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04/21/2022: Austin to Host Meeting in Germany to Discuss Ukraine's Long-Term Defense Needs
04/21/2022: More Howitzers, Artillery Rounds, UAVs Headed to Ukraine
04/20/2022: DOD Aims to Close Gap in Bringing U.S. Tech Innovation to Market •
04/20/2022: Army Announces 2 New Rifles for Close-Combat Soldiers
04/19/2022: DOD: U.S. Security Assistance to Ukraine Provides What's Needed, as Needed
04/18/2022: Russian 'Shaping' Operations in Donbas Point to More Aggressive Plans in Future
04/14/2022: DOD: Security Assistance Support to Ukraine Not Affecting U.S. Readiness
04/13/2022: Howitzers, Helicopters, Humvees Headed to Ukraine
04/12/2022: Defense Intelligence Agency Report Details Space-Based Threats From Competitors
04/11/2022: Security Assistance to Ukraine Continues Unabated
04/06/2022: Cyber Mission Force Set to Add More Teams
04/06/2022: DOD: More Javelins Approved for Ukraine; Switchblades On their Way
04/06/2022: FY2023 Budget Request Includes $246 Million for SOCOM's 'Armed Overwatch' Program 
04/02/2022: First Lady, President Officially Commission Navy Attack Submarine
04/01/2022: Former Centcom Chief of Staff Assumes Role of Commander
03/31/2022: Official Says U.S., Allies Concerned That Putin Is Misinformed About Ukraine War
03/29/2022: Defense Official Not Ready to Call Russian Activity in Ukraine a Retreat or Withdrawal
03/28/2022: 6 Navy Growler Aircraft Headed to Germany to Support Deterrence Mission
03/25/2022: In Ukraine, Russian Activity Now More Focused on Donbas Than Kyiv
03/23/2022: DOD Grows University Affiliated Research Center Partnerships With HBCUs
03/21/2022: JADC2 Implementation Plan Finalized, Signed by Defense Leadership
03/21/2022: Russian Military Activities in Ukraine Conducted 'In Silos'
03/21/2022: Wearable Sensors May Be Future Option for Assessing Toxin Exposures
03/17/2022: Slovakian Defense Minister Says Military Spending at 2% Should Be Base, Not Target
03/15/2022: NATO Chief: There Will Be 'High Price to Pay' for Russian Use of Chemical Weapons
03/14/2022: Russian Targets More Than 'Messaging,' Pentagon Spokesperson Says
03/10/2022: At Manda Bay, Investigation Finds No Single Point of Failure, But Many Recommendations for Improvement
03/08/2022: DOD Wants to Shepherd Small Business Innovators
03/08/2022: Southcom Commander Says Partnerships Key to National Defense in Western Hemisphere
03/07/2022: Defense Department Reports Airspace Above Ukraine Remains Contested 
03/04/2022: Integrated Deterrence at Center of Upcoming National Defense Strategy
03/04/2022: U.S. Provided More Than $1 Billion in Security Assistance to Ukraine in Past Year
03/03/2022: Addressing DOD's Tech Focus Areas Requires New Approaches •
02/28/2022: DOD: In Ukraine, Every Lost Soul is on Putin 
02/25/2022: Defense Department Engineers Drive Mission Success
02/25/2022: SEAC: 'Character, Competence, Commitment' Are Bedrocks of U.S. Credibility
02/25/2022: With Activation of NATO Response Force, U.S. Military Ready to Provide Forces
02/24/2022: Service Academies Directed to Build Up Sexual Assault Prevention Programs 
02/24/2022: DOD Kicks Off 17th Annual Engineers Week
02/16/2022: DOD Report: Consolidation of Defense Industrial Base Poses Risks to National Security
02/09/2022: Former NYC Mayor Tapped to Lead Defense Innovation Board
02/08/2022: Increasing Production Is Important for Hypersonics, Defense Official Says
02/08/2022: U.S. Needs More Icebreakers for Arctic
02/03/2022: Recapitalization of Refuelers, Transport Ships Critical to Transcom Mission
02/01/2022: Health, Security, Environment Are Key Motivators in DOD Response at Red Hill
01/31/2022: 'Major Non-NATO Ally' Designation Will Enhance U.S., Qatar Relationship
01/25/2022: Additional Security Assistance Headed to Ukraine
01/21/2022: Neptune Strike '22 Kicks off Monday in Mediterranean
01/19/2022: Simplified Human/Machine Interfaces Top List of Critical DOD Technologies •
01/18/2022: Defense Microelectronics Activity Designated Center for Industrial Technical Excellence
01/18/2022: Tuskegee Airman Charles McGee Dies at 102
01/13/2022: More Active Troops to Help Take COVID-Related Pressure Off Civilian Hospitals
01/10/2022: Pentagon Moves to Health Protection Condition Charlie
01/06/2022: Shared Challenges, Strengthening Alliance at Center of U.S.-Japan Defense Meeting


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