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12/30/2008: Soldiers, civilians get pay increase in new year  
12/19/2008: More Soldiers now eligible for TSGLI  
12/17/2008: Language, cultural learning important to Army mission  
12/16/2008: Solar power helping light streets of Iraq  
12/15/2008: Thousands lay wreaths across America  
12/09/2008: Language program gives Soldiers head start on deployment  
11/26/2008: Armed Forces Inaugural Committee: Servicemembers to help usher in new president  
11/25/2008: Army science conference to focus on 'disruptive technology'  
11/21/2008: Policy change allows experienced Soldiers to serve longer  
11/19/2008: Login changes to bolster AKO security  
11/17/2008: New EW career field to 'blind enemy' with science  
11/14/2008: Outgoing general: FCS success credit to evaluators  
11/13/2008: Army looks to new technology for possible follow-on to M-4  
11/07/2008: Warrior Care: Survivability begins with Soldier  
11/04/2008: New Army office focuses on energy diversity, security  
11/01/2008: Star Wars training for downrange action!  
11/01/2008: Grafenwoehr shoot house: Like an action movie set  
11/01/2008: Soldiers get in the game with DISE  
11/01/2008: Digital University: Training without sweating  
10/29/2008: Army awards development contracts for JLTV  
10/24/2008: NIMH to study factors that cause suicide  
10/22/2008: Language company first in Army  
10/17/2008: New AFRICOM faces challenges, says Army analyst  
10/15/2008: Soldiers using FCS systems responsible for increased funding  
10/14/2008: Army Material Command garners six awards for process improvement  
10/09/2008: Army a mighty engine says former secretary of state  
10/08/2008: Chief says NCO corps glue holding Army together  
10/06/2008: Two Reserve component Soldiers named Army's best warriors  
10/06/2008: Army Secretary announces 'Year of NCO' at AUSA meeting  
10/03/2008: Soldiers compete to be named best at warrior competition  
10/01/2008: Soldiers learn lessons in transition at H-3 conference  
09/23/2008: Final housing privatization partners chosen  
09/16/2008: Two Army libraries named best in federal government  
09/12/2008: G-1, Pentagon employees remember 9/11 fallen  
09/10/2008: Pentagon employee recounts experience in wake of terrorist attack  
09/08/2008: Army celebrates century of military aviation  
09/05/2008: Army discusses 25 years of progress with families  
09/02/2008: Army school helps recruits meet requirement for enlistment  
08/21/2008: Army releases message announcing new service uniform  
07/31/2008: Sexual assault prevention policy to focus on changing social norms  
07/24/2008: JTF-East training rotating from Romania to Bulgaria  
07/17/2008: Training tool deploying for first time in August  
07/03/2008: Transition team experience makes officers competitive for promotion  
07/02/2008: DOD sets joint standards for enlistee waivers  
07/01/2008: Enlistment marks 35th year of volunteer Army  
06/29/2008: Transformation in Korea  
06/29/2008: Soldiers in Korea get full-spectrum training  
06/29/2008: Life on the DMZ  
06/26/2008: FCS capability accelerated for infantry  
06/26/2008: Iraqi army shows great growth in year  
06/18/2008: Minnesota Guard Recruiters Top of Nation  
06/13/2008: Tech Demo Part of Army Birthday at Pentagon  
06/12/2008: NLOS-C Unveiled on Capitol Hill  
06/09/2008: Secretary Begins Army Birthday With Myer Youth  
06/04/2008: Army Recognizes 85 Organizations for Logistics Excellence  
06/03/2008: Birthday Book to Help Youth Better Understand Army  
05/30/2008: First FCS Manned Vehicle to Make Public Debut  
05/22/2008: Chicago-area Entrepreneurs Get Inside Story on Army  
05/06/2008: Army Has Not Lowered Soldier Recruiting Standards  
05/05/2008: Ladies of Arlington Never Miss Final Salute  
04/30/2008: Problems Corrected at Fort Bragg Dorms  
04/23/2008: CSA: Guard, Reserve Serve as Connection Between Army, Society  
04/21/2008: 12-Month Deployments to Reduce Stress, Build Depth  
04/11/2008: Soldier Body Armor was Tested, General Says  
04/07/2008: Detainees Treated Fairly Says New Guantanamo Deputy  
04/01/2008: Six Honored for Journalistic Excellence at Public Affairs Worldwide  
03/26/2008: Secretary Recognizes Best Recruiters, Career Counselors  
03/25/2008: Center Brings Lessons from Field to Soldiers  
03/21/2008: Reserve Centennial Headlines April Soldiers Magazine  
03/19/2008: Bush on 5 Years: Removing Saddam Right Decision  
03/07/2008: Army, State Department Partner on Stability Operations  
03/06/2008: New Combat Chow Options Previewed at Pentagon  
03/04/2008: PEO Soldier: Modernization at Good Value  
02/29/2008: Soldiers More Than Understand Full-Spectrum Operations  
02/28/2008: Future Combat Vehicles to be Hybrid Electric  
02/26/2008: Army Acquisition Efforts Contribute to Economic Boom in Iraq  
02/25/2008: Stability Operations Now Part of Army’s Core Mission  
02/20/2008: Army Realizes Energy Savings with Housing Privatization  
02/15/2008: Pushing Men out of Airplanes Kept Him in Army  
02/08/2008: Geren Says Soldiers Moved Heaven and Earth to Repair Army Medicine  
02/06/2008: Army Partners with KU for Wounded Warrior Education  
02/05/2008: 2009 Budget Request Includes Funding for 43,000 End Strength Increase  
02/01/2008: Commission says Guard, Reserves Must Be Backbone of Homeland Ops  
01/31/2008: Army Meeting 2008 Recruiting Goals  
01/29/2008: Army Testing Privatized Housing for Unaccompanied Soldiers  
01/17/2008: Chief Outlines Plan to Get Army Back in Balance  
01/17/2008: Army Aims to Better Identify Soldiers with Brain Injuries  
01/14/2008: Vice Chief Credits Training for Aviation Record  
01/11/2008: Active First Program Helping Army Meet Recruiting Goals  
01/09/2008: Deadline for Freedom Award Nominations Approaching  
01/01/2008: Doggone cute  

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