit Teaching Artificial Intelligence to Detect Cancer  
08/21/2020: Acquisition Enterprise Capabilities to Continue Post Pandemic  
08/20/2020: DOD Can Lead Microelectronics Manufacturing Back to U.S.  
08/13/2020: Southcom Chief: Venezuela's Maduro at Center of 'Vicious Circle of Threats'  
08/13/2020: DOD Focuses on Minimizing Cyber Threats to Department, Contractors  
08/12/2020: Centcom Chief: Enduring ISIS Defeat Requires Plans for Refugees, Local Security  
08/10/2020: AMBIT Gambit Pays Off, Advances U.S. 5G Efforts  
08/08/2020: For 2020 Election, Threat is Bigger than Russia  
08/06/2020: CIO Says Top-Level Leadership Helped DOD Navigate COVID Crisis  
08/06/2020: After Explosion, U.S. Military Planes Deliver Aid to Beirut  
08/05/2020: DOD Amplifies Focus on People in Executing National Defense Strategy  
08/05/2020: Guided by National Defense Strategy, Defense Department Increases Force Lethality  
08/05/2020: Ongoing Defense Department Reforms Align With National Defense Strategy  
08/05/2020: Military Alliances, Partnerships Strengthened Through Defense Strategy Execution  
07/30/2020: Tenets of National Defense Strategy at Heart of Defense Department CIO Efforts  
07/30/2020: DOD Medical Officials Outline COVID-19 Testing Approach  
07/29/2020: DOD Proposes Removing More Than 11,000 Troops From Germany  
07/28/2020: U.S. Space Effort's Future Hinges on Private Industry  
07/23/2020: Esper: DOD Involved in COVID-19 Fight 'From Day One'  
07/22/2020: Defense Department Improves 'Ready for Issue' Rate for F-35 Parts  
07/21/2020: Air Force Reveals Cold Facts on New Arctic Strategy  
07/20/2020: Artificial Intelligence Deployment Requires Diverse Image Data  
07/16/2020: COVID-19 Pandemic Reveals Supply Chain Vulnerability  
07/15/2020: DISA Boosts Telework Connections in Response to Pandemic  
07/10/2020: Army, Air Force Meet Numbers for Basic Trainees Despite COVID-19  
07/09/2020: Where it Counts, U.S. Leads in Artificial Intelligence  
07/07/2020: Urgent Acquisition Effort Provides Safe COVID-19 Patient Transport in 95 Days  
07/05/2020: July 4th 'Salute to America' Honors U.S. Military Personnel  
06/30/2020: Risk Aversion Impedes Hypersonics Development  
06/19/2020: Navy: Former USS Theodore Roosevelt Commander Will Not Be Reinstated  
06/18/2020: Hypersonics Testing Accelerates  
06/18/2020: Defense Space Strategy Addresses Militarization, Competition  
06/17/2020: Over-Prescriptive Requirements Hinder Defense Innovation  
06/16/2020: Operation Warp Speed Accelerates COVID-19 Vaccine Development  
06/11/2020: Esper: We'll Handle Our Own Alleged War Criminals  
06/10/2020: Domestic N95 Mask Production Expected to Exceed 1 Billion in 2021  
06/05/2020: Space Development Agency Works Closely With Army, Its Biggest Customer  
06/03/2020: DOD Announces New Locations for Additional 5G Testing, Experimentation  
06/02/2020: Spacecom, Space Force Officials Discuss Planetary Defense, Astronaut Launch  
05/21/2020: For Some, Teleworking May Continue as Post-COVID-19 Option  
05/21/2020: Commander Discusses a Decade of DOD Cyber Power  
05/20/2020: Air Force Officer, Retired Marine Head for International Space Station  
05/20/2020: DOD Adopts 'Zero Trust' Approach to Buying Microelectronics  
05/20/2020: As in Other Domains, U.S. Use of Electromagnetic Spectrum Is Contested  
05/08/2020: President Leads Nation in Commemorating Anniversary of Nazi Defeat in Europe  
05/06/2020: DOD Aims to Make Moves Easier With New Contract for Household Goods  
05/06/2020: Defense Security Cooperation Agency Sees Growing Interest in Partnerships  
05/05/2020: DOD Focuses on Sustaining Industrial Base Through Pandemic  
04/30/2020: U.S. Must Prepare for Current, Future Pandemics  
04/29/2020: Service Personnel Policies Help With Retention During Pandemic  
04/28/2020: Learning Continues for DOD School System Students Despite COVID-19 Restrictions  
04/21/2020: COVID-19 Doesn't Stop Homeland Defense  
04/16/2020: Truth, Accuracy Part of Democratic Value System, Eucom Commander Says  
04/14/2020: Defense Production Act Contract to Provide 39 Million Masks  
04/13/2020: Growth in DOD Telework Capability May Outlive Coronavirus Pandemic  
04/10/2020: First 'Tele-Graduation' Marks Last Iteration of CIO Leader Course  
04/09/2020: Despite COVID-19, U.S. Military Remains Ready to Fight  
04/08/2020: DOD Ramps Up COVID-19 Response Efforts From Coast to Coast  
04/07/2020: Comfort, Javits Center Open Care to COVID-19 Patients  
04/03/2020: Air Force to Make 9th Flight to Deliver Testing Swabs  
04/01/2020: Corps of Engineers Converts NYC's Javits Center Into Hospital  
03/31/2020: Transcom Looks for Ways to Safely Move COVID-19 Patients  
03/27/2020: Launch of Space Force Largely Unaffected by Coronavirus, Top Space Officer Says  
03/25/2020: DOD Modeling for Coronavirus Helps With Response Planning  
03/24/2020: Nearly 10,000 Guardsmen Called Up for COVID-19 Response  
03/24/2020: DOD Aims to Fill Medical Gaps With Military While States, Cities Ramp Up  
03/20/2020: Coronavirus Fails to Affect Eucom Readiness  
03/18/2020: Hospital Ships, Other DOD Assets Prepare for Coronavirus Response  
03/17/2020: High-Resolution Virus Pictures Help Researchers Develop Vaccines  
03/17/2020: DOD Poised to Provide Masks, Ventilators, Labs for Coronavirus Fight  
03/16/2020: Pentagon Spokesman: DOD Ready to Help With Coronavirus, but Capability Limited  
03/13/2020: U.S. Strikes 5 Kata'ib Hezbollah Targets in Iraq  
03/12/2020: DOD Should Focus on Short-Term Goals in Quantum Science  
03/12/2020: Right-Sizing, Not Reduction at Guantanamo, Southcom Commander Says  
03/10/2020: Military Doing Better Today Than 4 Years Ago, Norquist Says  
03/05/2020: Readiness Up Across the Force, Chairman Says  
03/04/2020: Policy Changes Underway for International Military Students After Pensacola Shooting  
03/03/2020: U.S. Seeks to Maintain Credible Nuclear Deterrent  
03/02/2020: 250-Patient Army Field Hospital in Seattle Expected to Open Next Week  
02/28/2020: Stratcom Commander: Failing to Replace Nuclear Triad Akin to Disarmament  
02/25/2020: DOD Adopts 5 Principles of Artificial Intelligence Ethics  
02/24/2020: Esper Urges South Korea to Contribute More to Its Defense  
02/20/2020: Esper: Nuclear Triad Must Remain Effective, Reliable, Credible  
02/20/2020: More Young People Need to Pursue the 'Magic of Engineering'  
02/19/2020: Joint Exercise to Test Tactical Forces in Cold-Weather Environment  
02/13/2020: U.S., Taliban Negotiate 7-Day Proposal for Reduction in Violence  
02/12/2020: To Avoid 'Bureaucratic Inertia' With Space Force, DOD Must 'Think Differently'  
02/10/2020: Norquist: Budget Request Represents 'Next Step' in Implementing Defense Strategy  
02/10/2020: FY 2021 DOD Budget Request Seeks 3% Pay Raise for Service Members  
02/07/2020: Space Force Making Measured Efforts in Absorbing New Personnel  
01/31/2020: DOD to Require Cybersecurity Certification in Some Contract Bids  
01/30/2020: DOD Aims to Certify Security Cooperation Workforce as Profession  
01/29/2020: Used Ships Could Solve Sealift Readiness Issues  
01/27/2020: Nationals Take World Series Trophy to Pentagon  
01/23/2020: Esper: More Comprehensive Vetting for Foreign Students on the Way  
01/23/2020: 'You Make Us ALL Proud' Esper Tells Pensacola First Responders  
01/23/2020: DOD Agency Offers 'milDrive' Desktop-Integrated Cloud Computing  
01/17/2020: DOJ Finds Pensacola Attack 'Act of Terrorism;' New Rules for Foreign Military Students  
01/16/2020: Recruiting Challenges for Chaplains Mirror Other Military Jobs  
01/12/2020: Esper: Information Indicated 'Broad Scale' Attack Within 'Matter of Days'  
01/11/2020: Going for Gold for the Rosies  
01/09/2020: Veterans, Officials Mark 75th Anniversary of Key WWII Battle  
01/08/2020: Chairman: Defensive Measures Prevented Casualties in Iranian Attack  
01/07/2020: Esper: Iran Has 'Big Off Ramp' to Avoid Further Conflict  
01/02/2020: Esper: Kataeb Hezbollah Will 'Likely Regret' Further Provocative Behavior  

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