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12/20/2019: Defense Bill Funds Space Force, Pay Raises
12/18/2019: World's Two Largest Democracies Share Interest in Free Indo-Pacific Region
12/16/2019: Esper Commemorates Battle of the Bulge at Ceremony in Luxembourg
12/12/2019: Troxell Reflects on Four Years in Military's Top Enlisted Post
12/11/2019: U.S. Will Withdraw From Syria When Local Forces Can Keep ISIS in Check
12/10/2019: Making a Difference Fuels Retention in Space, Cyber Commands
12/10/2019: Cybersecurity Requirements Likely for Defense Contracts by June 2020
12/08/2019: DOD Will Help Small Companies Meet Cybersecurity Requirements
12/08/2019: Time to Move Forward With Space Force, Air Force Secretary Says
12/05/2019: No Plans to Leave Iraq, Defense Official Says
12/05/2019: DOD Takes Public Health Approach to Suicides
12/04/2019: Air Force Space Command Works to Counter Adversary Exploits
11/26/2019: Task Force Curbs Technology Theft to Keep Joint Force Strong
11/25/2019: Esper Asks SEALs, Navy to Focus on Standards, Ethics
11/21/2019: Military Services Strengthen, Modernize Industrial Base
11/19/2019: DOD Official: Iran's Military Strength Relies Partly on Nonstate Actors
11/16/2019: New Book of WWII Photos Highlights Significance of Army Signal Corps
11/14/2019: DOD Mission Big Draw for Cyber Defense Job Applicants
11/13/2019: DOD Expects Significant Progress on Critical F-35 System
11/07/2019: Syrian Democratic Forces Reap Benefit From Oil Money
11/05/2019: U.S. Needs WWII-Like Momentum to Advance AI, Esper Says
11/04/2019: 40 Years After Hostage Crisis, Iran Remains Hotbed of Terrorism
11/01/2019: Teacher, Military Spouse Uses Law to Improve Employment Options
10/31/2019: Losing Technology to Competitors Threatens Force Lethality
10/29/2019: DOD Finalizes Purchase Plan for F-35 Aircraft
10/28/2019: DOD Focuses Early AI Use on 'Low Consequence' Applications
10/24/2019: Stratcom Nominee: Nuclear Triad Modernization Must Continue
10/21/2019: Persistent Spouse Unemployment Affects Military Families
10/17/2019: DOD Improves Construction Standards After Natural Disasters
10/15/2019: Military Exchanges Extinguish Vape Sales
10/15/2019: Employment Options, Tools Abound for Military Spouses
10/11/2019: U.S. Sends Additional Capabilities to Saudi Arabia
10/08/2019: DOD Looks to Future of Logistics
10/04/2019: Southcom Commander: Foreign Powers Pose Security Concerns
10/03/2019: Aid to Ukraine Successful, DOD Spokesman Says
10/01/2019: South Korea's Role Key in Advancing Indo-Pacific Vision
09/27/2019: Spacecom Built for Today's Strategic Environment
09/26/2019: DOD Releases Report on Suicide Among Troops, Military Family Members
09/26/2019: New Defense School to Certify Security Cooperation Workforce
09/24/2019: Assume Networks Are Compromised, DOD Official Urges •
09/24/2019: DARPA Director Talks Promise of Life Sciences Research
09/21/2019: Prisoners of War, Missing in Action, Remembered at Pentagon Ceremony
09/18/2019: After Nearly 75 Years, 'Eagle 7' Tankers Pinned With Bronze Stars •
09/17/2019: U.S., Allies Remember Operation Market Garden
09/13/2019: DOD Strengthens Ties With Nordic, Baltic Nations
09/12/2019: Army Secretary Nominee Talks Housing, Readiness at Hearing
09/11/2019: Deterrence in Cyberspace Requires Multifaceted Approach
09/06/2019: Intelligence Communications System Gets Tech Refresh
09/06/2019: Space Expansion Presents Opportunities, Challenges for DOD
09/04/2019: DOD to Divert $3.6 Billion to Fund 11 Barrier Projects at Southern Border
09/03/2019: DOD Educates Employees About Insider Threats •
09/03/2019: DOD Seeks Ethicist to Guide Artificial Intelligence Deployment
08/30/2019: DOD Commemorates 75th Anniversary of Paris Liberation
08/28/2019: Disputes Between U.S. Allies Hinder Indo-Pacific Security Cooperation
08/27/2019: Military Health Care Consolidation Moves to Next Phase
08/26/2019: Social Media Security: Tips From an Army Special Agent •
08/23/2019: DOD Honors Employers of Guardsmen, Reservists
08/21/2019: Global Markets, Shipping Shape Military Ops
08/16/2019: DOD Agency Keeps File Swaps Safe •
08/14/2019: Hypersonics Remain Top Priority for DOD
08/07/2019: Next-Generation Air Dominance Will Rely On Data Sharing
08/05/2019: New DOD Program Leaves Sexual Predators Nowhere to Hide
08/02/2019: U.S. Withdraws From Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty
07/31/2019: Northcom Wants Industry Partnerships to Advance Tech Capability
07/30/2019: Security Clearance Employees at OPM Get DOD Welcome Notice
07/25/2019: Despite Risk, Recruits Want to Serve, Enlisted Leaders Say
07/24/2019: Esper: Operation Sentinel Prevents Escalation of Middle East Waterways Conflict
07/23/2019: Northcom Commander Cites Arctic as Area of Concern
07/11/2019: Milley Talks Modernization at Confirmation Hearing
07/10/2019: Southcom Chief Stresses Need for Partnerships, Security Cooperation
07/05/2019: Cyber Flag Exercise Focuses on Partnerships •
07/03/2019: U.S. Security Requires Multiple Elements of Deterrence
06/28/2019: DOD More Assertive, Proactive in Cyber Domain
06/25/2019: DOD to Take Over Background Checks by Fiscal 2020 •
06/22/2019: DOD Commemorates Founding of POW/MIA Advocacy Group •
06/20/2019: Naval Engineers Must 'Lean In' to Advance Technological Agility
06/12/2019: U.S., Polish Leaders Agree to Increased American Presence in Poland
06/11/2019: Polish Defense Minister Visits F-35 Facility in Florida
06/07/2019: DOD Sets Date to Begin 'Unwinding' Turkey From F-35 Program
06/06/2019: Reading of Names Commemorates D-Day •
06/05/2019: U.S. to Remain Partner of Choice for Military Hardware, General Says •
06/03/2019: Russia Makes Unreliable Military Partner, Defense Leader Says
06/03/2019: Changing Technology Landscape Biggest Challenge for DOD's CIO •
06/01/2019: Shanahan: Partners Must Join U.S. in Investing in Indo-Pacific Region
05/29/2019: Defense Digital Service Delivers Mission-Aligned Tech for DOD
05/28/2019: DOD Officials Urge Troops to Seek Mental Health Help Without Fear
05/24/2019: Southcom Chief Outlines Keys for Success in South America
05/23/2019: Rigorous Training, High Readiness Continue in Korea, General Says
05/23/2019: DOD Official Urges Recapitalizing Nuclear Triad Now
05/17/2019: 5 Installations Lead the Way in Suicide Prevention Efforts
05/17/2019: DOD Cyber Leaders Address Threats, Resilience, Working With Industry
05/14/2019: Pentagon Police Remember Their Own During Police Week
05/14/2019: Cybercom Cites Priorities Key to First-Year Success
05/14/2019: Persistent Engagement, Partnerships, Top Cybercom’s Priorities
05/10/2019: Marine Corps Wife Earns Honors as Military Spouse of the Year •
05/08/2019: Commander: Army 'Got It Right' With Brigade's Afghanistan Deployment
05/08/2019: Success of First SFAB in Afghanistan Proves ‘Army Got it Right,’ Commander Says
05/06/2019: DOD, OPM Team Up for Improved Online Training
05/02/2019: U.S. Needs New Nukes Now, DOD Officials Say
05/02/2019: No Margin for Error: Nuclear Capability Must be Upgraded Now, Defense Official Says
04/30/2019: Middle East Strategic Alliance Effort Aimed at Stabilization
04/30/2019: Middle East Security Still Critical to U.S.
04/26/2019: Navy Could Use AI to Combat Swarms of Enemy Boats
04/25/2019: DOD Lab Day Showcases Latest Mine-Killer Technology •
04/24/2019: Warfighters Need ‘Uncompromised’ Technology, Official Says
04/11/2019: Part-Time Service Members, Full-Time Citizens
04/11/2019: Reserve Components Are Focused on Readiness, Leaders Say
04/09/2019: DOD Official: ‘Intense Campaign’ Addressing Military Housing Issues
04/09/2019: Shanahan: Next Big War May Be Won or Lost in Space
04/09/2019: Shanahan: Space No Longer Peaceful
04/01/2019: 4 Things to Know About the U.S. Nuclear Deterrence Strategy
03/29/2019: DOD Official: Maintaining Space Dominance ‘Pivotal’ for U.S. Warfighters
03/27/2019: Top Sustainment Official: Housing Privatization ‘Right Thing to Do’
03/26/2019: Pentagon Official: U.S., Partners Must Lead in 5G Technology Development
03/20/2019: Shanahan: Space Force to Preserve Margin of Dominance, $19 Trillion Economy
03/20/2019: Space Force Looks to Stay Light-Years Ahead
03/19/2019: 4 Things to Know About the U.S.-France Relationship
03/15/2019: 'Bold Assumption' Brings Warrior Games to Tampa
03/14/2019: Challenging Russian Information Operations Requires Whole-of-Government Approach
03/13/2019: Early Work on Arlington Cemetery Expansion Starts Next Year
03/08/2019: Military Officers Guide Students Through Weeklong Senate Youth Program •
03/08/2019: Senate Youth Program 'Delegates' Meet DOD Leaders at Pentagon •
03/05/2019: Send More Boats, Eucom Commander Tells Senate
03/01/2019: Great Power Competition's Resurgence
02/22/2019: Survey Says: Majority of Spouses Satisfied With Military Life
02/14/2019: Cyber Command Expects Lessons From 2018 Midterms to Apply in 2020
02/14/2019: Acting Secretary Stresses Iraqi Sovereignty, Security in Visit to Baghdad
02/12/2019: Shanahan: Important Work Remains in Afghanistan
02/05/2019: Survey Says: Most Spouses Satisfied With Military Lifestyle
02/05/2019: Improving Combat Lethality, Performance
02/04/2019: Service Members Reap Benefits of Tax Law Changes
01/29/2019: Shanahan: ISIS Crippled in Syria
01/08/2019: U.S. Will Pick Up Pace in Race to Space With China, DOD Official Says


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