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12/14/2017: Army secretary brings combat experience to Pentagon
12/14/2017: More 'robust' promotion list offers specialists, sergeants improved upward mobility
11/17/2017: Army chief of staff: no reduction of standards to meet recruiting goals
11/15/2017: In nation's capital, ground officially broken for National WWI Memorial
10/30/2017: AER funds available now for Soldiers affected by hurricanes Maria, Irma, Harvey
10/24/2017: Medal of Honor awarded to Capt. Gary M. Rose for actions in Laos •
10/24/2017: New uniform provides lighter weight without breaking sweat
10/13/2017: Army looking into unmanned medevac, medical resupply •
10/11/2017: Army Chief of Staff urges Soldiers to take responsibility for unit, individual readiness •
10/10/2017: Army's planned modernization command supports DOD's primary lines of effort •
10/10/2017: Making better dummies to save lives •
10/06/2017: Army medic to accept Medal of Honor for all who served in Laos
10/05/2017: Presidential Rank awardees save Army $20 billion
10/03/2017: Modular handgun to begin fielding before Christmas
09/20/2017: Army to prioritize top equipment programs in service-wide review
09/20/2017: Vietnam War Soldier to receive Medal of Honor for actions in Laos
09/01/2017: Sexual assaults down across Army, SHARP program director says
08/17/2017: Augmented reality soon possible for MK-19 training •
08/01/2017: Army aims to field new weapon sight that wirelessly pairs with night vision goggles
07/28/2017: Acting Army Secretary: Army needs additional, predictable funding
07/26/2017: Four women become first female cavalry school graduates
06/22/2017: Infrastructure investment can enhance deterrence, military mobility in Europe
06/16/2017: First fallen aviator of World War I honored with Distinguished Flying Cross
06/15/2017: 35 future Soldiers take oath on Army's 242nd birthday
06/15/2017: End strength increase to save units, fill shortfalls
06/12/2017: With US help, Ukraine may put brigades through new combat training center by 2018
06/09/2017: Army installation chief asks for new BRAC round to improve readiness, morale
05/30/2017: Army teaching robots to understand language
05/30/2017: Army budget request asks for raise in Soldier pay, housing, subsistence •
05/25/2017: Auto-targeting technology to reduce 'aim error' in crew-served weapons
05/19/2017: 3-D printed grenade launcher only tip of future manufacturing possibilities for Army
05/18/2017: Security force assistance brigades to free brigade combat teams from advise, assist mission
05/10/2017: Caregivers mark National Nurses Week with wreath at Arlington National Cemetery •
05/05/2017: Future warfare requires 'disciplined disobedience,' Army chief says •
05/05/2017: Diversity more than black and white, Army leaders say
05/04/2017: Aviation efforts in Korea focused on countering special operations forces, WMD
05/03/2017: Deterrent forces ready to 'fight tonight' in Europe, general says
05/01/2017: Define aviation requirements operationally, says Maj. Gen. Gayler
04/28/2017: It's time to move past incremental modernization in aviation, says major general
04/25/2017: Army's illustrated preventative maintenance magazine to go all-digital this summer
04/21/2017: Sexist humor more than just offensive, expert says
04/13/2017: With no bullets, Mobile High-Energy Laser shoots drones from sky •
04/07/2017: Expanded Pacific Pathways forging readiness, says outgoing I Corps commander
04/06/2017: Army marks centennial of U.S. entering World War I •
04/05/2017: With no budget, all Army training comes to 'screeching halt' by July
04/05/2017: Short-range air defense tops review of Army programs, G-8 says
04/03/2017: Second Army cases colors for fourth time
03/31/2017: G-6 helped move Army from switchboard to network culture
03/29/2017: Latin America partner nations look to US in modernizing armored fleets
03/24/2017: Social media misconduct won't be tolerated, Army leader says
03/21/2017: Stryker teams proving value of simulation •
03/20/2017: Aircraft protection will be priority if sequestration continues, says G-8
03/16/2017: New Soldier armor weighs less, offers more options •
03/06/2017: New Army jungle wear gives trench foot the boot •
03/03/2017: 1st ABCT brings improved readiness home from Korea
03/01/2017: Acquisition community: The Army can't wait for 'perfect solutions'
02/28/2017: Painting by Army Soldier displayed in museum in Rome
02/17/2017: Dailey calls for recruiting from 'entire nation,' improved training opportunities •
02/13/2017: Army team simulates $5 million Stryker with plywood, touch screens
02/13/2017: Army on track to meet 2025 data center reduction goal
02/09/2017: Air defense community needs large, collective exercise, says brigadier general
01/30/2017: Seeding Excellence: Premier of 'Soldiers' shows in-depth look at Sullivan Cup competitors
01/26/2017: Podcast series explores 100-year history of 82nd Airborne Division
01/24/2017: Turbans, beards, dreadlocks now permissible for some Soldiers
01/23/2017: National Guard Soldiers keep the peace during inauguration •
01/13/2017: Milley: Larger Army without funding to support it would be 'hollow force'
01/11/2017: Fanning appoints new aides to foster 'fundamental bond' between Army and public


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