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Café Mokuteki offers 24-hour-dining, expanded menu, delivery service


Jen Collins, Café Mokuteki employee, steams milk for a latte' at the Mokuteki coffee bar.

Shigeto Yamuchi, a Café Mokuteki employee, presses dough for a pizza crust in the Mokuteki kitchen.

Gas Price Graphic


This graphic shows gas prices around the world, including the prices for gas at AAFES stations on military bases in Japan. Data for this graphic comes from the U.S. Department of Energy website.

Base Air Festival entertains Japanese


The Japan Ground Self Defense Force displayed much of its military hardware, including a surface to air missile launcher, a bazooka, and a several pieces of fire fighting equipment during the 2000 Misawa Air Festival. Visitors were allowed to handle or walk through various pieces of JGSDF military hardware. This young Japanese boy, aided by his father, handles a JGSDF bazooka. A JGSDF ground troop assists.

Keeping Dover's mammoth C-5 Galaxys in the air... The 436th Aircraft Generation Squadron


Airman 1st Class Daniel Maylone verifies all tools are in his issued toolbox , before leaving CTK.

Airman 1st Class Rodney Mosser repairs a bus tie contactor, which distributes power to the aircraft.

Senior Airman James Diliberto inspects an SAR under the wing of a C-5 Galaxy.

Airman 1st Class Nicholas S. Bedell tightens the clamp on the flight station temperature control on board a C-5.

Black letter initial flight AGS crew puts up first 'perfect' aircraft in nearly two years


Airman 1st Class Mark Dexter, Charles E. Twitchell, and Joseph R. Moore, three of the five Dover Team Members responcible for putting up the most recent Black Letter Initial flight.

A black letter initial flight means a C-5 goes into the air without any discrepancies. It gets it's name from the black ink used to sign off on the discrepencies sheet, indicating there are no aircraft discrepencies to fix.

Dover Team members get STEP promotion; Wing commander delivers stripes over holidays


Tech. Sgt. Joe A. Gahan, 436th Component Repair Squadron, works on the fuel system of a C-5 Galaxy jet engine.

Master Sgt. Richard A. Brewer, 436th Security Forces Squadron is part of the Air Force's elite Security Forces organization, The Ravens. Brewer is a a full time anti-terrorism instructor with the DAFB Security Forces Squadron.

Staff Sgt. Brian Bossio, 436th SFS and his drug dog, inspect a vehicle for contraband.


A tiny four-by-four grid of dots. A tiny representation of the Mandelbrot Set. An oscillator from the Game of Life. A twisty thing. A snowflake.