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12/28/2012: Schwarzkopf, architect of Operation Desert Storm, dies at 78
12/13/2012: Troops at MAPEX prepare to support inauguration •
12/11/2012: Commander's 'dashboard' will highlight high-risk behavior in Soldiers
12/07/2012: 'Fiscal Cliff' would challenge Army to maintain readiness •
12/07/2012: Cadets raise spirits in Pentagon for Army-Navy game •
12/06/2012: Army evaluates plan to synchronize readiness, resilience programs •
12/04/2012: African nations can, must do for themselves -- with U.S. support •
11/28/2012: Military families meet with first lady at White House •
11/21/2012: Army wins Warrior Care Month sitting volleyball tournament •
11/20/2012: Soldiers at NIE run network equipment through life-like combat scenarios •
11/20/2012: Portrait of 37th chief of staff unveiled at Pentagon
11/15/2012: 'Spirit of Hope' awardees find unique ways to thank troops
11/14/2012: At JRTC, Army training for DATE with hybrid threats •
10/25/2012: Melting Arctic ice will present new challenges
10/23/2012: Army will prepare for future with regionally aligned forces
10/22/2012: Army will do its job with less, secretary says
10/20/2012: JRTC rotation demonstrates force of future •
10/12/2012: 'Capital Shield' tests Army's first responders in nation's capital •
10/04/2012: Soldiers get 20 days to vote on new PT uniform
10/01/2012: Army tightens fitness standards for students entering professional military education
09/14/2012: Navy Paralympian proud to be back in uniform representing America
09/13/2012: Army, NFL report to Congress on brain-injury initiatives
09/11/2012: On 9/11, Soldiers in Afghanistan reminded Army takes care of its own •
09/07/2012: Academy women's volleyball teams compete at Pentagon
08/28/2012: Army gold medalist Hancock to visit White House with U.S. Olympic team
08/20/2012: Exercise confirms U.S. homeland defense capability
08/17/2012: Inputs into Army exercises increase command awareness of cyber threat •
08/15/2012: First female four-star general retires from Army •
07/27/2012: 'Pockets of excellence' across Army, but work still needs to be done on health of force •
07/27/2012: Muslim service members, DOD personnel, celebrate Iftar dinner at Pentagon •
07/23/2012: DOD to mark anniversary of Korean War armistice
07/18/2012: Odierno meets with, addresses Pacific-region army leaders
07/11/2012: Army to discontinue NASCAR sponsorship
07/02/2012: Army radar to allow UAS to fly in National Air Space
06/29/2012: New tactical network set to begin fielding in the fall •
06/27/2012: In short term, Gray Eagle trades reliability for capability
06/22/2012: Dagger Brigade to 'align' with AFRICOM in 2013
06/18/2012: Army birthday ball a celebration of Soldiers, history •
06/15/2012: Army chief celebrates service's 237th birthday in 'Big Apple'
06/14/2012: McHugh: Army birthday about recognizing Soldier service, saying thanks •
06/11/2012: Hiring event goes virtual to reach more veterans
06/08/2012: Army expands early separation program for non-deployers
06/07/2012: On anniversary of D-Day invasion, Army recognizes WWII vets in Nation's Capital
05/31/2012: Army employees recognized for work with civilian work force •
05/29/2012: Rolling Thunder gathers for 25th ride at Pentagon •
05/23/2012: Reserve components need equipment to keep Soldiers engaged, onboard
05/22/2012: Fisher House opens new site for families of wounded •
05/18/2012: Soldiers school public about Army during 2012 JSOH •
05/17/2012: Odierno: Sequestration could lead to hollow Army •
05/17/2012: Sabo inducted into Pentagon Hall of Heroes •
05/16/2012: President presents Medal of Honor to Vietnam hero's widow •
05/10/2012: Austin: Army takes advantage of training opportunities with reduced OPTEMPO
05/10/2012: General Lloyd Austin: with reduced OPTEMPO, Army takes advantage of increased training opportunities
05/09/2012: Odierno: Soldiers must take action to prevent sexual assault •
05/09/2012: Microemulsion could allow vaccines to be stockpiled long-term
05/02/2012: WTU Soldiers say competition helps heal at Warrior Games
05/01/2012: Army asks for armed aerial scout demonstration
04/25/2012: Foreign military sales make partnerships strong, keep production lines hot
04/24/2012: Secretary of Army recognizes innovation •
04/20/2012: White House honors 'Champion of Change' for Afghanistan energy-saving •
04/17/2012: Afghanistan ambassador invites U.S. Soldier to embassy •
04/16/2012: MRAP has future in Army with clearance, prepositioning
04/11/2012: New fixed-wing aircraft will replace C-12s
04/10/2012: Future vertical lift aircraft to be faster, have smaller logistics footprint
04/05/2012: Lakota fleet more than 200 strong approaching 100K flight hours •
04/03/2012: Air Soldier System to improve upon Air Warrior, weigh less •
04/02/2012: Aviation conference opens with 'sunrise' on Army aviation
03/30/2012: Pakistan route critical to reset, retrograde in Afghanistan
03/30/2012: Army aims to grow more resilience trainers on its own
03/28/2012: Leadership experience is available in garrison too
03/22/2012: Army focus on post-traumatic stress disorder shifts toward prevention •
03/22/2012: Hero 2 Hired website aims to transform heroes to hired civilians
03/21/2012: Brain injuries don't end with Afghan drawdown •
03/14/2012: Hall of Fame inducts women Vietnam vets
03/14/2012: Warrior Transition Command recognizes women's education, empowerment
03/12/2012: More than 280 service members offered third opinion on psych evals
03/08/2012: New Army focus on Pacific doesn't mean abandoning Middle East
03/07/2012: Chefs bring elegance, teamwork to Army's largest culinary competition •
03/02/2012: Shrinking construction budget supports key projects
03/02/2012: Army to field more 'double-V hull' Strykers
02/29/2012: Assistant Secretary reflects on Women's History Month
02/28/2012: Fort Lauderdale high schoolers demo robot at AUSA expo •
02/28/2012: Industry ready now for Joint Light Tactical Vehicle
02/24/2012: Regional unit alignments could match brigades with combatant commanders •
02/22/2012: 'Kevlar underpants' protect pelvic region
02/22/2012: Budget will play prominent role in AUSA discussions •
02/22/2012: 'Top line' Army messages featured on new display at AUSA •
02/14/2012: Army rolls out 2013 budget request
02/12/2012: New Soldiering roles for women ensure best use of talent •
02/02/2012: Army reduced 'energy intensity' by 4 percent last year
01/31/2012: Reserve Soldiers 'more relevant' than ever •
01/27/2012: Odierno: Force reductions will be responsible, controlled •
01/25/2012: Odierno: Army seeks increased partnerships in Asia
01/23/2012: Net Zero means 'more fuel for the fight'
01/20/2012: Installations making progress toward 'Net Zero' by 2020
01/18/2012: Net Zero conference begins in Chicago •
01/13/2012: Army one step closer to replacement of ACU pattern
01/13/2012: Aging Kiowa, vertical unmanned aerial systems among aviation challenges •
01/06/2012: Reserve website offers 600,000 jobs to veterans


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