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12/27/2005: Implementation of BRAC begins this year  
12/16/2005: Air Force makes changes to BAH policy  
12/14/2005: Wynne: Instill Airmen with opportunity for change  
12/13/2005: Conference paves way for efficient Air Force  
11/30/2005: Supplemental deployment health assessment starts in December  
11/15/2005: Tuskegee Airmen get Air Force update  
11/08/2005: Wynne: Air Force needs more joint role  
11/04/2005: SECAF: Integrity first  
11/02/2005: Air Force must stay the course with FTF, AEF  
10/20/2005: Moseley: Air Force needs to bolster intelligence cadre  
10/13/2005: Moseley: We are moving towards interdependence with sister services  
10/05/2005: Air Force named executive agent for Katrina-related funds  
10/05/2005: Capability assessment helps AF prepare for future  
10/03/2005: Volunteers give comfort by sewing  
09/22/2005: Air Force programs help families rebuild post-Katrina  
09/21/2005: Users can log on to Portal with common access card  
09/14/2005: Senior leaders address key issues at conference  
09/13/2005: Geren: AF fighting three wars  
09/13/2005: Recapitalization highlighted at AFA conference  
09/07/2005: Combat communications squadron hooks up tent city  
09/06/2005: Airmen evacuate hurricane victims  
09/05/2005: Offutt services crew provides comfort to hurricane victims  
09/04/2005: Rumsfeld, Myers visit New Orleans airport  
09/04/2005: Air Force MASF last stop for some hurricane victims  
08/26/2005: Sexual assault prevention film must-see for Airmen  
08/18/2005: New flag-folding script focuses on history, AF significance  
08/18/2005: Total force shares capabilities  
08/11/2005: Five Airmen -- brothers in fight for freedom  
08/05/2005: Better than aviation education is a really cool patch  
07/21/2005: Future Total Force outlined on Capitol Hill  
07/20/2005: Innovative techniques help Air Force meet manning goals  
07/06/2005: Air Force changes fitness test criteria  
07/01/2005: Air Force takes part in joint training transformation  
06/30/2005: Leaders need guidance on religious discussions  
06/30/2005: Resnicoff: Taking oath involves personal change  
06/27/2005: New Air Force adviser chosen for values, vision  
06/22/2005: Report: Academy grapples with religion in the public forum  
06/17/2005: Face-to-face counseling available to Airmen, families  
06/09/2005: Gallant Fox III brings first responders to Pentagon  
06/08/2005: Air Force leaders testify on IG tanker lease report  
06/06/2005: BRAC changes to medicine focus on care, training, research  
05/23/2005: Vehicle operators named 'team of the year'  
05/16/2005: New directorate merges information technology  
05/13/2005: Donation provides mobility, honors Jumper  
05/13/2005: Airmen allowed to show service colors while traveling  
05/12/2005: Census helps define future joint officer  
04/29/2005: Two Airmen among recipients of military service award  
04/27/2005: Technology unites Airmen in matrimony  
04/25/2005: Quadrennial Defense Review focuses on future  
04/21/2005: Guard, Reserve leaders testify on Capitol Hill  
04/18/2005: Policy offers confidentiality to sexual-assault victims  
04/18/2005: Commanders get sexual-assault prevention, response help  
04/15/2005: Dominguez: Unethical behavior an affront to all hardworking Airmen  
04/12/2005: Dominguez: Recapitalization No. 1 priority  
04/08/2005: Air Force aggressively meeting challenges  
04/01/2005: Fighters flying new missions, Airmen serving jointly  
03/25/2005: Teets: Air Force's biggest challenge is recapitalizing the fleet  
03/23/2005: Officials recognize company for contributions to war on terror  
03/23/2005: Raptor important tool in maintaining air dominance  
03/22/2005: Congress hears testimony on manpower, recruiting  
03/22/2005: CSAF: Raptor, Eurofighter complementary  
03/15/2005: Air Force Portal provides reduced sign-on to myPay  
03/11/2005: Teets tells Congress lasers-based communications coming  
03/10/2005: Air Force surgeon general testifies on four health effects  
03/08/2005: Air Force reaches privatization milestone  
03/04/2005: Teets discusses recapitalization, death benefit, core values  
03/03/2005: Air Force identifies non-vol candidates for first sergeant duty  
02/17/2005: Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force testifies at new quality of life committee  
02/15/2005: Finance begins transformation  
02/15/2005: Inspector General investigates eight Air Force contracts  
02/08/2005: Aviation conference offers opportunity to network  
02/01/2005: F/A-22 passes initial operational test, evaluation  
01/21/2005: Airmen honor president during inaugural parade  
01/19/2005: Gala honors those who serve  
01/07/2005: Campaign brings hope to Airmen  
01/06/2005: Airman making ‘inaugural’ performance  
01/04/2005: 'Andro' supplement off limits in new year  

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