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12/28/2021: Bump in COVID-19 Cases in D.C. Area Spurs Additional Mitigation Efforts at Pentagon
12/09/2021: Iran Top Priority for U.S., Israel
12/08/2021: Time for Guam Missile Defense Build-Up Is Now
12/08/2021: Small Arms, Ammunition From U.S. Headed to Ukraine's Defense Forces This Week
12/07/2021: Long-Range Discrimination Radar Reshapes Adversaries' Calculus for Attacks Against U.S. Homeland
12/06/2021: DOD Must Act Early to Extract Much-Needed Tech From Nation's Industrial Base
12/02/2021: Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence, Security Launches at University of Maryland
12/01/2021: For Contingencies in Indo-Pacom, Army Will Serve as 'Linchpin' for Joint Force
11/29/2021: Austin Orders Review of 2019 Baghuz Airstrikes, Which Killed Syrian Civilians
11/29/2021: Mission Partner Environment Cuts Decision Making, Kill Chain
11/24/2021: DOD Looks at Ways to Improve Child Care Access
11/23/2021: Bidens Share 'Friendsgiving' Dinner With Fort Bragg Troops, Families
11/22/2021: Socom Commander Says Taliban Aren't Counterterrorism Partners in Afghanistan
11/19/2021: Aegis Ashore in Poland on Target for 2022
11/16/2021: Results of DOD Financial Statement Audit Supports Focus on People •
11/12/2021: World War II Veteran, Prisoner of War Dies at 99
11/10/2021: Moscow Should Be More Transparent About Activities Near Ukraine
11/08/2021: DOD Focused on Readiness, Instead of Intent Behind Chinese Military Exercises
11/03/2021: China Military Power Report Details Advances, Goals in 2020
11/01/2021: Registration Open for November's Inaugural 'Relationship Wellness Summit'
11/01/2021: With Vaccination Deadlines Approaching, Commanders Asked to Use Compassion in Enforcement
10/28/2021: DOD Metrics-Based Goals Will Strengthen Organic Industrial Base, Official Says
10/27/2021: Development Programs Keep DOD's Workforce Strong
10/12/2021: While China's Intimidation of Taiwan Continues, U.S. Remains Committed to Taiwanese Self-Defense
10/08/2021: DISA Director Says Common Access Card Showing Age
10/07/2021: DOD Finds Top-Notch, Reliable Defense Partner, Supplier in Italy
10/06/2021: More Stable Networks Among DOD Cloud Goals for Outside U.S.
09/30/2021: Supply Chain Resiliency Is Whole-of-Government Effort
09/30/2021: Security Issues Among 'Allies Welcome' Population Often Less Than in Comparable U.S. Civilian Communities
09/29/2021: DOD Leaders Address Bagram Departure, Noncombatant Evacuation Operation Timing
09/24/2021: DOD Says It's Time to Renew Extended ID Cards
09/23/2021: New Branding Freshens Up DOD Flagship Website
09/22/2021: Low-Level Commanders Need Authority to Counter Information Operations, Northcom Leader Says
09/20/2021: Investigation of Aug. 29 Airstrike in Kabul to Get Its Own Review
09/17/2021: DoD: August 29 Strike in Kabul 'Tragic Mistake,' Kills 10 Civilians
09/17/2021: DoD: Best Time to Take Military Spouse Survey is Now
09/15/2021: Long-Term U.S., Australian Relationship Will Ensure Free, Open Indo-Pacific Region
09/10/2021: Guard Pilot Who Flew Over D.C. Following 9/11 Likened Attacks to Modern-Day Pearl Harbor
09/10/2021: DOD Leaders Recall Americans' Resilience After 9/11
09/09/2021: 9/11 Pentagon Survivors Talk With High School, College Students About Experience
09/08/2021: DOD Extends 'Firefly,' Related 'FireGuard' Support to Extinguish Wildfires
09/08/2021: DARPA Looks to Microbes to Process Rare Earth Elements
09/03/2021: DOD Recognizes 50 Years of Security Cooperation
09/02/2021: Artillerymen Must Be Ready to Operate in Space Degraded, Denied Environments, Spacecom Leader Says
08/31/2021: New Pentagon Exhibit Details How Department Keeps Its Edge
08/28/2021: 'Over-the Horizon' Air Strike Kills 2 High-Profile ISIS-K Targets
08/27/2021: DOD Building Capacity to Support up to 50,000 Afghan Evacuees
08/26/2021: Tragic Deaths of U.S. Service Members in Afghanistan Won't Stop Evacuation Mission
08/25/2021: With Afghanistan Evacuation, It's Lives Over Equipment ... Period, DOD Spokesman Says
08/25/2021: Eucom Ready for 25,000 Afghan Evacuees at a Time
08/24/2021: Nearly 22k Personnel Out of Afghanistan in Last 24 Hours
08/23/2021: Fast-Paced Airport Ground Ops Keeps Evacuees Moving
08/23/2021: New Jersey Military Base Available to Receive Afghan Evacuees
08/12/2021: Vice Admiral Discusses Potential of AI in Missile Defense Testing, Operations
08/10/2021: Services Will Make Call on Religious Exemptions to COVID-19 Vaccines
08/04/2021: U.S. Will Continue to Operate in South China Sea to Ensure Prosperity for All
08/03/2021: Space Command, Navy Share Commonalities in Keeping Open Lines of Communication
07/29/2021: Guard Well-Equipped to Handle West Coast Wildfires
07/28/2021: DOD Directs Employees to Start Wearing Face Masks Again
07/27/2021: DOD Unveils 2021 POW/MIA Recognition Day Poster
07/23/2021: 'Zero-Based' Reviews of DOD Advisory Committee Nearly Complete, Decisions Come Soon
07/22/2021: DOD to Modernize Intelligence Information Apparatus With 'Back to Basics' Approach
07/21/2021: DOD Takes Phased Approach to Implementing Recommendations on Sexual Assault, Harassment
07/21/2021: DOD, Navy Confront Climate Change Challenges in Southern Virginia
07/19/2021: Fort Lee Chosen as First Stop in U.S. for Relocating Afghans Under Operation Allies Refuge
07/19/2021: DOD Holds First Public Outreach Event to Engage With PFAS Stakeholders
07/14/2021: Defense Department Will Provide Options for 'Operation Allies Refuge'
07/14/2021: Ethics Key to AI Development, Austin Says
07/12/2021: After Authority Transition in Afghanistan, Airport Security Remains Top Priority
07/07/2021: DOD Aims for New Enterprise-Wide Cloud by 2022
07/02/2021: Sexual Assaults Will No Longer Be Prosecuted by Commanders
07/01/2021: Leaders Committed to Transparency With African Partners
06/30/2021: COVID-19 Pandemic Not Over, Concerns Over Delta Variant Growing
06/25/2021: Nuclear Posture Review, National Defense Strategy Will Be Thoroughly Integrated
06/23/2021: Aboard Commercial Rocket, Space Defense Agency Sends Up Satellites for First Time
06/21/2021: COVID-19 Effects Waning Across Defense Department, Pentagon
06/16/2021: Defense, State Agree: Diversity, Inclusion Important for Mission Success
06/11/2021: Missile Defense Review Will Address Growing Threats From Iran, North Korea, Others
06/09/2021: DOD Announces Center to Collaborate on, Advance Shared Interests in Arctic Region
06/08/2021: DOD Vaccine Centers Draw Down to 5
06/02/2021: Military Leaders Plan for Post-Withdrawal Financial Support for Afghans
06/02/2021: Lebanese Armed Forces Remain Top-Notch Security Partner
06/01/2021: Memo Outlines DOD Plans for Responsible Artificial Intelligence
05/31/2021: President: America's Fallen Defended 'Vital, Beating Heart of Our Nation'
05/27/2021: Austin, Milley: President's FY22 Budget Request Sufficient for Defense Mission
05/26/2021: Defense Office Brings Small Tech Companies Into Big League
05/26/2021: Air Force Academy Grads to Keep Competition From Becoming Conflict
05/25/2021: Afghanistan Retrograde Nearly One-Quarter Complete
05/24/2021: Ending Mission on Capitol Hill, Guard Personnel Prepare to Go Home
05/20/2021: Energy, Water Resilience on Installations Critical to Operational Security
05/20/2021: DOD Official Discusses 'Moral Obligation' to Help Those in Afghanistan Who Helped U.S.
05/19/2021: Air Force Can Retire KC-135, Transcom Commander Says
05/14/2021: In Cyber, Differentiating Between State Actors, Criminals Is a Blur
05/13/2021: Nuclear Deterrence Remains Department's Highest Priority Mission
05/11/2021: Defense Acquisition University Plows Through Pandemic With Online Offerings
05/10/2021: In Strait of Hormuz, U.S. Vessels Exercised Right to Self Defense
05/07/2021: Military Spouses Enable Mission by Maintaining the Home Front
05/07/2021: On-Time Delivery Top Priority at Space Development Agency
05/06/2021: There Must Be Rules for How We Use Space, Defense Leaders Say
05/03/2021: Defender Europe 21 Exercises Multinational Interoperability, Readiness, Transparency
05/01/2021: Austin Says POW/MIA Agency's Mission Gives Confidence to Service Members in War
04/30/2021: U.S. Sends Medical Supplies to India to Help in COVID-19 Fight
04/30/2021: Defense Secretary Says 'Integrated Deterrence' Is Cornerstone of U.S. Defense
04/23/2021: DOD to Assist in Search for Indonesian Submarine
04/23/2021: Military, Environmental, Agricultural Interests Align in Chesapeake Bay Region
04/20/2021: U.S. Plans to Keep Threats in Check Even After Afghanistan Withdrawal
04/19/2021: Clinic Doors Open Wide for Those Wanting COVID-19 Vaccine
04/16/2021: Flag Raised for First Time at National World War I Memorial
04/15/2021: U.S. Must Get 'On the Field' in Arctic to Defend National Interests There
04/15/2021: Southcom Can Use More ISR Capacity, Security Cooperation
04/13/2021: DOD Modernization Can't Happen Alone, Defense Official Says •
04/12/2021: Deputy Defense Secretary Evaluates Effects of Climate on Military Operations
04/07/2021: At Pentagon, Sexual Assault Awareness Is a Full-Time Effort
04/05/2021: DOD Closely Monitoring Russian Activities in Arctic
04/02/2021: To Better Equip Warfighters, Sustainment Must Be Built In
03/30/2021: Extremism Stand Downs Focus on Oath, Not Data Collection
03/29/2021: Military Using Alternatives to Suez Canal In Middle East
03/26/2021: Entire Force May Be Vaccinated for COVID-19 by Early Summer
03/24/2021: Commission Begins 90-Day Look Into Sexual Assault in Military
03/23/2021: If DOD Wants AI In Its Future, It Must Start Now, Official Says
03/19/2021: Improvements to Organic Industrial Base Prepare Services for Future Fight
03/18/2021: SEAC: DOD Will 'Move Fast' Against Extremism After Completion of Stand Downs
03/10/2021: Defense Department Approves Continued Guard Presence on Capitol Hill
03/10/2021: Secretary of Defense's Trip to Asia to Focus on Strengthening Partnerships With Japan, Korea, India
03/08/2021: Guard Works to Ensure Troops Defending Capitol Have Safe, Nutritious Food
03/06/2021: DOD Identifies More Troops to Help Administer COVID-19 Vaccine
03/04/2021: 'Warfighter Council' Guides Capability Development for Space Development Agency
03/03/2021: Any Response to Early Morning Rocket Attack Will Wait on Investigation
03/01/2021: Drop in Sexual Assault Reports at Service Academies May Be Coronavirus-Related
02/26/2021: Former White House Advisor to Lead DOD Commission on Sexual Assault
02/24/2021: Joint Warfighting Is the Future, SEAC Says
02/23/2021: During Engineers Week, Defense Department 'Problem Solvers' Asked to 'Imagine Tomorrow'
02/23/2021: Engineers With Both Government, Private Sector Experience Make 'Most Impact'
02/23/2021: Engineers Key to Defense Space Efforts: 'We Have Your Back'
02/21/2021: Iraqi Government Examines In-Country Missile Attacks on U.S. Bases
02/17/2021: Two Federally Supported Vaccination Sites Open In California, More to Follow
02/10/2021: Online Tool Focuses on Exceptional Family Members
02/03/2021: Defense Official Discusses Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Human Decision-Making, AI
01/19/2021: Despite COVID-19 Restrictions, Service Members Play Important Role in Inauguration
01/15/2021: DOD Aims to Bring Industrial Base Back to U.S., Allies
01/13/2021: DOD's Autonomous Vessel Sails Through Transit Test, Participates in Exercise Dawn Blitz
01/13/2021: Trusted Capital Marketplace Reduces Vulnerability to Adversarial Capital
01/06/2021: States Can Accelerate Vaccinations by Broadening Recipient Pool
01/06/2021: World War II Vet, POW Who Endured 'Hell Ship,' Gets CIB, Promotion, POW Medal
01/05/2021: DOD's Inaugural Foray Into 5G Experimentation on Track


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